4. FAIR data FAIR Data Principles research project We worked on a IDCC17 practice paper and a Excel spreadsheet that includes an overview of 37 evaluated research data repositories in context of the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable) data principles. With this research project we wanted to test the effectiveness and relevance of the FAIR Data Principles. Simultaneously, analyses how easy it is for data archives to adhere to the principles. The research was a part of the CESAER TFOS-RDM working group. Pre-print Paper: https://zenodo.org/ record/321423#.Wl9YXfCnFEY Spread sheet: Evaluation of data repositories based on the FAIR Principles for IDCC 2017 practice paper We also analysed our own archive in the context of the FAIR Principles. This review focuses on the metadata that describes each dataset rather than the data sitting within each dataset. FAIR Principles - review in context of 4TU.ResearchData 5.Essentials Training Essentials for data support This year we organised three rounds of our RDNL Essentials 4 Data Support course, which resulted in another 40 educated data supporters. In February we coordinated a Trainthe-Trainer version. In this one-day workshop we focused on how we organized our course and the content to a blended training.‘ For two institutes: The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Technische Geneeskunde (NVvTG) and Fontys Hogescholen, we organised an inhouse datamanagement training. And at the LIBER conference in July we held a presentation on the FAIR aspects of the Essentials 4 Data Support training. 7

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