2. Growing Archive 2.1 Uploads This year the archive expanded with 478 datasets, 3.23 TB byte of data. Division by uploader: TU Delft TU/e UTwente Other institutes 396 (2.81 TiB) 16 (29.8 GiB) 17 (74.4 GiB) 49 Other instutitutes: Universiteit Leiden, NIOZ, University of Tuscia, Deltares, University of Sarajevo, Wageningen University & Research, University of Padova CA Strategic Research, Warsaw University of Life Science, University of Agriculture Peshawar, Kipp & Zonen University of Basilicata. This year we received again lot’s of IDRA data (Delft): 302 datasets Trend over the last few years, excluding IDRA: 2017 2016 2015 2014 : : : : 176 ( 510 GiB) 108 ( 425 GiB) 78 ( 161 GiB) 51 ( 159 GiB) 2.2 Mile Stone: 7500 datasets We celebrated our 7500 dataset: ‘A full-Maxwell approach for large angle polar wander of viscoelastic bodies’ by Haiyang Hu. https://doi.org/10.4121/ uuid:7a932119-cf0e-4710-b2f72655b2befa4b. 2.3 Data usage 116 times a dataset at 4TU.ResearchData was downloaded. The 3 most resolved DOI’s of the year were: 1 The BPI Challenge 2017 combined with the Offer log dataset. 2 The Crablock dataset 3 Wind set-up datasets of as well 3 Grevelingenmeer as IJsselmeer. 2.4 Sand Motor data Since 2011 researchers of the Sand Motor project (project of Rijkswaterstaat) explore the possibilities of sustainable and natural coastal protection through the construction of a peninsula near the coast of Ter Heijde. In 2016 the first phase of the research program was completed and lin 2017 various data came publicly available at 4TU.ResearchData. https://doi.org/10.4121/collection:zandmotor 2.5 Datasets available via OpenAIRE Via the OpenAIRE portal all European funded research output is made as much as possible, available to all. Every dataset published in the 4TU data archive, which has an associated article or project, now becomes automatically aggregated to the OpenAIRE portal, where it can be found alongside other research. This way we help researchers to comply with the EC’s policies on Open Access, and help increase the visibility of our content. 2.6 Website hits This year we had 148249 visitors to our Archive website (data.4tu.nl) and 18530 people visited our general webpages (researchdata.4tu.nl).

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