26 Giveaways & Games Custom Made Keycords A KeyCord is the most popular advertising medium at trade shows, conferences and events. Want a KeyCord that sets you apart from other businesses? Choose from a variety of materials, dimensions, print options and accessories. Create yourself a KeyCord that fully meets your needs and fi ts perfectly with your corporation or product. Custom Made KeyCord; your company’s calling card! Step 1 > Choose your Keycord (from 500 units, except the Keycord Sublimation from 1000 units) 1 KeyCord Flat polyester fl at woven 2 KeyCord Tubular polyester round woven 3 KeyCord Woven polyester woven, very durable 4 KeyCord Recycle PET fi ne textured, slightly shiny 5 KeyCord Sublimation very fi nely woven for a full colour print

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