IMPRESS… HEAR - SEE - FEEL The best promotional gadgets are those that stay in view daily. What makes this happen? We believe it’s a mix of design, quality, specification and how useful the gadget is in our daily digital lifestyle. That is our driving passion... to find the best return on investment for your company and long term positive brand experience. We work closely with supply partners across the globe to ensure peace of mind for your company via our total focus on compliance through ethical sourcing, top quality materials and technical consultation. This is what makes our product offer different from all the generalists… we are the specialists for all your gadgets and specifically focus on the promotional and loyalty/incentive market. We are proud to present this 2016 range which we believe is our best ever, however if you don’t find what you’re looking for… please get in touch. Enjoy…

... this new episode 3

Smartphone breathalyzer

if you drink, floome. Floome measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and sends the results directly to your smart-phone. How does it work? Just plug it into your smartphone via a standard audio jack, open the mouthpiece and blow - no batteries required. If your app test result displays a red screen, this means your alcohol level is over the legal limit applicable in the country or state you are in. Wait for the duration of the suggested recovery time provided by the application and then repeat the test. By entering your weight, gender, height and age, the app will calculate how long it should take your body to lower your BAC. In addition, the application will learn your metabolic rate and give you more personalised results. Floome uses the same sensor found in breathalyzers used by law enforcement officers, as well as a new vortex technology. There is always an alternative. Do not drink and drive. 4799 Floome Please note this item should not be entirely relied upon when making a decision as to whether to drive after consuming alcohol. 5

Legoland DK 2015

It’s not the camera it’s the zooooooom 7x As close as you haven’t been with your smartphone yet. Everything what’s far away is no less than 7 x closer with the Smartphone Zoom lens. Through the easy-to-use format you can take it easily everywhere you go. And so, this promotion takes care of a frequent brand experience. 1233 SmartPhone Zooooom Lens 7

Hearing is believing...

“Good sound quality creates a better brand experience.” We are constantly listening (hearing) what you, our clients want from us. Being in touch with all elements of the technology means we develop products which we believe work and give you the best opportunity to connect with your targets and customers. We are always listening... 9

Mini Bluetooth Soundbar for laptops, PC’s, tablets - very portable making it great for travel. 2x10W output delivers great sound with large branding area. Includes mic and headphone jack. MAX BRAND BLUETOOTH SOUNDBAR 1527 Mini Bluetooth Soundbar

THE ART of listening The Mauritshuis is home to the best Dutch paintings from the Golden Age. One of their products being sold in the museum is this full colour printed speaker with the picture of one of it’s masterpieces by Johannes Vermeer. And if this printing quality works for paintings what can it do for your promotion? Girl with a Pearl Earring is Vermeer’s most famous painting. It is not a portrait, but a ‘tronie’ – a painting of an imaginary figure. Tronies depict a certain type or character; in this case a girl in exotic dress, wearing an oriental turban and an improbably large pearl in her ear. 11

With handy carabiner clip

NEW Mini aluminium portable Bluetooth speaker with sporty styling and hands free Speakerphone built in. Good acoustic sound with 3W output and strong bass. Up to 4 hours play time. 2118 Pluto Power Bank 2600 mAh 1399 Pluto Bluetooth Speaker Good branding area or engraving 13

“small” but loud Good branding area, price and colours to choose from. What more could you need?

Great value micro Bluetooth speakers with good print area. 3W output delivers good sound with rechargeable battery. 1529 Micro Bluetooth Speaker 15


Powerful Bluetooth Speaker (5W) with great branding area, rugged looks, water resistant (IPX5) and amazing sound/bass. Rechargeable 2.200 mAh battery hours play time. Includes MIC for handsfree calling and line in port for non Bluetooth devices. R 2109 Max Brand Bluetooth Speaker 17

Punchbox 2 The PunchBox just got better! Ever popular powerful PunchBox Bluetooth speaker with great sound and rich bass now with a powerbank charger built in. 2.000 mAh power bank (1A) for smart phones and touch sensitive volume control. Great branding via LED engraving for the ultimate speaker with that little bit MORE... 1395 PunchBox 2 19

Music in the bottle Bottle shaped wireless waterproof IPX4 speaker. High quality sound 3W output makes this a cool gadget to support your brand. Large branding area and can of course be used to stay hydrated by storing 400 ml in the bottle! 2146 Music Bottle Speaker 21



The latest addition to the award winning Squid series of portable external power banks for smartphones and tablets.

5.000 mAh 3162 Squid Bubble Bang 5000 2.1A output. Logo is illuminated for that extra touch of class. Supplied with built in / removable connecting cables for most phones. (Micro and 8 pin) Also available as 3161 Squid Bubble Bang 4000 ex cable. 25

Meet the Squid family

A very powerful family working for your brand! 3155 Squid Max 2500 3146 Squid Max 5000 3148 Squid Max 7500 These award winning power banks take care of all your portable power needs. The style and quality is such that once used they stay in the hands of your target customer and so your logo is always close by. Now available in a wide variety of branding styles (LED, 4 col process, subtle engraving, illuminated decal) and battery capacities (from 2.5k to 7.5k mAh) to suit all budgets. They are in fact THE only promotional power bank you will ever need... 27

the squid family The Squid Family features: • Grade A Li-ion rechargeable batteries • Fast charge output for smart phones and tablets provides express charging speed. Many models with dual USB ports for added flexibility • Over-charge / over-discharge Smart protection chip in all models. Complies with the most stringent “airline” compliance regulations • Handy suction pad on the reverse to attach to your device while charging • Large branding areas

BEST SELLER illuminating logo 3139/3141 SQUID MINI 4.000 and 5.200 mAh battery capacity. 29

SOUND WITH ATTITUDE Two great additions to the Xoopar BOY family for 2016! Meet the BOY HUB and GRAND BOY! For full details and spec please call us... NEW Designed to charge all your gadgets from one AC plug 2169 XOOPAR BOY HUB

2155 GRAND XOOPAR BOY Welcome to the Xoopar family. You can’t believe your ears with the 360° sound NEW 2105 XOOPAR BOY BLUETOOTH SPEAKER Cute designed speaker delivers great sound and functionality 31

Seeing is believing...

“Only if we believe in a product, will you see it.” Our range delivers both in how it looks and how it delivers for your brand. We are confident choosing gadgets from us will make your logo stay in sight for longer as its proven that gadgets are amongst the most used of any promotional products today. first impressions count... that’s why we focus on the small details which we think makes the difference for a gift...Smart packaging, innovative design, vibrant and modern colours, unusual materials and of course your logo reproduced accurately.

500 mAh

Light up & Charge Innovative charger which features light and movement sensor, ideal for finding valuables in the dark and an emergency power boost for your smart phone. Includes high quality leather keychain for branding and to keep your logo always close at hand. 35 3157 iLite Charger 500 mAh &

How much power do i need? I’m in ‘charge’ Smart phones and Tablets are now a major part of our daily life – how could we survive without them? So the dreaded moment that our gadet’s battery goes dead can be hugely annoying! This is where a power bank comes to the rescue – it will enable you to stay connected to your digital life. Power banks allow you to recharge your device when you need too, anywhere and at anytime. These life saving devices are the fastest growing promotional product in the market today. They take all shapes, sizes and battery capacities and BEWARE can also vary hugely in quality and reliability. We have looked carefully at this area and chosen what we believe to be the very best on the market to promote your logo/brand. There are a few things to consider when looking for a power bank for your next promotion and we have summarised these for you here... What is a power bank? A power bank is an external portable battery that is used as a backup energy source that can be used for a mobile phone, tablet, e-reader, Sat-Nav or media player. By connecting the Power bank to the device you can instantly carry on using the device while its being charged A power bank can be made in many different shapes and sizes and from different materials such as plastic, PVC, aluminium, leather etc. This makes it a perfect promotional product as mostly the branding area is large and prominent. Power banks are made in various capacities (milli-amps per hour/mAh) which is the size of the battery and number of cells inside it that can hold power. Which capacity do you need? The iPhone 6 has a battery capacity of 1.810 mAh but requires a power bank with a capacity around 2100 mAh to fully recharge it. This is because you probably also want to use your smartphone while charging and the “loading process” itself requires energy. mAh Battery capacity Milliampere hours (mAh) is important because it is the easiest way to distinguish the capacity of a battery. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last.

20.000 mAh = 10x 2x 15.000 mAh = 7x 1,5x 10.000 mAh = 5x 1x 5.000 mAh = 3x 0,5x 2.000 mAh = 1x How does a power bank work? The amount of energy that you can store in a power bank is expressed in mAh (milliampere-hours). The number of mAh indicates how much power a battery can deliver continuous per hour. A 1.500 mAh battery must be able to deliver at least 1500 milliamps for one hour. To charge your smartphone or tablet, you need to know the battery capacity and an external battery with the same or greater capacity to connect to fully charge your device. If you connect a power bank with a lesser capacity your device is charged but never quite 100%. Finally it is worth considering the Amps your powerbank outputs, 1A is suitable for smart phones but for Tablets you will need a 2.1A or upwards. 37 The iPad Air 2 has a battery capacity of around 8.000 mAh. To charge this device completely your Power bank will need a capacity of 10,000 mAh. mA Load speed Ampere shortened to Amps is the measurement of the flow rate of electric charge. All power banks are assessed for their rating. 1Amp is suitable for smart phones but you need 2.1Amp or higher to charge Tablets.

person In fact, it doesn't matter how long your personal message is, the most personal powerbank can handle it. Available in 5 col Unique LED billboard advertising and handy 7900mah power bank and clock in one. A great gadget to act as your brand reminder and display up to 200 characters which can be set and installed to promote your message/ offer/promotion. 2.1A for smart phones and tablets. and the text color is the same as the color of the powerbank. your

clock 7900 mAh al mes 3154 MAX Brand LED Powerbank Including LED advertisement clock 39 sage

‘ It even starts your engine’ It’s not so long since we lived in a time without electricity, but already we can’t live without it, and the need for portable power sources is growing rapidly. And that need will continue to grow. On the one hand there are new products like electric cars, and at the same time we are using existing products, such as tablets and mobile phones, more often and for longer. Power banks enable you to access power whenever and wherever you need it. Like the JumpStarter, that you can even use to start your car. Look how far we’ve come.

The unique feature of this power bank is an extra chip which ensures that you can benefit from high peak current immediately. That’s very useful if you’ve accidentally left your car headlights on, for example. 3156 JumpStarter 6.000 mAh 41

This book has another story to tell Two in one - wireless speaker and power bank. Great sound and delivers 5.200 mAh of power when you need it most. Add subtle branding and you have a great brand ambassador. Leather Stand cover Case to place speaker right up 5.200 mAh 2119 SoundCharger

Up to 20H playing time in Max/Middle Volume 43


Function meets style Powerful gadget charger and mirror in one... 3158 BeautyBank You hardly even notice this power bank as its disguised as a handy compact mirror. Elegant and practical with built in 3.000 mAh (2.1A) power bank for charging smart phones and tablets. Large print area. 3.000 mAh 45

b a c

Live life to the full... Looking for gadgets to promote your brand and encourage a healthier lifestyle? Look no further ... a) 1233 Zoooooom lens b) 4818 CloudCup c) 4820 Activity Tracker 47

REFRESH EVERY DAY Shoes are continuously contaminated with sweat and bacteria but tend to be left dirty. Just as you take a shower and change your underwear every day, your shoes should be cleaned every day too. PEDIC is a revolutionary shoe care product for everyday use. Just insert the sanitizer units into each shoe when you take it off. They will sanitize the inside of your shoes and be turned off automatically. Place the units back on the charging cradle when you go out. Now you can easily care your shoes every day with minimal effort.

ANTIBACTERIAL 99.9% ANTIFUNGAL 99.9% Most offensive odor of shoes and feet comes from bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus which may be a cause of food poisoning as well. They eat organic material from sweat and dead skin in the process of proliferating, and excrete gas which is the offensive odor. SHOE DEODORANT PEDIC kills these bacteria so that nothing can generate gas any more. It is important to use PEDIC every day to keep your shoes sanitized. We see an opportunity for a brand to be seen over and over again.... USB POWERED 1058 Sanitizer 49

What headphone suits you? Exercise & Sport Business & Travel Its vital when choosing your earbuds or headphones for sport that a good “fit“ is established in your ears or on/over your head. The devices must not get in the way of your exercise so must be lightweight and help to motivate your training and not impede it. Always look for devices that are fit for purpose so are sweat and water / rain resistant and can be easily washed and kept clean. Commuting and business related travel forms a daily part of many people’s lives, its important then to choose features carefully to suit the hustle and bustle of life on the move. Active or passive noise cancelling is key in this area to block out noisy planes and trains. Wireless (Bluetooth) is very popular here as it allows you to move freely without wires and a built in MIC to take calls hands-free is very useful.

Lifestyle High End Fashion audio is part of the our self- image and how we project ourselves to the outside world, so this is very important when choosing devices. Major brands are constantly fighting for this market with ever changing styles and colours reflecting changing ideas on fashion and image. These styles of headphones change all the time and we constantly keep our range updated to reflect the latest styles and technology. Music enthusiasts want to experience every small detail of their music and look for high definition sound and reproduction of this sound. The best way to enjoy this quality is to shut out all other sound via active noise cancelling and such headphones can cost the same amount as an average months’ salary! 51

BEATS If you give engineers no limits ears sometimes hear what they have never heard

BEAUTY If you give designers no limits eyes sometimes see what they have never seen

Real leather Moyoo - see, feel and hear the difference We are delighted to introduce this exclusive new range of top quality audio accessories. The range is inspired by a design team with a passion for music, take for example the headphones genuine leather head band, soft comfy microfiber ear shells and an incredible rich sound. This will simply become an indispensable companion for your clients and keep your brand clear and on show... Soft Microfiber 1533 Headphone Premium

Anti-tangle Flat Cable Light Aluminium BUT don’t forget it’s pocket size earbud brother! High grade aluminium, anti-tangle flat cable and of course most important… the high performance speaker used. AND of course gift packaged to make the perfect impression with your clients. Truly the ultimate business/loyalty gift... 2075 Moyoo in-ear Phones 55

TAKE YOUR MUSIC ANYWHERE... Waterproof (IP65) Bluetooth Speaker with subtle engraving area and big sound (5W)! 75mm big suction pad enables it to be securely fixed to most surfaces. Ideal for use in the shower, by the pool or in the office / home. 4 hours play time. F 1391 SPLASH Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re looking to get fit, have fun or simply let off some steam you need good sound quality. ! A favourite playlist helps us all get more motivated to work out. Walk through the doors of any gym and you’ll see most people are enjoying their music via earbuds or headphones connected usually to smartphones or MP3 players. FLEXIBLE EARBUDS 1528 Flexible earbuds Exercise is about pushing your personal goals so don’t let tangled wires hold you back. Brand NEW, these lightweight FleX Sport wireless Bluetooth earbuds are small and perfectly designed. No wires, no hassle, no compromise on sound. 57

What makes a great speaker The best speakers recreate sound very accurately. In other words, they don’t color the sound by changing it. Ideally, you hear a sound-a trumpet run, a monologue, a gunshot-as it was intended by whoever recorded it. Unfortunately, no speaker is perfect, but the best ones come awfully close. Just liste In theory, you can measure how faithfully a speaker reproduces sound. Frequency response charts the range of frequencies a speaker is capable of producing. You want a speaker that can produce as much of the full range of frequencies that human ears can hear as possible. Frequency response isn’t the only factor to consider when you’re looking for a top-notch set of speakers. In order to understand the amount of color a speaker adds, the variations in the output of the speaker is as important as the range. An example of a speaker with little variation in frequency response - a speaker that adds little color. Every speaker produces certain frequencies that are louder or softer than others. Assuming that your

ultimate goal is accurate audio reproduction, the less variation in loudness between frequencies - in other words, the flatter the frequency response chart is - the better the speaker quality. In a frequency response chart, you want to see a flat line instead of a line with peaks and valleys. Given a perfect signal from an audio source and amplifier, variances from the ideal flat frequency response can often be attributed to the way a speaker is built. en to this Materials matter When you compare speaker specifications, you’ll find that the cones found in each driver can be made out of different materials. You’ll see cones made out of paper, aluminum, polypropelene, or things like ceramic/glass fiber polymer. Why such variety in devices that do the same thing: Push the air to create sound waves? To push air, most cones move in and out like a piston, but at certain frequencies, cones will flex instead. Flexing distorts the sound; by using more rigid materials, designers try to keep that flexing to a minimum. The sound quality of a speaker is the result of several elements—materials, design, and execution—and every detail matters in the final sound. We know how complicated it can be to build a great-sounding set of speakers, head phones or earbuds. Great sound is both a science and an art and our specialists. we love to talk about sound and speakers. But we also know that it’s not about talking, IT’S ALL ABOUT LISTENING. 59

INDOOR A STYLE ICON - OUTDOOR A FASHIONABLE TRAVEL COMPANION Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wood Cabinet Kevlar Speaker Top Digital Chip Multi-room Play Lithium Battery 10h csr Left/Right Channel TM CSR aptX

Connects directly to your Wi-Fi network for Internet radio, your music library and favorite online streaming music services. Control your music with the free GGMM Music app on your smart phone or tablet. Multi-room audio: easily connects up to 6 speakers. Each speaker can stream Left & Right channels to create a surround sound experience. APP Built-in rechargeable battery. Connect via Bluetooth, direct Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi router or AUX. 环保超 创新采用多彩环 数万件奢侈品 彩颜色来完美 革无线 打造的无线Wi 工工艺,采集 ,成为了不可 -Fi数字 音响。设计师通 最终打造了M3 现代个性化家居 Supplied in a microfiber leather feel case in a choice of vibrant colours. Features handy carry strap making it easy to take anywhere with you. After numerous tests, our sound engineers selected Kevlar for the sound horn. This material and the wooden cabinet create clear and full sound. 1099 M4 61

The future of Retro Industry-leading independent D90 wooden design High end DAC chip allows transfer from analogue to digital Simple operation with Magic-tube button 1098 M3 63

The SmartStand is a multi functional tablet stand, LED lamp and wireless speaker in one. High gloss piano finish, great stereo sound and adjustable stand for your tablet allowing you to watch movies in style and comfort. 8 hours of playtime and a good print area make this a superb gift to promote your brand.

1522 SmartStand 65

How are you feeling? How conscious are we about our health and why is this important question part of this promotional gadget range? 2 Facts The overall population is getting older. The cost involved with healthcare is growing year on year. Where will it end and how can we help do our bit? One way is to start monitoring our own lives, to be more conscious of our daily health and routines and how we can use technology to adapt these and those around you. Technology can assist us in this life changing objective…perhaps we target ourselves to walk more, forget the lift at work and walk up those 3 flights of stairs, commute on a bike not car. We all lead different lives and will set our own very different goals. We follow technology and see the fast development and pace of change which brings new tools to the market daily. Such tools enable us to measure, set goals and gain reward when they are met. Just think …Bluetooth activity trackers, Bluetooth toothbrushes, Smart Drinkware all of which enable you to keep track of your life. 6 benefits of regular physical activity Want to feel better, be more energetic and hopefully live longer? Look no further than exercise. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are impossible to ignore. These benefits are yours for the taking, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Need more convincing? Check out these six ways exercise can improve your life. 1 Exercise controls weight Exercise can help prevent weight gain and help encourage weight loss. 2 Exercise combats health conditions and diseases In fact, regular physical activity can help you prevent, manage and cure a wide range of health problems and concerns.

Facts about water Some very good reasons to boost your water intake: 1. You’ll digest your food better. 2. You’ll stay mentally sharp and alert. 3. You will look better! Skin is an organ that flourishes on water 4. You’ll lower your body fat and curb your appetite. 5. You’ll help your body do its job better How much water do you need? In general, you need about 2 litres a day. 3 Exercise improves mood Need an emotional lift? Or need to let off some steam after a stressful day? A workout at the gym or a brisk 30-minute walk can help. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. 4 Exercise boosts energy Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance and fitness levels. You will have more energy to go about your daily life. 5 Exercise promotes better sleep Struggling to fall asleep? Or to stay asleep? Regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and improves your quality of sleep. 6 Exercise can be fun Exercise and physical activity can be a fun! It gives you a chance to unwind, enjoy the outdoors or simply engage in activities that make you feel happy. Find a physical activity you enjoy and just do it!

Apple approved (Made for iPhone) cables with split lightning and micro connectors to allow for charging all smart phones / tablets. Branding options available on request. Charge everything on the go... with a fashionable look 2071 ICABLES

DESIGNED TO TRACK YOUR LIFE… WITH STYLE 4822 Beat Activity tracker with built in laser for heart rate monitoring. Also tracks steps, calories, sleep patterns and includes sport timers/modes. Coming soon 69

SUITS ALL ACTIVITY TYPES... 4820 Edge Bluetooth activity tracker and smart watch with OLED backlight and LCD display. The device syncs to your smart phone allowing you to stay in touch with your digital life. FREE APP for Android or iOS devices. 3ATM water resistant.

...ALSO YOURS! 4821 Point Bluetooth Activity tracker and smart watch works via FREE APP and provides monitoring of all your daily activity. With OLED backlight includes an accurate 3D Accelerometer motion sensor. Coming soon 71


4816 Activity Tracker Premium plus • UV level alert and sunburn protection advice • Incoming call alert with caller ID or tel no. • Vibration and on-screen notification for calendar, SMS, email, and message sender and content from Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat…etc. • Count calories and steps. Check sleep quality and vibrates to wake you up quietly. • Battery life: 7 days. • Display: OLED self-reflective. • Three color wrist bands in one package • Durable, skin irritation free, TPU strap and nickel free aluminum alloy buckle for comfortable everyday usage • Free i-gotU Life App for iPhones from 4S(iOS 7+) and Android 4.3+ 73

F The Q-watch is a smart fitness watch with integrated smartphone connectivity, a modern way to track your activity. 4825 Q-watch

The sensor core integrates OLED display, 3-axis accelerometer, UV sensor, vibration motor, Bluetooth 4.0 and Li-polymer battery promising 10 days of tracking on a single charge. The Q-watch makes use of the built-in sensors to track fitness metrics. It features smart notification alerts so users will never miss any call, message, and important schedule any more. A press of the button allows you to easily reject any undesired incoming call. Light weight and stylish, its band is supplied in neutral mineral black to suit all tastes. The strap can be changed to suit individual tastes at many retail outlets. Those who want to track further metrics such as speed, latitude, route map and so on, the App can adjusted to display these metrics when the phone’s GPS is switched on. 4826 Q-watch Plus 75

Technology is changing rapidly but there must be one constant... your health The rise and rise of the smartphone and tablet has changed everything and now our lives revolve around these devices. Coupled with the “Internet of Things“ we have the opportunity to connect all our devices and allow for smart communication to enhance our “digital lives / lifestyle”. One area which we are particularly interested in and believe is a great marketing opportunity for your brand is wellbeing and lifestyle. We are very pleased to launch a range of promotional gadgets which allow you to promote your brand for the user to monitor, measure and so change their lifestyle to improve their health and wellbeing. Think... Bluetooth Activity Trackers, Bluetooth Weighing Scales, Wireless Speakers that double as drinking bottles to... our exclusive CLOUDCUP range please enjoy...

Meet the CloudCup family 77

Meet APP alerts you when it’s time to the Cloudcups take a drink and so stay hydrated. APP downloads FREE for Android or iOS. 4838 CloudCup Thermo 4828 CloudCup Ceramic 4818 CloudCup

This Keyfinder makes it very easy to find things that you keep losing. Simply download the app to your smartphone and you can give your IHere an audible signal. It even works both ways, press the iHere and your smartphone gives a signal. IHere Bluetooth Keyfinder has a standby time of 6 months and a range of 30-60 meter. Works for iPhones and Android phones. 3099 iHere Bluetooth KeyFinder 79

c b d

Next classic of the future? a a) Post it b) Pen c) Usb-C d) Notebook 81 right answer: c (see next page)

CONNECTIVITY FOR A NEW WORLD... Over the last 14 years we have all become used to connecting our devices via whats known as USB or its full name Universal Serial Bus. This interface connects many devices to a computer to charge, sync and transfer data. Whether it’s an external hard drive, camera, mouse, printer or scanner. The physical connection to transfer data between devices generally has / is a USB cable What Is USB-C? USB-C is the hot, new industry standard (developed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for connectivity and power. It is faster (up to 10 Gbps - it can download an HD movie in 30 seconds) , more powerful (allows for backward charging between devices up to 3A and 100 watts) and better quality for audio and video. (4K video and Ultra HD music) Over time time it will become the norm across all consumer electronics manufacturers. The standard USB connector you’re most familiar with is USB Type-A. It’s large and not best suited to the growing trend for micro thickness devices be they tablets, TV’s or smart phones. Whats driving the demand is that all these other devices want to use USB but cant accomodate the size. Those larger USB ports simply won’t fit in smart - phones, digital cameras, game controllers and all the other devices out there you might want to plug in via USB. So many other shapes of connector were born, including “micro” and “mini” connectors.

FASTER SPEEDS MORE POWER BETTER QUALITY USB-C USB 2.0 USB 3.0 MICRO USB MICRO-B MINI-B USB-B LIGHTNING 30-PIN USB C is about one third of the size of the older USB Type-A plug. With this new technology you’ll just need a single cable, whether you’re connecting an external hard drive to your laptop or charging any smartphone (Apple have adopted this so it may even turn up on an iPhone soon) from a USB charger. That one tiny connector can be small and fit into a mobile device, or be the powerful port you use to connect all the peripherals to your typo. The mess of USB, HDMI, Display Port, VGA and power ports on typical laptops can be streamlined into a single type of port. Currently, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices often use a USB connection to charge. A USB 2.0 connection provides up to 2.5 watts of power — that’ll charge your phone, but that’s about it. A laptop might require up to 60 watts, for example. You could charge your laptop from one of those portable battery packs you charge your smartphones and other portable devices from today. USB Type-C is a worthy upgrade. It’s making waves as its in the new MacBook, but it’s not an Apple-only technology and it will shortly be appearing in devices from practically everyone. Whatever you think of Apple, this time around they’re pushing hard behind a new standard that everyone can adopt. Over 700 companies support this standard, including Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and Samsung. This is important, because it’s more likely to be accepted by the majority of PC manufacturers. How can USB-C work for your next promotion… USB-C one cable to rule the connectivity world... For full details please call us and we will send our USB C fact sheet. 83

USB-C 6550 USB-C Drive Flash drive with USB 3.0 and Type C port 2591 USB-C mini Hub Type C to USB 3.0 and micro 2599 USB-C Hub Two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 and an extra Type C CONNECTIVITY FOR A NEW WORLD

CONNECT IN STYLE ANYWHERE Being prepared for anything should complement your personal style, not compromise it. The mixit Lightning-to-USB Keychain puts your charger cable in your pocket or on your keychain, so wherever you go, it goes with you. At work or on the go, this discreet accessory means you can charge up and share photos, whenever you want. F8J172bt mixit Lightning-to-USB Keychain 85

BEST PARTNER OF BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS SMALL SCREEN GAMES LARGE SCREEN DISPLAY Connect Anycast with any HDMI display device and you can cast HD videos, images and documents from your devices (smartphone, PC, tablet) to the HDMI display screen. Powerful work partner, a small and light weight companion for business meetings. Share your documents and presentation in large size. Share photos with family and friends on the big screen. Supports real time mirror function, so watch streaming videos from your device on your home TV. Games for smartphones and tablets become big. Powered by USB port.


Use the power of a premium brand Within the d-vice promote collection we also offer a wide range of Philips products. This well known premium brand in combination with the high quality and the printing possibilities of these products can give your promotion an extra boost. 89

Promotional Range 4.000 mAh Co-branding with full colour digital print DLP4000BK/10 PHILIPS POWERBANK DLP4000WT/10 PHILIPS POWERBANK DLP4000BK/10 | DLP4000WT/10

ULTIMATE MINI BILLBOARD FOR YOUR LOGO 15 TIMES A DAY THIS MEANS 3900 TIMES A YEAR 1000 Untangler The ultimate solution for twisted telephone cords, ideal for keeping your logo in view. 91

Multiple choice! Designed with a practical 1.5m cable with 4 USB ports and equipped with rapid charge technology with intelligent recognition IC. It detects your device to deliver its fastest possibele charge speed up to 2.4A per port. Strong compatibility, industry-leading 48w output through 4 ports lets your family charge any combination of phones, tablets or other USB-charged devices simultaneously in the car.

0912 Smart 4 Port CarCharger 93

Our products your brand ambassador…

“Making a long lasting impression is what counts for us.” We are fortunate that (we believe) our products sell themselves. Their quality is very easy to feel and that’s why every product we introduce has to meet our strict criteria for compliance and usefulness. This is what adds value to your digital lifestyle. When these boxes are ticked we know our products will be the best brand ambassador for your company.

Portable Design Ultra-Slim Lightweight.

Wireless keyboards are powerful computer peripherals that have revolutionized how people work, play and socialize. B-Typer is a compact and ultra-slim aluminum keyboard with well-built keys that work quietly without irritating fingers. The keys are scratch-resistant, tested to over a million clicks, and have a stylish scissor-switch design that improves typing speed without sacrificing accuracy. Brushed Aluminum Housing 150 hours working time 0039 B-Typer 97

Kickstand Collection for Apple Watch

1523 Odoyo Kickstand Kickstand Charging Dock is a new high grade aluminum stand / holder for your precious watch. The small dock comes in two parts - a wooden piece holds the Apple Watch, while an aluminum base with non-slip bottom makes up the rest of the dock. Easy to connect and drop on charge and when complete simply pull off. Well designed to view your watch while its charging at your desk. The two pieces are joined by powerful magnets. Odoyo offers KickStand in three different aluminum colors - black, silver and gold. Kickstand is compatible with all Apple Watches. 99

Power+Shell Ex for iPhone 6 / 6S with Rechargeable Battery Case 3.000mAh 1525 Odoyo PowerShell i6 Anyone who uses their iPhone for several hours a day has to worry about their battery life at some point, so some extra Battery Life for iPhone 6 comes in handy. The Power+Shell comes with integrated kickstand that lets you watch videos and enjoy the movies hands-free.

The LED indicator on the back keeps tabs on how much battery power is left in the Power+Shell EX. A button within the ring turns the power on and off and is used to check the battery life. Easy to carry for leisure, travel & business due to it’s ultra-thin and lightweight design. 101

This Mouse Pad is manufactured from top grade anodised aluminium which has been selected for its lightweight and incredible strength. This is a “gamer” approved surface that has been designed to ensure precision mouse control. Don’t be surprised if you need to turn down the mouse sensitivity, the surface resistance is so low that the mouse will feel like it’s skating on a layer of air. • Solid aluminum construction • Works with optical and laser mouse devices including the Magic Mouse and the wireless Mighty Mouse • Non-slip feet • Sleek Design A “Classic” Design 2164 Aluminum MousePad 2165 Aluminum with PU leather MousePad 103

Enlarges the screen of your mobile phone 4140 Magnifier Smart Phone stand 20 cm 20 cm

3D effect 2-3 TIMES Foldable Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier · Mobile phone screen can be magnified 3 times. · Suitable for all types of mobile phones. · Folds flat for easy storage - great for use when traveling Small package big gesture. Ideal for a Direct Mail promotion. 105

The Stand Alone Smoke Alarm is designed to provide early warning of the presence of fire by emitting a sound signal. Its 85dB sound alarm is powerful enough to wake you up in case of emergency. It ensures you’ll gain precious minutes to escape before the fire’s propagation. It detects smoke from wood, cotton, plastic and hydrocarbon based fires. However, this device is effective only when located, installed and maintained in compliance with the instructions described in this manual. This device does not detect gas, heat or flames. 0037 Smoke Alarm

512 GB 6501 PORTABLE SSD 4490 EXEC DRIVE 107



1297 EARBUDS 1352 FLAT CABLE EARBUDS Earbuds for all your devices Large 4 colour process branding area Cable lenght: 1.200 mm SIZE: 18 X 10 X 10 MM IMPRINT: 70 X 70 MM Flat cable quality earbuds Cable lenght: 1.500 mm SIZE: 22 X 12 X 12 MM IMPRINT: 13 X 3 MM 1281 PROMOBUDS Quality metal earbuds with 4 colour process branding area Cable lenght: 1.200 mm SIZE: 22 X 15 X 15 MM IMPRINT: 15 X 15 MM SIZE: CUSTOM MADE 1288 PROMOBUDS 2D Sensitivity: 94dB±3dB, Driver: 10 neodymium speaker, Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz Cable lenght: 1200 mm 1283 IN EAR PHONES 1597 EARBUDS PRO Stylish and compact design d-vice Original in-ear headphones Available in different colours and styles SIZE: 25 X 13 X 13 MM IMPRINT: 10 X 3 MM Superior bass and sound Twin speakers in each ear Pouch included SIZE: 25 X 22 X 8 MM IMPRINT: 10 X 4 MM 1282 THE CLASSIC COLLECTION MIC / volume control Stylish cord cables SIZE: 25 X 13 X 13 MM IMPRINT: 3.5 X 4 MM SIZE: 18 X 22 X 17 MM 1528 CLASSIC COLLECTION BT EARBUDS 50 mAh Li-ion battery 4.1 Bluetooth, range 10 meter 5 hours play time, 150 hours standby 110

FOR MORE INFO VISIT: D-VICEPROMOTE.COM 1356 CERAMIC EARPHONE 1534 PROMO HEADPHONE High end materials Warm, dry and detailed sound Pouch included SIZE: 20 X 10 X 10 MM IMPRINT: 7 X 7 MM Wired Headphones Good print area Modern design and stylish cord cables SIZE: ±150 X 180 X 65 (UNFOLDED) IMPRINT: 45 X 45 MM, 20 X 20 MM 1535 BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE 1531 CLASSIC HEADPHONE BLACK Travel pouch included Cable length: 1.200 mm 10 hours play time SIZE: 160 X 190 X 70 MM Good sound, smart looks Good print area 3.5 mm with cord cables SIZE: 180 X 170 X 65 MM IMPRINT: 45 X 45 MM SIZE: 185 X 190 X 75 MM 1533 HEADPHONES Soft PU headbands Cable length 1.350 mm 111

1395 PUNCHBOX 2 0238 VOLCANO II 2.000 mAh Li-ion battery 1A Input, 1A Output 3.0 Bluetooth, 10 meter range SIZE: 150 X 150 X 55 MM 400 mAh Li-Polymer rechargable battery 3W speaker Bluetooth: 3.0, range 10 meter SIZE: 59 X 59 X 65 MM IMPRINT: 25 X 11 MM 1361 LIGHTSOUNDS 2.200 mAh Built-in rechargeable Li-battery Water resistant (IPX4) 5W Bluetooth Speaker with LED mood lights SIZE: 104 X 95 X 190 MM IMPRINT: 70 X 50 MM 1389 DOME SPEAKER 400 mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery 4 hours play time, 3W sound output Bluetooth: 3.0, range 10 meter SIZE: 70 X 70 X 50 MM IMPRINT: 25 X 11 MM 1527 MAX BRAND BLUETOOTH SOUNDBAR 2.000 mAh Lithium battery 2.0 Bluetooth with a 10 meter range 2 x 10W Speaker 4 hours playtime SIZE: 458 X 55 X 58 MM IMPRINT: 25 X 34 MM 2146 MUSIC BOTTLE SPEAKER 650 mAh Lithium battery 3W Speaker, playtime 4 hours 3.0 Bluetooth, 10 meter range SIZE: 68 X 68 X 241 MM 1522 SMARTSTAND 1.050 mAh Li-ion battery 3.0 Bluetooth, 5-10 meter range 2x 3W speaker, 0.5 LED power SIZE: 140 X 105 X 205 MM IMPRINT: 55 X 15 MM 112

FOR MORE INFO VISIT: D-VICEPROMOTE.COM 1529 MICRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER 1399 PLUTO 300 mAh Polymer battery 2.1 Bluetooth, 10 meter range 3W Speaker, 4 hours playtime SIZE: 60 X 86 X 46 MM 300 mAh Li-polymer 3.0 Bluetooth, 10 meter range 2x 3W speaker, up to 4 hours play time SIZE: 60 X 60 X 85 MM IMPRINT: 25 X 12 MM & 20 X 12 MM 2107 EX STREAM BLUETOOTH SPEAKER 220 mAh Li-Lithium battery Output power 3W More then 4 hours playtime SIZE: 45 X 45 X 44 MM IMPRINT: 18 X 15 MM 2109 MAX BRAND SPEAKER 2.200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery (3.7 V) Powerful Bluetooth Speaker (5W) Includes MIC for conference calling SIZE: 95 X 95 X 22 MM IMPRINT: 95 X 95 MM 2108 THE CONE 1099 M4 Built in rechargable battery Bluetooth / NFC wireless speaker Includes MIC for conference calling SIZE: 200 X 220 X 115 MM IMPRINT: OPTIONS ON REQUEST SIZE: 350 X 153 X 110 MM SIZE: 340 X 125 X 175 MM SIZE: 170 X 100 X 110 MM Input: 4.0 Bluetooth, Wifi , Aux 3A power output, 40W output Sensitivity: 85dB and higher 1098 M3 Input: 4.0 Bluetooth, Wifi , Aux 3A power output, 40W output Sensitivity: 85dB and higher 2147 DAB RADIO 10 DAB & 10 FM presets AC PowerAdapter 220v, 1.5W Output Battery : 4 AA Batteries (Not included) 113

1391 SPLASH BLUETOOTH SPEAKER 1388 SPLASH BLUETOOTH SPEAKER Waterproof (IP65) 5W speaker output 4 hours playtime SIZE: 99 X 93 X 48 MM IMPRINT: 48 X 11 MM Waterproof (IPX5) 3W speaker output 1369 XQUARE MINI SPEAKER METAL WIRED 3W speaker output 1387 XQUARE BLUETOOTH METAL SPEAKER 400 mAh rechargable battery 3W speaker output SIZE: 80 X 80 X 55 MM SIZE: IMPRINT: 55 X 15 MM 38 X 38 X 38 MM IMPRINT: 21 X 21 MM SIZE: 44 X 44 X 44 MM IMPRINT: 30 X 30 MM 3161 SQUID BUBBLE BANG 4000 3162 SQUID BUBBLE BANG 5000 4.000 mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery 1A Input, 1A Output Custom lighting logo possible SIZE: 112 X 58 X 13 MM IMPRINT: 37 X 64 MM 5.000 mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery 2A Input, 2.1A Output Custom lighting logo possible SIZE: 127 X 66 X 13 MM IMPRINT: 78 X 42.5 MM 3146 SQUID MAX 5000 Grade A Li-ion rechargeable battery 2.1A output for tablets or smart phones SIZE: 90 X 40 X 17 MM IMPRINT: ± 20 X 40 MM 3148 SQUID MAX 7500 Grade A Li-ion rechargeable battery 2.1A output for tablets or smart phones SIZE: 90 X 60 X 17 MM IMPRINT: ± 40 X 60 MM 114

FOR MORE INFO VISIT: D-VICEPROMOTE.COM 2105 XOOPAR BOY 2155 GRAND XOOPAR BOY Output 3W Impedance 4 Ohm Up to 4 hours continuous playtime 2.000 mAh Li-ion battery 2x 3W Speaker, 8 hours playtime 3.0 Bluetooth with a 10 meter range SIZE: SIZE: 100 X 115 X 95 MM 202 X 197 X 158 MM IMPRINT POSITION 1: 71 X 18 MM IMPRINT POSITION 2: 42 X 33 MM SIZE: SIZE: 94 X 30 X 27 MM 85 X 43 X 23 MM IMPRINT: 38 X 16 MM 3155 SQUID MAX 2500 2.500 mAh Li-ion battery 1A Input, 1A Output 3139 SQUID MINI Li-ion grade A 4.000 mAh battery Indicator shows remaining battery power Charger with twin USB port 0912 SMART 4 PORTS CARCHARGER 4 USB ports 2169 XOOPAR BOY HUB Input Voltage: AC 100-240 Volt Output Voltage: DC5, 6A shared by 4 USB Ports Overheat, overcurrent and overcharging protection SIZE: 94 X 118 X 120 MM 1516 SMARTTORCH 5.200 mAh Li-ion battery 1A Input,1A Output, 3W LED power IPX8 waterproof / 10 meters under water SIZE: 161 X 44 X 44 MM 2.4A output each port Works with 12-24V vehicle outlet and cigarette lighter Cable length 1.500 mm SIZE: 66.7 X 22.5 X 11 MM IMPRINT: 65 X 12.5 MM 115

3158 BEAUTYBANK 3.000 mAh li-polymer battery 1A Input, 1A Output SIZE: 75 X 75 X 16.3 MM F8J172BT MIXIT LIGHTNING TO USB KEYCHAIN Cable lenght: 75 mm 1570 THE POWERHOUSE Ultimate USB charging station High speed charging (4.5A) Large print area up to 4 colour process SIZE: SIZE: 90 X 15 X 10 MM 154 X 114 X 85 MM IMPRINT: 50 X 30 MM 3153 PORTABLE CHARGER PRO LITE iPhone 5/6 lightning connector 5.000 mAh Li-polymer battery Available in other battery sizes SIZE: 66 X 134 X 8 MM IMPRINT: 56 X 95 MM 2118 PLUTO POWERBANK 2170 JUPITER POWERBANK 2.600 mAh Grade A Li-ion rechargeable battery Carabiner clip SIZE: 22 X 22 X 120 MM IMPRINT: 40 X 10 MM 2.000 mAh Li-ion battery Tube shaped power bank Ideal for emergency charging SIZE: 22 X 22 X 95 MM IMPRINT: ± 65 X 10 MM 0221 XOOPAR MUSHROOM CARCHARGER Twin port USB CarCharger (2.1A) Two USB ports Logo area SIZE: 75 X 40 X 38 MM IMPRINT: 16 X 11 MM 3151 POWATORCH BLACK Samsung Rechargable Lithium battery Power bank (2200 mAh) Output 2.4A SIZE: 137 X 26 X 26,5 MM IMPRINT: 13 X 40 MM 116

FOR MORE INFO VISIT: D-VICEPROMOTE.COM 1492 SOLARCHARGER 3152 SOLAR POWERCHARGER 6.000 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery 4 LED indicators show power level 5 V power output SIZE: 127 X 80 X 15 MM IMPRINT: 74 X 15 MM 4.000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery 3.7 V / 1 A Input power 5 V / 2.1 A Output power SIZE: 65 X 118 X 16 MM IMPRINT: ± 30 X 12 MM 3157 ILITE CHARGER 0224 CARCHARGER STEEL 500 mAh Li-polymer battery 0.5 A Input, 0.5 A Output SIZE: 60 X 60 X 18.5 MM IMPRINT: 25 MM (DIAMETER) Top quality metal Twin port USB car charger (2.4A) Charging of smart phones and tablets SIZE: 55 X 55 X 24 MM IMPRINT: 20 X 7 MM 11 X 11 MM SIZE: 133 X 79 X 15 MM IMPRINT: 128 X 77 MM 3156 MULTIBOOSTER 6.000 mAh Li-polymer battery Input: 1A Output: 2.4A FlashLigh SOS signal function Including pouch 10AWG Clip (car) 117

2119 SOUNDCHARGER 3154 MAX BRAND LED POWERBANK 5.200 mAh Lithium battery 1A Input, 1A Output, 2 x 3W Speaker 2.1 Bluetooth with a range of 10 meter SIZE: 165 X 89 X 29 MM IMPRINT: 167 X 89 MM 7.900 mAh Li-polymer battery 1A Input, 2.1A Output SIZE: 157 X 74 X 16 MM IMPRINT: 90 X 13 MM DLP4000 PHILIPS POWERBANK Extra power for multiple recharging 2 USB ports Ultra fast charge with 2.1A SIZE: 42 X 97 X 22 MM IMPRINT: 20 X 40 MM 3150 PORTABLE CHARGER PRO PLUS Slim portable gadget charger Li-Polymer battery 3.7V/ 10200 mAh Dual USB ports SIZE: 132 X 66 X 17 MM IMPRINT: 61 X 90 MM 2443 ZENS WIRELESS CHARGER PAD 2447 ZENS QI WIRELESS POWERBANK Single Wireless Charger Qi technology Full compatibility of your device SIZE: 125 X 125 X 67.5 MM IMPRINT: 40 X 80 MM 4.500 mAh battery Space-saving Charges Qi-compatible devices and others SIZE: 125 X 12.5 X 67.5 MM IMPRINT: 55 X 25 MM SIZE: 158 X 75 X 15.5 MM SIZE: 84.5 X 50 X 55.5 MM 1525 ODOYO POWERSHELL IPHONE6 3.000 mAh Lithium polymer battery 1A Input, 1A Output Made for iPhone 1523 ODOYO KICKSTAND Compatible with 38 or 42 mm Apple Watch 118

FOR MORE INFO VISIT: D-VICEPROMOTE.COM 4822 BEAT Coming soon (February 2016) Reminder for the move, pills, 4825 Q WATCH 85 mAh Li-polymer battery Bluetooth 4.0, 10 meter range Battery life 7 days, IPX7 Splash Proof SIZE: 33 X 33 X 8.5 MM (DEVICE ONLY) 4826 Q WATCH PLUS 85 mAh Li-polymer battery Bluetooth 4.0, 10 meter range Battery life 7 days, IPX7 Splash Proof SIZE: 40 X 40 X 8,5 (DEVICE ONLY) hydration Automatic Exercise timer Target Goal Percentage Auto Wake Up Detection Time display Stopwatch Interval timer Vibration alarm Cloud server data upload Share exercise data with IOS Health Kit / Google Fit Battery level percentage indicator Rechargeable battery (45mAh Li-ion) OLED backlight LCD display Bluetooth technology com munication between the wrist and smartphone Smartphone APPS provides all the setting + data memory of your activities during the day Optical Heart-rate sensor (Continuously Monitor) 3D Accelerometer motion sensor provide all round accurate step count Sleep Monitoring Calories burned Distance traveled Notifies you the incoming calls /miss calls /messages of various social networks 4820 EDGE 4813 ENERGYBAND 45 mAh Li-ion battery 4.0 Bluetooth, 3ATM water resistant Other colors on request SIZE: 45 X 18 X 10 MM Li-ion battery Soft touch, OLED display Other colors on request SIZE: ± 75 X 55 X 17 MM IMPRINT: 20 X10 MM 4816 ACTIVITY TRACKER Slim 3D sensor Skin irritation free Comfort and style SIZE: 250 X 16.5 X 8.6 MM IMPRINT: 14 X 4 MM 4821 POINT Coming soon (February 2016) Rechargable 45 mAh Li-ion battery 119

4007 WISHBONE Non-contact thermometer 1241 KLEEN IT Easy to use Free App SIZE: 40 X 14 X 5.2 MM Cleaning wipes 100 pieces a box 4 colour process branding options SIZE: 78 X 78 X 178 MM IMPRINT: 257 X 45 SIZE: 39 X 50 X 9 MM 8005 XOOPAR POWER SYNC CABLE Cable Lenght: 210 mm Made for iPhone, iPod and iPad 3099 IHERE BLUETOOTH KEYFINDER CR2032 battery 4.0 Bluetooth 6550 USB-C DRIVE 0037 SMOKE ALARM Capacity 16 - 128 Gb USB 3.0 speed OTG Function, Plug and Play SIZE: 64.5 X 17 X 6.8 MM CR2032 battery Sensitivity: 85dB Playing time: 5 years SIZE: 40 X 40 X43 MM 2165 ALUMINUM WITH PU LEATHER MOUSE PAD Non Slip pas on the bottom to keep in place 2164 ALUMINUM MOUSEPAD Non Slip pas on the bottom to keep in place SIZE: 280 X 190 X 8 MM SIZE: 280 X 190 X 8 MM 120

FOR MORE INFO VISIT: D-VICEPROMOTE.COM 2599 TYPE C HUB 2589 MINI HUB 3x USB 3.0 ports 1x Type-CF port USB hub for the extension of your devices Large logo space Link the hub directly to your PC SIZE: 42 X 39 X 18 MM IMPRINT: 38 X 34 38 X 24 MM (ENGRAVING) 2590 TRAVEL HUB Travel charger for all your USB devices 4 port charging hub with AC adapters Includes non slip removable silicone jacket. SIZE: 95 X 78 X 33 MM IMPRINT: 20 X 5 MM (TOP) 25 X 40 MM (SIDE) 3305 ANY CAST no App required, plug and play iOS and Android Good print area SIZE: 82 X 30 X 9 MM IMPRINT: 30 X 20 MM 7210 VALENTA EARPHONE CASE Including cable clip 3003 ONE ADAPTOR Includes universal AC outlet and built-in USB charger Works in over 150 countries SIZE: SIZE: 80 X 73 X 12 MM 83 X 62 X 60 MM IMPRINT: 40 X 20 MM 3149 PROMOCARD POWERCARD 1.020 mAh battery Input 500mA, Output 600mA SIZE: 84 X 54 X 5 MM IMPRINT: 100 84 X 54 MM (FRONT) 100 65 X 25 MM (BACK) 3136 USB POWER ADAPTER Great for travel, small in size, good to brand! Output 5V Input 100-240V SIZE: 45 X 24 X 2 MM IMPRINT: 55 X 20 MM 121

2591 USB-C MINI HUB 4828 CLOUDCUP CERAMIC USB 3.0 port 5GB p/s data transfer rate SIZE: 57 X 22 X 12 MM IMPRINT: 20 X 8 MM SIZE: 187.7 x 74 x 74 mm SIZE: 218 X 74 X 74 MM SIZE: 194.7 X 86 X 86 mm 2x CR2032 batteries 4.0 Bluetooth, 350 ml volume IOS 7.0 / Android 4.3 or higher, Free App 4818 CLOUDCUP 2x CR2032 battery 4.0 Bluetooth, 370 ml volume IOS 7.0 / Android 4.3 or higher, Free App 4838 CLOUD CUP -THERMO 2x CR2032 batteries 4.0 Bluetooth, 500 ml volume IOS 7.0 / Android 4.3 or higher, Free App 2085 TOUCH & CLEAN 6560 IDISK Contains cleaning spray (50ml) Contains lens cloth Feature your corporate branding SIZE: 105 X 40 X 30 MM IMPRINT: 75 X 50 115 X 60 MM SIZE: 59 X 28 X 9 MM Capacity of 16-128 GB 3.0 USB speed, lightning connector Plug & Play 4140 MAGNIFIER SMART PHONE STAND 3 in 1, Projection, Easy & Simple SIZE: 180 X 150 X 15 MM IMPRINT: 55 X 15 MM 0019 MINI CARDREADER Handy sized card reader. Good print area and options. SIZE: 40 X 27 X 12 MM IMPRINT: 35 X 24 MM 122

FOR MORE INFO VISIT: D-VICEPROMOTE.COM 0039 B-TYPER 1231 2 IN 1 SMARTLENS Li-polymer battery 3.0 Bluetooth, 10 meter range Frequency 2,4GHz, rated voltage 3.7V DC SIZE: 245 X 127 X 6.5 MM For all smart phones Macro lens Fisheye lens SIZE: ± 40 X 30 X 15 ± 22 X 22 X 15 ± 25 X 25 X 10 1233 SMARTPHONE ZOOOOOM LENS 7x Zoom Universal smartphone clip Optical glass SIZE: 50 X 50 X 52 MM 0040 WIRELESS PRESENTER CR2032 battery Includes laserpointer Optional with flash memory SIZE: 87 X 34 X 9 MM IMPRINT: 40 X 20 MM 1232 BT SELFIE TIMER BLACK 2071 ICABLES Bluetooth remote control Click from a distance up to 10M Great design SIZE: 30 X 74 X 10 MM IMPRINT: 13 X 13 MM CABLE LENGTH: 1000 MM SIZE: 75X50X18 MM Split lightning and micro connectors Charging all smart phones / tablets Branding options available on request 4799 FLOOME Free App BAC from.005 to 0.250 g/dL 123

2446 ZENS IPHONE 6 COVER 4814 CUPAD Monitor consumed water Ultimate protection Charge wirelessly Qi technology SIZE: 70 X 153 X 10 MM IMPRINT: 45 X 95 MM Free app Great product that mixes health / technology SIZE: Ø95 MM IMPRINT: Ø70 MM 0314 / 0320 POKKETMOUSE Luxury, slim optical mouse with LED’s Ultra thin design Handy travel pouch SIZE: 85 X 50 X 12 MM IMPRINT: 45 X 29 MM 0322 POKKETMOUSE Luxury, slim optical mouse with LED’s 2,46 Wireless Technology Dual rechargable batteries SIZE: 105 X 57 X 20 MM IMPRINT: 100 X 50 MM 1058 SANITIZER Lithium-ion battery 7198 AIRCOAT IPAD AIR2 253.7 nm UV-C Lamp, ozone free USB powered, playtime up to 5 times activation SIZE: 320 X 220 X 8 MM Strong hard case, excellent protection Interior case: luxurious microsuede Fold horizontally or vertically SIZE: 170 X 245 X 11 MM IMPRINT: 40 X 40 MM (EMBOSSING) 80 X 80 MM (IMPRINT) 0480 IKEY ULTRA THIN BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD Ultra slim, ultra light foldable silicone wireless keyboard Water resistant and highly portable SIZE: 39 X 37 X 9 MM (FOLDED) IMPRINT: 20 X 10 MM 0328 ELIP WIRELESS MOUSE Working distance 6-10 meter 1.000 DPI SIZE: 105 X 65 X 25 MM IMPRINT: 40 X 40 MM 124


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