Consumer behavior and usage is changing. Products evolve during time. Time changes! An umbrella which is smart… It is not only about a glass of wine… A speaker that talks and orders pizza… Get ready to be surprised with smart gadgets that will promote your brand. Enjoy the 2018 experience Please note that while great care has been taken to make this catalogue accurate and factually correct in terms of copy and imagery, we reserve the right to change the specifi cations and or content without prior notice. Our products are under constant development and sometimes details, specs and colors can change outside of our control. Many thanks to the companies whose corporate logo, colors and symbols have been reproduced in this catalogue.

CONTENT PO WERBANKS 2190 Solar Charger 3173 Edge Powerbank 15 15 PHONE-C ABLES-LIGHTING 2210 iCable Braided 2071 iCables 2078 iCables COMPUTER & DESK 6501/6502 Portable SSD Drive 1920 iPhone Memory Cable 1930 iDisk Mobile Storage 2621 iDevices Card Reader 1940 USB-C Flash Drive 1950 Mini USB 2599 USB-C Hub 2591 USB-C Mini Hub 6550 USB-C Drive 4133 Smart PhoneCleaner 1000 Untangler 1093 Peep Webcam Cover 1094 Swivel Webcam Cover 1097 Webcam Cover 2164 Aluminum Mousepad 2165 Aluminum Mouse Pad with PU Leather 3096 Bluetooth Keyboard 1286 AirComfort 2592 The Multi C INT890-INT893 Cenatron Range INT825-INT868 Gumbite Range 12 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 20 - 21 16 17 17 17 18 18 18 19 19 20 - 21 94 - 97 0117 3 in 1 Logo Cable 0116 Multi Magnet Cable 2211 Bespokable Cable 1077 Robot Cleaner 2604 FlexiGrip 0913 Smart 5 CarCharger 2605 PhoneClipCard 2607 PhoneClip Character 2608 PhoneClip Fullprint 2606 PhoneClip Logo 2603 PhoneClip 26 27 27 28 29 29 10 30 30 31 32 33 33 33 WIRELES S CHARGING 2699 Zens Wireless Charger Stand 2443 Zens Wireless Charging Pad 2697 Zens Wireless Charger Set 2698 Zens USB Single Wireless Charger Round 2701 The Zens Silicon Custom Shape 2630 Wireless Charging Desk Lamp 2230 Wireless Fast Charging Stand 2231 Wireless Fast Charging Plate 34 - 35 36 36 37 37 38 39 39

SPEAKERS EARBUDS & HEADPHONES 1545 E5 Alexa Speaker 1556 E2 Alexa Speaker 1547 Bluetooth Sunglasses 1546 SoundBlock 1555 Propeller Speaker 1557 Curling Speaker Light 1553 The Square 1543 The Edge WristSpeaker 1542 Gillie Speaker BT55W/00 Philips Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AE5220B/12 Philips DAB+ Radio 44 45 46 47 SB500A/00 Philips Shoqbox Wireless Portable Speaker 48 - 49 53 50 51 52 92 92 92 1604 Earbuds Braided 1602 True Sound EarBuds 1601 Ergonomic fit EarBuds 1528 FlexSport Wireless Earbuds 1533 Headphone Premium 1288 PromoBuds 2D 1281 PromoBuds 1297 Earbuds 1283 In Ear Phones 1535 Bluetooth headphone 1554 Dynamic Headphone SHL3075WT/00 Philips BASS+ On-Ear Headphones SHB3075BK/00 Philips BASS+ On-Ear Wireless Headphones SHL3175WT/00 Philips BASS+ Over-Ear Headphones A C TIVITY G ADGETS 1558 Ahead Helmet Speaker 4831 Activity Tracker Premium P2060 Fit bracelet 4830 FitCard 4733 WatchTracker 4123 Golf GPS 3600 Balight Bicycle Wheel Display Elite 3601 Balight Bicycle Wheel Display Super BA166 Signal Auto Brake Light BA184 Saturn LED Arm Band BA201 Loop Wrist Glow Light BA022 Zipper Pull Light BA158 / BA 159 PetSaber Petit / PetSaber 58 - 59 60 60 61 62 63 64 - 65 64 - 65 98 - 99 100 101 102 103 SHB3175WT/00 Philips BASS+ Over-Ear Wireless Headphones SHE4305BK Philips BASS+ In-Eear Earphones SHB4305WT/00 Philips BASS+ In-Ear Wireless Earphones SHL4405WT Philips Flite Ultrlite headphone with mic 27 66 - 67 68 69 70 - 71 72 73 73 73 74 75 90 90 91 91 91 91 91 HOME & LIVING 4132 Smart Umbrella 3097 Loop Safety Alarm 2640 Smart Padlock 1621 Easy BBQ Nano Smart Wireless Thermometer 1620 Easy BBQ Nano L Smart Wireless Thermometer 4134 Smart Wine Monitor 1610 Kooduu Small 1611 Kooduu Medium 1612 Kooduu Large 2631 USB LED Bulb 80 - 81 82 83 84 84 85 86 - 88 86 - 88 86 - 88 89

PROMOTIONAL GADGETS AS PART OF YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY! Our mission is to be a pioneer in introducing the latest technical trends within the market of gifts & premiums, loyalty & incentives. Promotional products you can use every moment, 24/7. Whether you use your True Sound EarBuds during your early morning run, the Smart Car Charger when on the road, the Zens Wireless Charging Pad when sitting behind your desk, our Activity Tracker to monitor an intense evening workout or the beloved Kooduu playing your favorite music while enjoying a glass of wine when relaxing at home after a long day. Just to highlight a few... We ensure you of high quality, fully compliant products, great branding and customization possibilities while exceeding your expectations. BOOST YOUR BRAND 24/7 Let us take you on a 24 hour journey in daily life, where we show you the added value of our products.

6:45 @ W ORK 8:55 18:45 20:45 21:55 RELAX UP & RUNNING A C TIVITY SOCIALIZE


6:45 UP & RUNNING Rise and shine and keep your logo constantly in sight! Positive energy guaranteed when waking up to your favorite radio station playing on the Philips DAB+ radio. Hop in the shower, as the 10,000 mAh Edge Powerbank gives your phone a quick charge. In a hurry? The Smart PhoneCleaner disinfects your phone in only six minutes, for a fresh start of your day. You are almost good to go... but where is your phone? Shake your Smart Umbrella for 10 seconds and “Jonas” will find it for you.

Clean your phone and tablet screen fast and easily through vibration with this funky robot gadget. The microfibre cleaning pad with multicolored LED lights never skips a spot and removes dust from your screen. An absolute eye-catcher for your brand. 1077 Robot Cleaner Battery included DIMENSIONS 49 X 49 X 15 MM LOGO AREA 33 X 33 MM 10 This super smart gadget is a charger and phone cleaner in one. It cleans your phone within 6 minutes by using Ozone light and features a dimmable white LED and changeable colored LED lights. A great gadget to associate your brand with. . d D . 4133 Smart PhoneCleaner USB to Micro-USB cable - USB port - LED lighting DIMENSIONS 120 X 120 X 200 MM LOGO AREA 100 X 60 MM

Clean With Ozone Light!

Slim and elegant Solid State Drive for all your memory needs 12 Slim and elegant SSD Drive for PC, Notebook or Macintosh with USB port. 6501/6502 Portable SSD Drive Plug & Play - USB & Micro-USB port - 5V power supply - Speed data transfer - LED power indicator DIMENSIONS 96 X 37.5 X 5.9 MM LOGO AREA 35 X 12 MM

1920 iPhone Memory Cable 1930 iDisk Mobile Storage Store your memory on the go with this foldable external storage and charging connector in one that works instantly via an APP. Up to 128GB. Plug & Play - USB 3.0 & Lightning connectors - Supports Hot Swap & OTG function - MFi certified DIMENSIONS 150 X 16.3 X 7.5 MM LOGO AREA 24 X 10 MM Expand your iPhone’s storage up to 128GB by speed data transmission to this smart storage application with USB and Lightning port in one. Plug & Play - Rotating USB & Lightning connectors - Supports Hot Swap - MFi certified DIMENSIONS 48 X 14.8 X 8.3 MM LOGO AREA 32 X 14 MM Transfer and store your data even faster via our new mini solutions, compatible with Apple! 13 2621 iDevices Card Reader 1940 USB-C Flash Drive Mini iOS card reader to store, backup, stream or transfer your data directly from your phone. Works instantly via the APP. Plug & Play - Lightning USB Drive DIMENSIONS 37.4 X 19.5 X 7 MM LOGO AREA 25 X 15 MM Plug & Play mini storage device with capacity up to 64GB, super speed transfer of data, rotating dual port and Type-C interface. USB & Type-C port - Compatible for WIN/iOS DIMENSIONS 34 X 19.5 X 5.4 MM LOGO AREA 15 X 9 MM 1950 Mini USB Plug & Play mini USB storage device and key chain in one with capacity up to 64GB. USB port - Supports Hot Swap - UPD 3.0 module adopted DIMENSIONS 43 X 13.2 X 6.9 MM LOGO AREA 28 X 7 MM

USB Type-C Connectivity ype Connectiv 2599 USB-C HUB Aluminum casing with 4 USB ports including 1 USB Type-C port that transfers data and power 10 times faster than a normal USB port. DIMENSIONS 152 X 75 X 12 MM LOGO AREA 65 X 40 MM 14 2591 USB-C Mini Hub 6550 USB-C Drive USB Type-C charging adapter to USB 3.0 and Micro-USB. Data transfer rate of 50GB p/s. DIMENSIONS 64 X 22 X 12 MM LOGO AREA 20 X 8 MM Plug & Play USB Type-C to USB 3.0 drive with OTG funtion and a capacity from 16 up to 128 GB. DIMENSIONS 64.5 X 17 X 6.8 MM LOGO AREA 20 X 8 MM

Use The Power Of The Sun… This powerful solar charger with a top quality 10,000 mAh internal battery and large solar panel absorbs and saves solar energy, making it ideal for charging multiple phones and tablets. The high grade solar cells enable a quick recharge via solar energy or can be used via Micro-USB when the sun is not shining. 2190 Solar Charger Solar energy - 10,000 mAh - Up to 32 hours battery life - USB to Micro-USB cable 4 LED lights to indicate charging status - IPX4 waterproof, dustproof & shockproof DIMENSIONS 175 X 85 X 18 MM SOLAR PANEL 125 X 78 X 18 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 10 MM FRONT & BACK 80 X 30 MM 15 10.000 mAh 10,000 mAh The 10,000 mAh battery and 2 USB utputs makes charging multiple devices effortless with this slim powerbank. 3173 Edge Powerbank 10,000 mAh USB to Micro-USB cable DIMENSIONS 145 X 75 X 13 MM LOGO AREA 107 X 51 MM ULTRA Power!

Inevitable Billboard For Your Logo 1000 Untangler DIMENSIONS 47 X 15 X 10 MM LOGO AREA 20 X 80 MM

Amazing Branding Location Boost your client’s web security while promoting your logo at eye level on the target audience’ device. The bespoke backing card acts as an advertising billboard to deliver your message. 1093 Peep Webcam Cover 1094 Swivel Webcam Cover Webcam cover for mobile phones & tablets. DIMENSIONS Ø 14 X 1.5 MM LOGO AREA 10 X 10 MM Aluminum webcam cover for laptops, tablets, TVs and game consoles. DIMENSIONS 34 X 12 X 1.5 MM LOGO AREA 20 X10 MM 1097 Webcam Cover High-grade plastic webcam cover for almost all devices. DIMENSIONS 40 X 13 X 1.5 MM LOGO AREA 10 X 10 MM

A”Classic”Design Lightweight mousepad made from top grade anodized aluminum for precision mouse control with a non-slip base. Also available with PU leather. 2164 Aluminum Mousepad 2165 Aluminum Mouse Pad with PU Leather Suitable for optical and laser mouse DIMENSIONS 280 X 190 X 8 MM LOGO AREA 15 X 40 MM Suitable for optical and laser mouse DIMENSIONS 280 X 190 X 8 MM LOGO AREA 15 X 40 MM Compact Bluetooth keyboard, ideal for traveling, with built-in stand function for your phone or tablet. For the ultimate branding experience, your logo can be stamped & printed on the product. Available with Qwerty and Qwertz keyboard. 3096 Bluetooth keyboard Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible with WIN-iOS-Android USB to Micro-USB cable DIMENSIONS 218 X 135 X 8 MM LOGO AREA 120 X 30 MM

Always stay up to date and in control of the humidity and temperature in your surroundings with the Bluetooth AirComfort and its accompanying APP. Associate your brand with a healthy lifestyle. Monitor Your Climate 1286 AirComfort Bluetooth 4.0 - 550 mAh - APP compatible with iOS and Android - 10 meter range - 8,700 hours battery life - Temperature range: -25 °C to 45 °C - Data storage for 100 days DIMENSIONS 115 X 36 X 36 MM LOGO AREA 7 X 10 MM Stay Connected With USB TypeC The classy Multi C hub is indispensible for any business person. It includes 6 ports (HDMI, USB-C and USB) to transfer data and power, a magnetic detachable hub, laser pointer and page up/down PPT control. A subtle engraving adds even more clas s 2592 The Multi C 3 Type C ports - 2 USB ports - 1 HDMI port - HDMI 4K resolution DIMENSIONS 164 X 33.5 X 15 MM LOGO AREA 88.5 X 33.5 MM

Award winning, simple, elegant, smart design Cenatron is an award winning brand of simple, yet distinctive mobile phone accessories. Made from quality materials, it’s a great choice to promote your logo in style. INT891 CenaBlade Phone & Tablet Stand This premium aluminum tablet and phone stand is an absolute must for your next promotional campaign. The cleverly designed silicon cylinder can hold your device steady in a wide variety of angles. DIMENSIONS 125 X 75 X 34 MM LOGO AREA 50 X 8 MM

INT892 CenaPen Slim aluminum stylus with soft rubber tip for typing, sketching and drawing on phones and tablets. Supplied with handy metal stand and built-in cable stop. DIMENSIONS 14 X 14 X 120 MM LOGO AREA 10 X 35 ON PEN & 20 X 12 ON STAND INT893 CenaWing The Cenawing is a sound amplifier for tablets that boosts the iPad speakers’ volume. Elegant, lightweight and easy to use. It simply sticks to the back of the device with a unique micro-suction patch and allows for good brand and logo exposure. DIMENSIONS 50 X 70 X 1 MM LOGO AREA 42 X 42 MM 21 INT890 CenaStand Award winning (Red Dot) aluminum phone stand to hold your phone at a 66º viewing angle in both horizontal and vertical position by using micro suction technology. DIMENSIONS 57 X 97 X 59 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 25 MM

8:55 @ W ORK

8:55 @ W ORK Commence your day in the office with promotional gadgets with LED power indicators on your desk, which makes them ideal brand reminders. You recently received a unique set of aluminum desk items from the Cenatron product range as a business gift, which give your desk the finishing touch. Your eye meets your new Zens Wireless Charging Pad. Perfect to charge your new iPhone during your scheduled meetings. Before leaving the office, don’t forget to store your documents directly on to your mini iDisk, to have them with you at all times.

Fully customizable! 2210 iCable Braided Customizable in your own color 3 in 1 cable with Micro-USB, 8pin Lightning (MFI) and USB Type-C connectors 26 DIMENSIONS 1000 MM X 5 MM LOGO ON USB PLUG 10 X 10 MM From ultra elegant to hippie chic to your very own corporate identity. The extra long iCable Braided offers endless opportunities to fully customize the braiding colors and patterns of the cable. Available with different types of plugs. Put us to the test to make your brand stand out.

2071 iCables 2in1 2-in-1 iCable with Lightning and Micro-USB connectors to charge all smartphones and tablets. DIMENSIONS 1000 X 4 X 4 MM LOGO AREA 4 X 10 MM 1604 Earbuds Braided Customizable in your own color Stand out with your logo on this fully customizable nylon braided cable with metal earbuds and comfortable earshells. The built-in mic and controller allow for handsfree phone calls. Stylish and useful, you will surely be remembered! - 20 Hz-20 Khz - Cable length 1.25 meter DIMENSIONS EARBUDS 12 X 12 X 20 LOGO AREA 8 X 4 MM 3in1 2078 iCables 3-in-1 iCable with 8pin Lightning, Micro-USB and USB Type C connectors to charge all smartphones and tablets. Input 5V - Output 2A DIMENSIONS 1000 x 4 X 4 MM LOGO AREA 4 X 10 MM

Multi cables Charging cable with great 4 color logo branding, includes Lightning, Micro-USB and USB Type-C connectors. The stylish 1 meter long cable and gift packaging make for a very smart charging accessory for your brand. 28 0117 3 in 1 Logo Cable Lightning, Micro-USB and USB Type-C connectors Cable length 1.2 meter DIMENSIONS 1000 X 5 MM LOGO AREA ø 15 MM

Multi Magnet This multi functional cable with Micro-USB, Lightning and USB Type-C connectors is an indispensable item. The small magnetic plugs are interchangeable and therefore usable for any smartphone. No more connecting inconvenience, as the cable magnetically attracts the connector. 0116 Multi Magnet Cable Magnetic interchangeable Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB adapters - Cable length 1 meter - Comes with pouch DIMENSIONS 1065 X 12 X 5 MM LOGO AREA 13 X 10 MM 29 Colorful 3 in 1 leather look cable with Micro-USB, 8 Pin Lightning and USB Type-C cable. Fully customizable to your own corporate style, colors or logo to deliver your message loud and clear. 2211 Bespokable Cable Customizable in your own color PU leather - 3 in 1 connectors: Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C Cable length 1 meter - USB 2.0 DIMENSIONS 1000 X 6 MM LOGO AREA ON USB PLUG 11 X 11 MM

Bend it, shape it, hold it Flexible do-it-y smartphones with gr Ideal to use in the car, at home, your office or when traveling. -it-y tphones with gr eal t 2604 FlexiGrip Suitable for smartphone size 4” - 6” DIMENSIONS 220 X 140 X 22 MM LOGO AREA 31 X 46 MM 30 Power for all passengers. Smart charging USB hub with 5 USB ports with powerful 10.8 A output to keep all your gadgets charged whilst driving. The extra long cable allows all passengers in the front and back of the car to quick charge their mobile device by clipping the backseat charger to one or multiple seats. 0913 Smart 5 CarCharger 5 USB ports - Cable length 1,500 MM - Output power 10.8A DIMENSIONS 85 X 25 X 18 MM LOGO AREA 35 X 10 MM WITH CLIP 5X CHARGING

BRAND YOUR PHONE 2605 PhoneClipCard Soft TPU-material - Stand-function - Card holder DIMENSIONS 94 X 59 X 4 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 10 MM Promo PhoneClip upgraded with a card holder to keep your important cards close by, without the need to bring your wallet.

The PhoneClip family is expanding… Position your brand on your clients’ phone wherever they are with the simple and cost effective self-adhesive PhoneClip. Slide out the band to get more grip while calling or use it as a phone stand. The great branding area makes it an ideal gadget for exhibition giveaways, postal mailings or retail promotions. 32 NEW! The two latest additions to the PhoneClip family enable you to promote your corporate style even better! acter or with choice from a range erial - Fully customizable ange of shapes OGO AREA 30 X 10 MM Get A Grip

NEW! Your corporate style printed all over this PhoneClip! 2608 PhoneClip Fullprint Customizable shapes and forms in your own color (cc). 2606 PhoneClip logo Customizable shapes and forms in your own color (cc). Soft TPU-mat n c o mat Stand function - Soft TPU material - Bespoke printing DIMENSIONS 97 X 26 X 7 MM LOGO AREA 97 X 26 MM DIMENSIONS LOGO AREA 1 LOGO AREA 2 88 X 24 X 4 MM 30 X 10 MM 2603 PhoneClip Soft TPU-material - Stand-function DIM 33 DESIGNS CREATED FOR REFERENCE ONLY

It does not only make Zens... it makes life easier Zens is a pioneer and one of the founders of Qi wireless charging devices, nobody knows this technology in more detail. With the recent adoption of Qi wireless charging technology in Apple iPhones, the demand for this technology is set to grow rapidly. Zens stands out from its competitors with its attention to safety, quality and that its wireless chargers all comply with the rules and regulations of the Wireless Power Consortium, carrying its mark of quality. 34 SMART. SIMPLE. FAST.

Wireless charging 35 2699 Zens Wireless Charger Stand Holds your Qi-enabled device and charges it wirelessly at the same time. The charger stand can hold your phone in an upright position at various angles. A luxurious corporate gift to highlight your brand. DIMENSIONS 108 X 108 X 26 MM LOGO AREA 12 X 6 MM

2697 Zens Wireless Charger Set The Zens charging pad charges all Qi-enabled devices wirelessly. By using the Zens Qi phone case you can now also charge your iPhone 6/6S/7. The phone case offers the ultimate protection for your phone and looks stylish and business-friendly. An indispensable 2-in-1 combination with great branding options for your corporate logo. Charging pad and Qi phone cover enables iPhone 6/6S/7 DIMENSIONS 107 X 90 X 10 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 80 MM ON PAD 36 2443 Zens Wireless Charging Pad The ZENS Single Wireless Charging Pad features Qi technology that enables you to wirelessly charge newer Android devices and Apple iPhones 8/X without the need for a wireless sleeve. The iPhone 6/7 can be charged with a Zens wireless sleeve. DIMENSIONS 125 X 125 X 68 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 80 MM

2701 The Zens Silicon Custom Shape Customizable This fully bespoke silicone cover is made for the Zens USB Single Wireless Charger Round and is designed to make your logo stand out. It creates an instant bespoke look for your charger from as little as 100 pieces! DIMENSIONS Ø 65 X 12 MM LOGO AREA Ø 55 MM 37 2698 Zens USB Single Wireless Charger Round This Qi USB charger is the ultimate travel charger featuring Qi wireless charging technology. The underlying inductive technology ensures fool proof charging every time the phone or other Qi-enabled device is placed on the charger. Simply add the Zens Silicon Custom Shape and you have a perfect bespoke wireless charging accessory. LED indicator - USB cable DIMENSIONS Ø 62 X 11 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 4 MM

Quality Above All 38 This is not just any desk lamp, it contains a wireless charger for your Qi compatible smart devices. Freely adjust the LED lamp to any angle for light wherever you need it and your phone will charge as soon as you lay it down on the charging pad. This nicely designed desk lamp features dimmable light, a timer and three shades of light to choose from (natural, white and yellow). A great way to keep your logo in constant view. 2630 Wireless Charging Desk Lamp Wireless Charging Output 5V - Built-in wireless charger - Dimmable LED light in 3 colors - Timer - Mains powered DIMENSIONS 180 X 180 X 350 MM LOGO AREA 70 X 20 MM

This foldable charging stand for Qi compatible devices with 3-Coils design and large charging area is the ultimate desk item. It charges your phone in horizontal and vertical position, has a LED indicator for the charging status and keeps your logo in constant view. Little brother of the Wireless Fast Charging Stand in an oval shape and with LED indication all around the charging pad to inform you about the charging status. Charges your Qi compatible device wirelessly by simply placing your phone on the plate. Great branding area. 2231 Wireless Fast Charging Plate Wireless charging technology - Input: 5V 2A, 9V 1.67A - Ouput 5W, fast charging output 10W - USB connector DIMENSIONS 121 X 62 X 11 MM LOGO AREA 70 X 16 MM 39 2230 Wireless Fast Charging Stand Qi wireless charging technology - Input: 5V 2A, 9V 1.67A - Ouput 5W, fast charging output 10W - USB connector DIMENSIONS 121 X 70 X 23 MM LOGO AREA 50 X 5 MM

18:45 A C TIVITY

18:45 A C TIVITY What better way to promote a healthy lifestyle than to put your logo on a sporty gadget! Whether you prefer a run, a slow walk with the dog or enjoy an intense workout, our Activity Trackers measure your daily activity precisely. The True Sound Earbuds can be of great assistance for the perfect music experience without the hassle of wires that complicate your flexibility. Enjoy riding a bike? Attach the Ahead Helmet Speaker to your helmet for handsfree phonecalls and listen to your music while cycling.

44 20 WATT 1545 E5 Alexa Speaker Bluetooth 4.0 - 20 Watt - Up to 15 hours playtime - Wi-Fi/BT/AUX connection - Amazon Alexa Voice - Handsfree Calling - Multi-room Music and L/R channel System via Wifi - Built-in Battery & Smart Charging Port - Bass & Treble adjustment knobs - Won Red dot design award in 2017, iF design award in 2017 DIMENSIONS 265 X 41 X 144 MM LOGO ON BELT / DOMING ON SPEAKER

Alexa! A Explain me this smart speaker… These wireless smart speakers are today’s ‘must-have’ gadgets at the office or at home. Install the APP, give a verbal request and the smart assistant software executes your command after searching the internet. The latest version, the E2 Alexa Smart Speaker goes beyond your expectations. eatures a 10W driver for amazing sound, both Wifi & Bluetooth, enables Multi-Room music, allows for handsfree calling, has the Alexa Voice Service and is small and super port ompanion for your brand. alling, mall and super port o 45 2200 mAh 10 WATT 1556 E2 Alexa Speaker Bluetooth 4.2 - 2 x 5W speaker - 2,200 mAh - 10 meter range Up to 14 hours playtime, 5 hours in Wifi mode - USB to Micro-USB cable DIMENSIONS 157 X 123 X 46 MM LOGO AREA PADPRINT OR ENGRAVEMENT ON BACK 70 X 25 MM & DOMING ON SPEAKER 40 X 30 MM

Wireless Via Bone Conduction! 46 1547 Bluetooth Sunglasses Bluetooth 4.1 - 250 mAh - Range up to 10 meters - Up to 3 hours playtime - USB to Micro-USB cable DIMENSIONS 146 X 146 X 49 MM LOGO AREA 9 X 52 MM These Bluetooth sunglasses are the perfect 2-in-1 combination of bone conduction and Bluetooth technology. Its fantastic stereo sound, comfortable ergonomic design, IP67 waterproof level and double Noise-canceling microphones for handsfree calling make these glasses and headphone in one an absolute must-have.

Powerful Looks And Sound Reward your clients or staff with the stylish SoundBlock, a Bluetooth speaker that will exceed your expectations. Enjoy its fantastic sound with its 2 x 5 Watt speaker, admire the retro design and make handsfree phone calls thanks to the built-in microphone. For customization, your logo can be engraved in the metal exterior or be placed as a doming on the speaker. 47 1546 SoundBlock 2X5 WATT Bluetooth - 2 x 5 W speaker - 2,000 mAh - Up to 5 hours playtime - Micro-USB to USB cable DIMENSIONS 170 X 50 X 80 MM LOGO AREA 100 X 25 MM 2000 mAh

This unique 3W powerful speaker and fan in one will soon be your favorite desk item. Listen to your own playlist via Bluetooth connection, while catching a breeze from the fan and keeping your logo in sight. Speaker Fun 48 2200 mAh 3 WATT

1555 Propeller Speaker Bluetooth 4.2 - 10 meter range - 3 Watt speaker - 2,200 mAh - 20 Hz-20KHz - Built-in rechargeable battery - Up to 7 hours playtime - USB to Micro-USB cable DIMENSIONS 115 X 91 X 84 MM LOGO AREA 20 X 40 MM 49

Size Does Not Always Matter! Micro in size but large in sound! This elegant metal wireless speaker delivers your logo engraved in Connect wirelessly to a second Square and enjoy stereo sound great style combined with high quality 3W sound. Looks the part on your desk, in the kitchen or even on your nightstand for early morning music. 1553 The Square Bluetooth 4.0 - 3 Watt - 350 mAh - 10 meter range - Up to 4 hours playtime - USB to Micro-USB cable DIMENSIONS 53 X 32 X 53 MM LOGO AREA 35 X 21 MM

1543 The Edge WristSpeaker Bluetooth 4.2 - 3 Watt speaker - 120 mAh - 5V - Up to 10 hours playtime - Soft silicone wrist band DIMENSIONS 82 X 67 X 32 MM LOGO AREA 50 X 30 MM Speakers do not get more portable than this. Wear this item around your wrist and take your music wherever you go. The sporty, dynamic design makes this Bluetooth speaker with 3 W favorit provides c 51 Wearable Tunes! DESIGNS CREATED FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Full Color Sounds 52 Go for a truly memorable business gift with the light, portable and powerful 5W Bluetooth speaker in fabric. Can be printed almost entirely in full color. 1542 Gillie Speaker Bluetooth 4.1 5W - DV 5V - 150-20K Hz Up to 4 hours playtime USB to Micro-USB cable DIMENSIONS 71 X 71 X 38 MM LOGO AREA 65 X 65 MM

53 1557 Curling Speaker Light 2200 mAh Bluetooth 4.2 - 2,200 mAh - 10 meter range 3 Watt speaker - Up to 8 hours playtime IPX5 water resistant - LED lighting DIMENSIONS 77 X 77 X 230 MM LOGO AREA 35 X 15 MM 3 WATT

20:45 RELAX

20:45 RELAX Keep your logo top of mind, even after the rush hours… Finally, me-time! Connect your Kooduu to your smartphone and create the perfect ambience to chill, drink a glass of wine and listen to your favorite music. Relax and watch some videos on your smartphone without losing grip, simply slide up the band of your PhoneClip to make use of its stand function.

58 Safety First Vibration speaker designed to deliver music and handsfree calling through a bicycle, ski, construction or other safety helmet. The helmet is used to conduct the sound. Simply connect to any smartphone and you can listen to your music and take handsfree (group) phonecalls. Because you do not plug it into your ear, you can still hear your surroundings. Good branding area and blends in with many different styles.

1558 Ahead Helmet Speaker Bluetooth 4.1 - 10 meter range - 750 mAh - Up to 8 hours playtime - Up to 12 hours talk time - USB to Micro-USB cable - IP45 waterproof DIMENSIONS 73 X 68 X 23.5 MM LOGO AREA Ø 20 MM ON DOMING

HEART BEAT 4831 Activity Tracker Premium CLOCK BLUETOOTH 3D SENSOR Tracking your lifestyle does not get more thorough than this. This new and improved device with 3D sensor tracks your heart rate, calories, steps, sleep and UV rays. The bigger OLED self-reflective display with vertical readability visualizes on-screen notifications of incoming calls, WhatsApp, social media or calendar activities better than ever. Subtle engraving of your logo on the soft feel doublesided wearable strap makes this item an ideal business gift. The Healthy Way! Bigger OLED self-reflective display with 60 vertical readability and Heart Rate sensor P2060 Fit Bracelet Smart TPU wristband wih OLED display that allows to monitor your activity and overall lifestyle by tracking your steps, speed, sleep, calories burned and missed calls. 4831 Activity Tracker Premium P2060 Fit Bracelet Bluetooth 4.0 - Free igotU Life APP for iPhones 4S (iOS 7+) and Android 4.3+ DIMENSIONS 250 X 16.8 X 9.6 MM LOGO AREA 8.9 X 8.9 MM Bluetooth 4.0 with 10 meter range Output 5V - Up to 160 hours battery life - IP76 water resistant Supports iOS and Android DIMENSIONS 210 X 20 X 10 MM LOGO AREA 10 X 15 MM TOP RIGHT & 10 X 5 MM TOP LEFT

4830 FitCard Bluetooth 4.0 10 meter range New: Rechargeable battery DIMENSIONS 86 X 54 X 4 MM LOGO AREA 81.8 X 49.8 MM Wearable Invisiblvisibll Super slim Bluetooth activity tracker that fits perfectly in your wallet. Via the APP, it tracks your daily activity including sleep, calories burned, distance traveled and steps taken. 61 The housing enables full color printing of your logo! App available from app store and play store

A Tracker In Disguise Stylish and smart. It looks like an elegant, traditional watch, but actually tracks your steps, includes a built-in alarm clock and call reminder, all via the APP. Subtle branding options make this a timeless corporate gift. 4733 WatchTracker Bluetooth 4.0 with 10 meter range - Up to 3,250 battery hours - 2 batteries included - Water resistant to 3 ATM DIMENSIONS 240 X 42 X 12 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 10 MM & ON DIAL

Lightweight tracker especially designed for golf, that records and measures distance to the green via GPS, shots taken, golf stats, steps and distance traveled. The APP covers over 30,000 courses around the world. Superior branding options in the software and on the product itself. Wearable Golf Gadget With GPS Accurancy 63 4123 Golf GPS Bluetooth with 10 meter range - 2,300 mAh - 5 rounds of golf playtime - Silicon clip DIMENSIONS 250 X 27 X 14 MM LOGO AREA ON REQUEST

Next Level 64 Brand Promotion A unique gadget to highlight your logo or message. The built-in LED lighting transforms your bicycle wheel into a moving promotional advert. Through the APP, you can choose the image to display. The Elite version even offers the possibility to design or upload your own visual or logo to customize your spinning wheels.

3600 Balight Bicycle Wheel Display Elite 3601 Balight Bicycle Wheel Display Super Bluetooth 4.0 - 2,600 mAh - Customizable themes via APP - Runtime up to 10 hours - Measures speed, distance and time traveled - Lock & Alert function against theft - Double-sided - 360o viewing angle HD display - LED lighting - Wheels larger than 26 inch DIMENSIONS 600 X 115 X 22 MM Bluetooth 4.0 - 2,600 mAh - Customizable themes via APP - Runtime up to 8 hours - Measures speed, distance and time traveled - Double-sided - 360o viewing angle HD display - LED lighting - Wheels larger than 24 inch DIMENSIONS 467 X 120 X 15 MM D 65 2600 mAh

No Wires! 1602 True Sound EarBuds Bluetooth 4.2 - Automatic pairing - Single or Dual use Portable charging case - Up to 2.5 hours playtime USB to Micro-USB cable - LED lighting DIMENSIONS TRAVEL CASE 74 X 40 MM DIMENSIONS EARBUDS 25 X 15 X 25 MM LOGO AREA TRAVEL CASE 55 X 30 MM LOGO AREA EARBUDS Ø 15 MM 66 Perfect for branding Travel case doubles as charging station

Position your brand as a real trendsetter with these True Wireless ergonomic earbuds with a powerful sound. The True Wireless technology enables you to listen to stereo sound without any need for wires, for both the earbuds and the charging case. And with its Noise Canceling technology, you will experience no disturbance at all. Convenient and comfortable! Brand your logo on the earbuds themselves or the travel case, which doubles as a charging station for the buds. One of the must-haves of this season!

Suit Your Styl HANDSFREE CALLING CLASSIC DESIGN ERGONOMIC FIT PROTECTS YOUR HEARING TWO DEVICES CONNECTED 1601 Ergonomic fit EarBuds 68 Bluetooth 4.0 - Multi-point: Two devices continuously connected - Built-in battery - Up to 5.5 hours playtime - Up to 150 hours standby time DIMENSIONS 14.4 X 58.6 X 10 MM 6 X 18 MM 6 X 18 GNETIC OSING

Back Lightweight, water resistant earbuds designed to be worn at the back of your ears, making them comfortable to wear when exercising. No wires, no hassle and no compromising on sound quality. 69 1528 FlexSport Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 4.1 - Up to 5 hours playtime DIMENSIONS 18 X 22 X 17 MM LOGO AREA 10 X 5 MM ON BUDS & 40 X 6 MM ON CONTROLLER

Pure Class 70 Passion for detail: an on-ear headphone with lightweight sliders made of stainless steel, luxurious leather headband and microfiber soft feel ear cushions. However, the sound is the real finishing touch and a joy for your ears. Please inform for branding options. Real leather 1533 Headphone Premium Cable length 1,350 MM DIMENSIONS 190 X 165 X 70 MM LOGO AREA 15 X 25 MM

op Quality Sound, High-End Branding For Your Ears With its fully bespoke 2D design and 10 mm Neodymium speakers for a mind-blowing sound, these are the ultimate earbuds to promote and re-inforce your brand. 1288 PromoBuds 2D Customizable in your own color (cc) Cable length 1,200 MM DIMENSIONS & LOGO AREA CUSTOM DESIGNS CREATED FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Great bass, powerful sound and 4 color process branding area. Brand your logo on the buds. Compact earbuds with brushed aluminum finish that allow for subtle 1281 PromoBuds Cable length 1,200 MM Comes with gift box and pouch DIMENSIONS 22 X 15 X 15 MM LOGO AREA Ø 15 MM engraving to keep your logo in constant view. 1283 In Ear Phones LOGO AS DOMING OR DIGITAL IMPRINT ON THE GIFT BOX LID Black pouch - Built-in mic - Cable length 1,200 MM DIMENSIONS 25 X 25 X 12 MM 3 High quality earbuds for all your devices with large 4 color process branding area for a doming or imprint on the gift box lid or single color to the buds. 1297 EarBuds Customizable in your own color (cc) Cable length 1,200 MM DIMENSIONS 18 X 10 X 10 MM LOGO AREA 70 X 70 MM ON CASE & 6 X 6 MM ON BUDS CUSTOMIZABLE IN YOUR OWN COLOR (CC)

Up To 10 Hours Playtime Designed for comfort, these wireless on-ear headphones are made of high grade materials ensuring great sound and stylish looks to promote your brand to the fullest with your logo always in sight. 74 1535 Bluetooth Headphone Bluetooth V4.1+EDR - 10 meter transmission distance - 40 mm speaker - 2.402-2.480 Ghz - 3.5 mm plug - Rechargeable battery - Up to 10 hours playtime - Cable length 1,200 MM DIMENSIONS 190 X 160 X 70 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 20 MM

1554 Dynamic Headphone 75 2.5 mW - 20 Hz-20K Hz - 3.5 MM Audio Jack - 36 MM speaker - Oxygen Free Copper Cable DIMENSIONS 180 X 170 X 70 MM LOGO AREA Ø 21 MM Classy, lightweight and easily foldable headphones with neodymium magnets in the speakers for the best high resolution sound. Add the gold-plated connectors to prevent interference and the auxiliary port for music sharing. Combined with the great branding area, this is a classic promotional gadget. Top Quality Headphones


21:55 SOCIALIZE It is Friday night, time to socialize and show off your latest gadgets. The perfect opportunity for a brand reminder. Wine o’clock! Use the Smart Wine Monitor that gives a notification when the wine is ready to be served. In the meantime, ask the E2 Alexa Speaker for fun facts, nearby restaurants and to check the weather forecast. When going out, bring your Edge powerbank for that extra bit of power for your phone, just in case.

Hello, let me introduce myself I’m Jonas: ...The World’s 80

7 days Weather Infomation Powered by Keeping dry just got a whole lot smarter! Smart umbrella with fiberglass ribs and premium pongee fabric with built-in smart features that include an anti lost tracker, a weather forecast via the APP, call notifications and Find My Phone software. Stay ahead of the rain and promote your brand on a large area in true modern style. 1st Smart Umbrella 81 CALL & MESSAGE NOTICE ANTI-LOSS ALERT: NEVER LOSE YOUR SMART UMBRELLA OR SMARTPHONE 4132 Smart Umbrella Bluetooth 4.1 - 2 colors in stock, but customizable and other colors for low MOQ DIMENSIONS 65 X 65 X 862 MM CLOSED 1045 X 1045 X 862 MM OPEN LOGO AREA 1 150 X 150 MM ON FABRIC & LOGO AREA 2 22 X 15 MM CUSTOM BUTTON FIND MY PHONE: SHAKE YOUR UMBRELLA AND YOUR PHONE WILL START RINGING DESIGNS CREATED FOR REFERENCE ONLY

ety Alarm Innovative gadget that features Bluetooth Anti-lost Alert technology, a 120 dB emergency siren alarm, a GPS that tracks your tag’s location, camera remote and voice recording. A clever safety gadget with a large branding area that stores your last known location in its free APP. 82 - SELFIE REMOTE - 120 DB LOUD ALARM - GPS TRACKING 3097 Loop Safety Alarm Bluetooth 4.0 - Free APP - Battery included - Compatible with iOs & Android DIMENSIONS 43.3 X 43.3 X 20.6 MM LOGO AREA 31 X 31 MM OR 95 X 10 MM ON STRAP

UNLOCK VIA APP WIRELESS SECURITY This smart security device locks your bags or briefcase when traveling. The lock is operated by wireless unlocking via Bluetooth and an APP. A small, easy to use extra safety measure everyone needs. 83 2640 Smart Padlock App available from app store and play store Bluetooth 4.0 - Free APP Compatible with iOS & Android DIMENSIONS 27 X 14 X 60 MM LOGO AREA 20 X 35 MM

108° 96° 1621 Easy BBQ Nano Smart Wireless Thermometer Bluetooth 4.0 - Reach up to 10 meters 1620 Easy BBQ Nano L Smart Wireless Thermometer Bluetooth 4.0 - Reach up to 10 meters Free APP for iPhone and Android - LED indicator light DIMENSIONS 184 X 42 X 28 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 30 MM Free APP for iPhone and Android - LED indicator light DIMENSIONS 798 X 42 X 28 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 30 MM 84 Smart Cooking With this super smart gadget anyone can be a BBQ Pro! Plug the probe into the meat and use the multi language APP to insert all your preferences, check the real time status of the meat from up to 10 meters away and let the alarm warn you when the food is ready. HAMBURGER MEDIUM BEEF MEDIUM RARE

Unlock The Full Flavor Effective gadget to make sure you enjoy your wine to the fullest. Simply attach the monitor to the bottle of wine, select your wine type in the free APP and chill or chambre the wine until the APP notifies you that your wine has reached the perfect temperature. 4134 Smart Wine Monitor 85 Bluetooth 4.0 5 meter range Rechargeable battery Compatible with iOs & Android DIMENSIONS 73 X 78 X 25 MM LOGO AREA 18 X 7 MM App available from app store and play store CHEERS!

Bluetooth 4.0 speaker 5 W - 2,200 mAh Up to 6 hours playtime USB cable with Mircro plug LED lighting DIMENSIONS S: 412 MM - M: 563 MM - L: 713 MM LOGO CAN BE ENGRAVED IN THE BAND AND ON A PLATE

Pure Ambience What more could you wish for… a wireless speaker, synergy LED lamp and cooler all-in-one! With this gadget you can always create the right atmosphere. Play your music via Bluetooth with your smartphone, use the pure ambience lighting and keep your drinks cool. In your office, your kitchen or garden... the possibilities are endless for this absolute eye-catcher. Even the packaging is luxurious. The perfect gift to reward staff, clients or yourself! DIMENSIONS S 412 MM - M 563 MM - L 713 MM LOGO CAN BE ENGRAVED IN THE BELT 5 WATT 87 41 CM 56 CM 71 CM 1610 The Kooduu small | 1611 The Kooduu medium | 1612 The Kooduu large

New Customization possibilities The promotional hit everyone is talking about! 88 The customization possibilities of the beloved Kooduu have expanded. Besides logo engraving in the fabric, silicone or leather band, you can now brand this item with your logo on a plat that extra touch of class to this already luxurious gadget. Your logo in constant view in a stylish way. on ri n a plat rious gadget.

Retro styled light in the shape of a lightbulb. Simply plug it into any USB port or powerbank and use the bright LED driven light. The 2.5 meter long cable enables you to use it anywhere, at the office, at home, festivals or in your car. The great branding area makes for a truly stand out gift. Shine Bright Like a Lightbulb 2631 USB LED Bulb 5W - USB cable Energy level A LED lighting DIMENSIONS 125 X 66 MM LOGO AREA 32 X 32 MM

We are proud to be Preferred Partner of Philips. Therefore we can offer this high end tech brand for corporate gifts, loyalty & incentives. Many of the items can easily feature your brand and this coupled with bespoke printed sleeves and packaging make for a truly memorable gift. 90 SHL3075WT/00 Philips BASS+ SHB3075BL/00 On-Ear Headphones Philips BASS+ On-Ear Wireless Headphones Built-in remote with mic - Foldable design - Cable length 1.2 meter - 32 MM drivers - 9-23,000 Hz DIMENSIONS 185 X 135 X 40 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 30 MM

SHL3175WT/00 Philips BASS+ Over-Ear Headphones SHB3175WT/00 Philips BASS+ Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Built-in remote with mic - Foldable design - Passive noise isolation - Cable length 1.2 meter - 40 MM drivers - 8-23,500 Hz DIMENSIONS 190 X 180 X 50 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 30 MM SHL4405WT Philips Flite Ultrlite headphone with mic Incredibly light, unbelievably powerful. The strong and slim Philips Ultrlite headphone with its foldable design is made for travel. Built-in remote with mic cable length 1.2 meter 32 MM drivers - 9-23,000 Hz DIMENSIONS 170 X 140 X 30 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 30 MM 91 SHE4305BK Philips BASS+ In-Ear Earphones 12.2 MM driver - Inline mic and pick-up remote - Passive noise isolation - 9-23,000 Hz DIMENSIONS 80 X 28 X 30 MM SHB4305WT/00 Philips BASS+ In-Ear Wireless Earphones - Talk time 6 hours - Charging time 1.5 hours Philips BASS+ headphones series Surprisingly large sound for such a small size! The speaker drivers deliver powerful bass. The ergonomic fit lets you enjoy your music to the max. Philips BASS+ headphones bring out the lower tones in your music. Amazing bass in a foldable, noise isolating design. The on-ear model is extremely compact and lightweight, whilst the on-ear models offer the perfect balance between comfort and sound isolation. Or go all the way to enjoy your music to the max and choose the Philips BASS+ over-ear models. All three versions are available wired with inline mic and remote or wirelessly with built-in mic. PHILIPS

92 BT55W/00 Philips Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Enjoy life and stream music wirelessly from a compact, portable speaker. Blends in perfectly with any style. Bluetooth - Built-in mic for handsfree phone calls - 10 meter range - 2 Watt speaker - 6 hours playtime DIMENSIONS 85 X 34 X 75.8 MM LOGO AREA 5 X 30 MM ON FRONT AE5020B/12 Philips DAB+ Radio Tune in to the crystal clear sound of the Philips AE5020/12 DAB+ radio. Digital Audio Broadcasting makes use of digital radio signals, ensuring great sound without disturbance. The classic design, preset DAB+ and DAB FM channels and fast scanning make it an indispensable source of entertainment. DAB+ - Digital FM tuner - 10 preset radio stations - 174.9 - 293.2 MHz DIMENSIONS 211.2 X 147.8 X 155 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 80 MM SB500A/00 Philips Shoqbox Wireless Portable Speaker Rugged, shockproof and waterproof; take the party anywhere with the Philips Shoqbox. Enjoy your music to the max with the bass pumping through the twin bass radiators. Raise the tempo with lights that pulse to the beat. Bluetooth - 20 meter range - Twin bass radiators - 8 hours playtime - IPX7 waterproof LED lighting pulses to the beat - Built-in microphone DIMENSIONS 117 X 77 X 74 MM


Promote your brand! Color your brand! Brand their workspace! GUMBITE® is renowned for its fun and functional products with great branding options that are designed to make your TECH life easier. Whether it is at work, home, or while traveling, these unique, practical and ergonomic products are a must-have for everybody using everyday necessities such as smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets. 94 Standi INT841 PHONE/TABLET HOLDER A functional, handy phone and tablet holder. The non-slip edges support your device in a near-vertical or horizontal position and you can use the boxes to place your pens, keys and other necessities. DIMENSIONS 102 X 113 X 35 MM LOGO AREA 60 X 12 MM

GUMBITE Droppi Laci INT868 SILICONE SCREEN CLEANER This screen cleaner is integrated with a flexible anti-dust cover and high quality microfiber for a spotless screen. Comes with lanyard DIMENSIONS 42 X 16.5 MM LOGO AREA 18 X 18 MM INT867 METAL CABLE ORGANIZER The Laci cable organizer is designed to wrap and store any size cable to create a neat and tangle free workspace. DIMENSIONS 210 X 25 X 5 MM LOGO AREA 20 X 10 MM 95 Blocki INT866 MICROFIBER CLEANING PAD The soft EVA block with powerful microfiber is especially designed to clean the toughest corners of your tablet, phone or E-book screen. DIMENSIONS 50 X 36 X 19 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 25 MM FRONT & 25 X 12 MM TOP Pulli INT862 SILICONE SLEEVE Possibly the fastest cable untangler in the world! It neatly wraps cords into its elastic silicone sleeve and clips easily to your clothing or bag. Perfect to organize your earbuds and prevent them from twisting. DIMENSIONS 240 X 16 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 6 MM

Cardi INT865 SILICONE SCREEN CLEANER Stylus and screen cleaner in one. Each corner is designed to give you a unique writing, typing, drawing or sketching experience and allows for great branding options. DIMENSIONS 78 X 48 X 5 MM LOGO AREA 50 X 20 MM Spinni INT833 CABLE ORGANIZER An expandable cable organizer which rotates your cables and stores them away neatly. DIMENSIONS 69.5 X 15 MM LOGO AREA 10 X 10 MM 96 Snappi INT826 SILICONE CABLE MANAGER Snappi manages your cables in a simple and fun way by squeezing the cables into the holder and keeping them in place. Available per piece or set of two. DIMENSIONS 42 X 29 X 13 MM LOGO AREA 10 X 10 MM Clippi SILICONE CABLE HOLDER The flexible silicone holder makes it possible to temporarily hold and easily remove cables and other desktop accessories such as earbuds, pens and adapter cables. Available per piece or set of two. DIMENSIONS 32 X 13.5 MM LOGO AREA 10 X 10 MM

Other colors on request GUMBITE Stoppi INT827 CABLE MANAGER The perfect desktop cable manager that ensures your power cords, mobile phone chargers, USB cords and headphone cables will stay in place and will not slide off your desk when disconnected. DIMENSIONS 86 X 86 X 32 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 8 MM Twisti INT830 CABLE WINDER The first compact and lightweight cable winder with excellent imprint area. It shortens your cables and keeps them untangled by wrapping the cable around the silicone core and locking it into place. DIMENSIONS 22 X 22 X 68 MM LOGO AREA 13.5 X 13.5 MM 97 Customizable to the fullest! Brand to the max

SMART, EASY TO USE AND FUNCTIONAL AWARD WINNING DESIGN Delivering high-quality products and introducing unique ways to illuminate the user are the main missions of Visto. Visto products protect cyclists, runners, walkers or anyone out in the dark using high visibility LED’s. These products use the most advanced technology combined with smart, easy-to-use functionality to create innovative products that last. So safety first in a fun way.

VISTO BA166 Signal Auto Brake Light Forward / Left & Right Turn Signal + Auto-Brake Light Panel + WIRELESS EXTRA LARGE LED SIGNAL LIGHT PANEL Provides clear forward / left & right turn signal which can be seen from far away + WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLER (HANDLEBAR MOUNTED) Turn Signal Selector + AUTO BRAKE SENSOR Built-in accelerometer that activates the brake light with sudden deceleration Works similar to a car, no button needed + ELASTIC ROPE TO WRAP AROUND ANY BACKPACK EASILY The rope can also be wrapped around the panel for easy storage + Tool Free Installation + Easy Battery Replacement + USB Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for panel (charging cable included) Battery type CR2025 x 2 for control remote + IPX4 Weather Resistant 99

BA184 Saturn LED Arm Band + INTELI – PULSE SPEED SENSING TECHNOLOGY The flashing pattern will change according to the pace of your run. A slower flashing pattern will apply when you slow down giving an important signal to drivers to adjust their driving speed when approaching the user. + LIGHTWEIGHT You won’t feel a thing as it only weighs 34 grams + BRIGHT TO SEE This ultra bright LED Armlight will ensure that people see you from a hundred meters away. + Adjustable band fits any arm or leg comfortably + Great for running, walking or cycling + + Easy Battery Replacement, CR2032 x 2 IPX4 Weather Resistant

VISTO BA201 Loop Wrist Glow Light + + Ultra lightweight wristband that provides incredible brightness + Ideal for runners, cyclists, campers or anyone who needs a convenient safety light on their wrist Steady use up to 20 hours / Flashing use up to 40 hours + Battery type CR2025 x 2 + Weather Resistant

BA022 Zipper Pull Light ZipLight + Easily attachable zipper + Battery type CR1220 x 2 + Customization possible

103 BA158 PetSaber Petit BA159 PetSaber Dog Collar Light Lightweight and comfortable LED band for your beloved pet. Easily wrap the band around their collar to enhance visibility and safety in the dark. + Steady and flashing modes + Battery type CR2032 x 2 + IPX4 Weather Resistant VISTO

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