Programme Wednesday 5 October 2016 09.00 – 17.00 hrs Topic: Dementia Care mapping What’s nursing got to do with it? The role of nurses in the care for people living with dementia. Prof. Murna Downs PhD University of Bradford, United Kingdom In this keynote Murna Downs will explore the role of nursing in the care of people with dementia. She will address the following questions: What is the goal of care for people affected by dementia? What is the role of the support provided by nurses in helping to achieve this goal? Topic: Ethics Ethical safety in care for older people. Prof. Helena Leino-Kipli PhD Turku University, Finland In this keynote presentation, three elements of ethical safety in the care for older people will be discussed: realization of the rights of older people, ethical competence of professionals and ethical environment. The aim is to emphasize the importance of ethics and activities to evaluate the ethical quality. 10 Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 4-7 October 2016

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