Programme Thursday 6 October 2016 09.00 – 17.45 hrs Topic: Technology The future of our care has already started. Daan Dohmen PhD Chief Executive Officer and founder Focus Cura, The Netherlands Topic: Quality of care Getting the right things into older people care Theo van Achterberg PhD Professor of Quality of Care, Head of Centre for Health Services and Nursing Research University of Leuven, Belgium Though we might hope differently, hardly any care intervention is self-implementing. Instead, changing practice and stimulating the uptake of new interventions or guidelines is notoriously difficult. Thus, well-considered approaches are needed for implementation attempts in order to avoid common pitfalls and increase chances of success. In his keynote lecture, Theo van Achterberg will focus on implementation issues in elderly care. For this purpose, issues with deciding on what to implement, how to best prepare for implementation and how to select the most promising implementation strategies will be discussed. 12 Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 4-7 October 2016

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