Programme Overview symposia Patient and Public involvement (PPI) 1. Involving older people in networks, projects, research and education in the Dutch National Care for the Elderly Program 2. Person-Centred Care in Research and Practice 3. Transitions in Caring for People with Dementia Multimorbidity and frailty 4. Optimizing geriatric rehabilitation: challenges and opportunities 5. Early detection and prevention 6. 7. Improving quality of care for frail older people from hospital admission to follow up post-discharge Improving care for frail older people: the importance of multiple domains and perspectives 8. Different approaches of self-management facilitation for elderly in the community 9. Early identification and prevention of complications Quality of care and patient safety 10. At Home with Meaning. Addressing existential questions in homecare 11. Quality and transparency in nursing home care: examples from Germany and The Netherlands 12. Support for a Continuing Research Agenda on Restraints: Evidence from Europe and North America 13. Differences in quality of care in Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands: what can we learn of it? 18 Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 4-7 October 2016

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