Caring for Older People: How Can We Do the Right Things Right? 14. Nurses on the Move: Improving Quality of Care in Nursing Homes 15. Quality of Care in Swiss Nursing Homes: What can we learn from staff and residents’ perspectives? Essentials or fundamentals of care 16. Stimulating participation in physical and daily activities during daily nursing care 17. Essential nursing care: most provided, least evidence based. The basic care revisited program Technology 18. Self-Made & Sound: e-health self-management support programs for patients with chronic conditions Education and learning 19. Educating for an aging society: competencies, knowledge and attitude and how to motivate students 20. Dutch care innovation units and networks: enriched cultures for learning and working 21. Development of Gerontology and Geriatrics competences of Baccalaureate Registered Nurses 22. European Later Life Active Network improves education for professionals working with older people 23. Learning communities of community care nurses and lecturers: the exchange of knowledge and skills 24. Educational Innovations of Gerontology and Geriatrics www.rotterdam2016.eu 19

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