5th European Nursing Congress Welcome to Rotterdam Caring for Older People: How Can We Do the Right Things Right? Health care around the globe is facing extraordinary challenges due to demographic changes, changing patterns of diseases, budgetary restrictions and changing expectations of patients. Health care is increasingly becoming caring for older people and yet we know health care is often not fitting their needs. Nurses play increasingly important roles in efforts to tackle these challenges. They are key players in the provision of safe, high-quality and efficient health services. Their key role makes nurses increasingly subject of criticism and blaming by the media when quality care is not provided. To face these challenges and to ensure nurses’ contribution to quality care an essential step is the strengthening of evidence based practice and innovation. Nurse-sensitive patient outcomes represent the consequences or effects of nursing interventions and result in changes in patients' symptom experience, functional status, safety, psychological distress, and/or costs. How do we know when and to what extend nursing care impacts the older patients’ desired health outcomes? What is the role of older patients in defining these outcomes? How do we develop and implement nursing interventions that do change older patient outcomes in a cost-effective 2 Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 4-7 October 2016

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