Overview oral presentations Caring for Older People: How Can We Do the Right Things Right? Patient and Public involvement (PPI) 1. Collaboration between older people, nurses and a University to improve care and alter attitudes 2. Community dwelling older adults' perception on nursing home care 3. Involvement of people with dementia in developing an interactive IT-application 4. Management of indwelling urethral catheters in community settings 5. Nursing students and older people learning together - outcomes and experiences 6. Self-management and the ability of older adults to assess their own health situation Multimorbidity and frailty 7. Re-framing Frailty as a Long Term Condition: The NHS England Approach. 8. Associations between multidimensional frailty and quality of life in older people 9. Life-space Mobility in older Stroke Survivors - A Cross-sectional Study 10. Defining the Oldest Old 11. Guiding health professionals in an ageing society: focus on functioning 12. A Patient-centered Interdisciplinary Care Concept for Geriatric Oncology Patients (PIVOG) 13. A successful clinical-academic partnership: research about cancer treatment in people with dementia 14. Association between self-management and frailty in older people receiving home care 15. Home-based Lifestyle Physical Activity for Sedentary Older Women: Outcomes from a Clinical Trial www.rotterdam2016.eu 21

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