Programme Overview oral presentations Quality of care and patient safety 16. Preventing hospital admissions by promoting patient safety- innovative care in nursing homes 17. Maxima goes senior friendly: a different approach 18. What matters to older persons with multiple chronic conditions 19. Nursing students’ perceptions of community care and other areas of nursing practice - A review of the literature 20. Ten Steps Towards Developing Evidence Based Best Practice in Night Time Residential Care 21. Development of a quality of meals and meal service set of indicators for residential facilities 22. Early recognition of deteriorating patients on surgical wards 23. Potential drug-to-drug interactions in older patients discharged from hospital to home care Patient systems and informal care 24. Predictors of utilization of community care services by people with dementia and their carers 25. Access to formal care for people with dementia and carers. A focus group study in eight countries 26. Topics on family caregivers in formal conversations between nurses, patients and family caregivers 27. Screening of elderly abuse and neglect in prehospital ambulance and emergency nursing care, instrument development and feasibility test 22 Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 4-7 October 2016

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