Programme Overview oral presentations Education and learning 37. Care, communication and educational needs of primary care nurses to treat disabled patients 38. "Value of an International Exchange for Dutch Geriatric NP students: Building Leadership" 39. Supporting the development of the consultant practitioner role, specializing in frailty 40. Educational development in old people fall prevention: Pilot phase of AKESO project 41. Development of a future proof curriculum for the BNursing concerning gerontology and geriatrics 42. Self-management support: instrument validation and survey in nursing students 43. Older people as co-creators of education and research programs in nursing and gerontology 44. Identification of competence needed in older people nursing in nursing homes 45. Comprehensive health assessment of the older person: A pre-requisite for quality care 46. Recognizing and reporting changes in residents’ health status: Education for aged care workers 47. Nurse practitioners’ focus on health care in terms of cure and care: an analysis of graduate theses 24 Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 4-7 October 2016

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