Daylight systems WVH-RP Combi Panel WVH-RP Integrated wall inlets in daylight system Choice between all OptiFlex wall inlets Daylight system with or without blackout system High insulation value Completely assembled Suitable sectors Poultry Pigs Calves Other Options WVH-RP with UF WVH-RP with GDK or GKK WVH-RP with windows of glass Clear Opal polycarbonate polycarbonate White flap Transparent flap Type* Installation dimensions (mm) Net surface Capacity (m3/hr) Pull force Stroke length *The WVH-RP can be composed from all Optiflex wall inlets in combination with side window panels (both with or without blackout system). Due to the high number of variations in the combi panel WVH-RP, no recommended types are featured on this page. These are tailor-made for each project. Contact us for more information. 35

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