Curved Panels & Assemblies No tooling No waste UNIQUE PANELS FROM ONE RECONFIGURABLE MOULD We make use of a reconfigurable mould which is based on pin-bed technology. The mould is equipped with a membrane that conforms to the curved shape required. This means we can manufacture unique panels off of a single mould. Quick turnaround times and lower costs are achieved compared to conventional manufacture. CURVED COMPOSITE PANELS AND ASSEMBLIES Hatches · covers · interiors If you require curved composite panels for any application quickly and cost-effectively, ask us for a quotation. With over a decade of composite design and manufacturing experience, we can find you a solution that will not compromise on quality. Prefer to keep production in-house? We also offer solutions for cost effective moulds based on panel assemblies. 3D FOAM CORE KITTING We thermoform and trim foam panels for kits. Not only can we provide a mapping service but we also do nesting to ensure minimum waste. The benefits included are: • Full-size foam core panels can be formed in one go • Minimal spring-back • Forming up to 200°C • Edge trimming tolerance to within ± 2mm THERMOFORMING ACRYLIC PANELS • We form acrylic panels into singly and doubly curved shapes for parts such as windscreens and portholes. • Thicknesses up to 10 mm depending on shape. • Very fast turnaround. • Especially suitable for one-off or small series production Serving Europe’s Shipbuilders: • Fast affordable production using automated configurable mould • Hand lamination • Thermoforming • Vacuum infusion 19 Curveworks Contact: Tahira Ahmed, Director T: +31 (0) 79 360 2870 t.ahmed@curveworks.nl www.curveworks.nl

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