Mobile living made easy. GLOBAL SPECIALIST OF HVAC SYSTEMS READY FOR THE FUTURE WITH DOMETIC HVAC SYSTEMS You can relax when you leave your entire on-board air conditioning – in the broadest sense of the term – in the hands of the specialists at Dometic. We not only provide ventilation solutions, but also ensure a comfortable interior climate (heating and cooling) and the right conditions for precision equipment. The Dometic service also includes expertise and experience for specifi c tailor-made solutions. No technical challenge is too great for our specialists. They can create the optimum solution for any situation, using existing products, newly developed equipment or a combination of the two. • IP protection according applicable standards • Maintenance free • Longer lifecycle • Over 50 years marine experience • Service all over the world • Less energy use • Products according climate agreement • Optional electrical heating Visit dometic.com for more info.

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