THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020 OUR RESOURCING TEAM OUR COMMUNICATING TEAM International Special Projects During the year we received 39 applications of which 11 have been approved and nearly £500,000 committed over the next three years. Digital Tools 50% of our participants now use the Online Record Book which is improving consistency in reporting. Our 2019 statistics reflect this increasing robustness, with some re-adjustments from hope to reality. Association Events The International Council was held at Missenden Abbey in Great Britain and four Regional Conferences gathered in various countries. These provided opportunities to monitor the progress of the Global Strategy, especially governance, safety and safeguarding, collection of data and digital transformation. Comprehensive Sustainability Review This was initiated in the latter part of the year with the aim of (i) ensuring the functions, operations and services the Foundation provides match what licensees want and need, (ii) having an organisational structure that delivers those requirements and the charity’s obligations, (iii) achieving a new equilibrium of staff, resources and effort, (iv) increasing the proportion of income from predictable sources. Much of the research work required considerable stakeholder engagement. Over the year, the team simplified the access to our key digital tools, redesigned our website and updated our Brand centre. This includes a new portal to our alumni network which will allow this very important community to stay in touch and to help each other. Measuring social value Canada, The Czech Republic, New Zealand and South Africa used our bespoke research model, developed with PwC, to evaluate the Award’s economic benefit in their countries. The outcome is three figures: social value created, future value and the SROI ratio. SOCIAL VALUE Canadian dollar Czech koruna $12m K49m New Zealand dollar $13m South African rand R8m FUTURE VALUE SROI RATIO $52m $1.35 : $1 K85m K3.23 : K1 $55m $4.47 : $1 n/a R24m These results are very encouraging. The high proportion of South African participants within correctional centres distorted their ratio. Work on the model continues – to cope better with such anomalies, more countries are eager to test and refine the model further. Find out more about our social value model and evaluation at: intaward.org/impact/social-value FINANCIAL SUMMARY The International Award Foundation realised an overall deficit in the year of £3,619,000. This is after investing £354,000 in development projects, writing off loans to start-up National Operators of £520,000 and investment losses of £257,000. INCOME FY 2019/20: Donations and legacies Charitable activities Other trading activities Investments TOTAL INCOME DONATIONS FY 2019/20: Individuals and Companies Trusts and Foundations In Kind TOTAL £1,440,000 £270,000 £214,000 £1,924,000 EXPENDITURE FY 2019/20: Raising funds Charitable activities –development projects Charitable activities – core activities TOTAL EXPENDITURE £1,924,000 £855,000 £132,000 £4,000 £2,915,000 (£1,164,000) (£354,000) (£4,759,000) (£6,277,000) intaward.org 5

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