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FOREWORD “I wish you good health”. We say this to each other way too easily at the beginning of each year, without really thinking about the impact of these words. It’s only in times like these we reflect upon it a bit more. It felt right to start at the beginning of our look-back at 2019, even though it’s not New Years day, to wish you all good health. 2019 was a great year for BlueHealth Innovation Center, packed with activities with satisfied participants, interesting new projects and start-ups, new partnerships and a further structural pillar with the opening of our new office in Ghent. All of this, based on solid financials. We continue to build upon our ecosystem with – besides the new Ghent based partners – also a new industry player that is joining the ranks, Roche Diagnostics. Also with the care sector itself, we continue to strengthen the relationships to bring relevant solutions by start-ups that are coached by the BHIC-team. As such, we were able to welcome Klina General Hospital as well as In4Care/BC10. All signals we’re on the right track to continuously support the digitalisation of the care system in Flanders, and to collaboratively continue to work on the future of healthcare and healthcare of the future. But first, let me wish you good health! With innovative regards, Wim Dries, President of the Board of BHIC vzw 02

WHAT WE DO FOR STUDENTS “We helpen je bij de eerste stappen naar ondernemerschap.” entrepreneurship.” e help you with your first steps in 03

HACKATHON DURING TECHFESTIVAL In May 2019 we were the proud co-organiser of a hackathon at T2- campus in Genk. During 24h students and professionals worked on new business models for the healthcare sector, education and sharing economy. The winning team received €1000 for their application named “Vera”, an AR-app for rehabilitation. 04

WHAT WE DO FOR START-UPS “Do you have an innovative HealthTech idea? We are happy to help!” 05

START-UP ESSENTIAL SERIES Specifically for start-ups and scale-ups we organise Start-up Essential Series. A series of workshops with a broad variety of topics, taught by experts from our partner network. These workshops are organised in our three locations and are free of charge for all Healthcare innovators. Some topics covered: ModelH, Agile Thinking, User Centered Testing, Start-up valuation, Pitch training, Fiscal benefits, GDPR in Healthcare... Start-Up valuation with Elise Carton at De Krook, Ghent. Lean pricing with Tom Braekeleirs at C-mine Crib, Genk. Let’s express your value with Catie Young at StartupVillage, Antwerp. 06

WHAT WE DO FOR CARE PROFFESSIONALS “We help the Healthcare sector to innovate from the inside.” 07

DIGITAL SPARK WITH FAMILIEHULP How hospitals and care organisations deal with digitalization? We offer inspirational workshops – Digial Spark- for teams who want to innovate within their organisation. Employees from Familiehulp working on digitalization within their organisation. 08

HEALTH RAMPUP Health RampUp is the showpiece of BHIC, an intensive and selective bootcamp program for HealthTech start-ups. In 4 months we prepare the start-ups together with experienced entrepreneurs and domain experts, in raising their first investment capital. In 2020 the program will run over a period of 6 months. In 2019, two new cohorts succesfully graduated: Risk Management App Facilify Meet our start-ups from cohort V. What is Health RampUp? Find out more about the program and the coaches. 09

COACHING DAY One part of Health RampUp is the coaching day. All participants get the chance during a whole day to finetune their idea together with experienced coaches from different domains, collect feedback and ask questions. A very valuable day in this program. Besides business models, pricing strategies and marketing plans there is also time for leisure. The participants of cohort VI together with mentor Jeroen De Backer, CEO and founder into.care. Jeroen shares his start-up experiences with the team. 10


ACTIVITIES IN THE SPOTLIGHT INSPIRATIONAL EVENINGS WITH DIRK DE WACHTER AND ANN SIMONS ABOUT RESILIENCE AND HAPPINESS New year’s event at Thor Central Genk on 23 January with 260 attendees. We strive for success and happiness every day, but are we putting too much pressure on ourselves? Dirk De Wachter and Ann Simons gave their uncensored and unique view of the world and this was appreciated by many. They addressed a wide audience with the themes of happiness and resilience. We took home a lot of tips. Inspiration evening at BluePoint Antwerp on 25 April with 200 attendees. Dirk De Wachter advised us to connect more with each other and to cuddle a lot. We immediately followed his advice during the network drinks afterwards. 12

KICK-OFF EVENT IN GHENT WITH RIK VERA On 7 May 2019, our third hub in Flanders was officially opened. Mathias De Clercq, mayor of the city of Ghent kicked off the evening and then Rik Vera of Nexxworks travelled with us to tomorrow’s digital care system where the patient is always put at the center. A vibrant evening in our new base at De Krook. We were a proud team. “What we have to abandon, is data paranoia. If our data is misused, it is us who close the door ”. -Rik Vera 13

END OF YEAR EVENT IN GHENT ABOUT EXTENDED REALITY How can we use extended reality to improve healthcare? On December 18 we dove into the world of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. An expert panel made it clear that we are only at the beginning and that there are and will be many interesting applications in healthcare. During the network reception, attendees could experience the possibilities of a Hololens and the VR application of Oncomfort: a digital anesthetic system that reduces pain and anxiety of patients in operating theaters. A great event to conclude 2019 with. From left to right: Tom Braekeleirs, BHIC director / Edouard Auvinet, Researcher at UGent and IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON / Mario Huyghe, CEO Oncomfort / Dr. Tom Lootens, ORTHOPEDIC SPECIALIST AT AZ MARIA MIDDELARES / Bert Hoorne, HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIST AT MICROSOFT Tom moderates a panel discussion where the different perspectives – researcher, start-up, physician, and industry – are discussed. 14

END OF YEAR EVENT IN GENK WITH MARCEL VANTHILT Live to a 100! It was a great evening in Thor Central in Genk. Marcel Vanthilt, Griet Vander Velpen, medical director at ZOL, and Wouter Beke, Flemish Minister for Welfare, Public Health, Family and Poverty Reduction, testified to more than 250 attendees how to live a long and healthy life. There is no formula for success, but mental health and close social contacts play a crucial role in longevity. With our event sponsors Happy Aging, BioVille, in4care, MHU, and ING we made it into a successful evening. 15

SPEED DATE IN ANTWERP In 2019, we organized the third edition of our speed date. This matchmaking event has established itself in our programme as an event many people look forward to. We bring together start-ups and partners in the BHIC ecosystem on one location for one afternoon. It does not happen often that you get to meet the ICT Manager of Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen, the Project Manager Digital Innovation of City of Antwerp and the General Manager of Roche Diagnostics on the same day. Starters can test ideas, ask for feedback and make appointments. Afterwards they met informally during the BBQ on the lovely square at StartupVillage in Antwerp. THANK YOU to our vibrant ecosystem. 16

ACTIVITIES EXHIBITION PARTICIPATION IN 2019 IN4CARE INSPIRE HEALTHCARE EVENT THE 5TH CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL HEALTH ICT4CARE ANTWERP STARTUP FAIR IN4CARE INSPIRE HEALTHCARE EVENT During Inspire Healthcare, together with imec.istart, we organised an Inspiration Stage on patient centricity, with strong testimonials from Karlien Hollanders, experience expert, Hannah Snoeck, AZ Klina, Erik Janssen, UCB en Lola Bladt, Minze Health. Proud organizer and partners on stage at Inspire Healthcare. From left to right: Nico De Fauw (director in4care), Tom Braekeleirs (director BHIC), Antoine D‘Hollander (Venture Acceleration Manager imec.istart) and Vincent Van Malderen (Managing Director Poolstok)) 17

ICT4CARE Large presence of our start-ups at ICT4care in Affligem. A wide range of ICT solutions for the healthcare sector could be found at a single location. 18

THE 5TH CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL HEALTH “Leading Digital Health together”. Vincent Meurrens from Epcon wins the innovation pitch during The 5th Conference. This pitch event was organised by BHIC, together with imec. istart and Business in Antwerp. © Photography The 5th Conference: MM Content 19

ANTWERP STARTUP FAIR We are social: 2.307 1.025 5.744 2.224 20

BHIC TEAM Tom Braekeleirs Director +32 477 72 92 58 tom@bhic.care GET TO KNOW OUR TEAM Frederik Horemans Regional Manager Genk +32 479 76 32 51 frederik@bhic.care Kim Luyckx Regional Manager Antwerpen +32 475 26 37 83 kim@bhic.care Ilse Robberechts Communications & Office Manager +32 478 33 86 81 ilse@bhic.care Maarten Van Gorp Regional Manager Ghent +32 499 77 77 88 maarten@bhic.care At the end of 2019, Margot Hermans said goodbye to the BHIC team after 3 years. From 2020 onwards, Kim Luyckx will be on board as the new Antwerp regional manager. During the first four months in 2020, Dovilė Petrauskaitė strengthened our team as junior consultant from UCLL. 21 From left to right: Dovilė, Tom, Frederik, Kim, Ilse and Maarten.

BLUEHEALTH INNOVATION FUND BHIF Three times a year, imec.istart calls for start-ups that are building innovative ICT solutions for practical applications for the broad healthcare sector. Candidates are beyond the idea phase and will be coached, financially supported and advised in their growth, to become autonomous companies that are ready for international scaling. And thanks to the BlueHealth Innovation Fund, the 50k EUR imec.istart investment can be doubled. The members of the fund are UCB, UZA, The Cofoundry and BC10 (subsidiary of in4care). IN 2019 THESE START-UPS WERE SELECTED FOR THE BLUEHEALTH INNOVATION FUND: CREATIVE THERAPY PROTEOFORMIX ASYLIA DIAGNOSTICS MOONBIRD 22

CREATIVE THERAPY CREATIVE THERAPY Creative Therapy develops interactive tools for first product ‘Matti’ is an interactive mat that motivates patients through gamification, while giving physiotherapists more insights into their patients’ progress during therapy. rehabilitation therapy. Their “ BHIC and imec.istart have given us the tools to really understand all our stakeholders. They are still helping us to achieve our goals. Arno Penders co-founder & CEO Creative Therapy “ 23

MOONBIRD Stefanie and Michaël Broes, founders of a young tech company from Keerbergen, launched ‘Moonbird’, a device that calculates your personal breathing rhythm and helps you find a soothing breathing flow. “ Via imec.istart and BHIF, we receive daily support in all aspects of starting up and rolling out our activities. “ Stefanie Broes co-founder Moonbird 24

ASYLIA DIAGNOSTICS Asylia Diagnostics is strongly committed to immunotherapy, by detecting ‘hyperprogression’ in cancer patients who are receiving immunotherapy and suffering from rapid growth of the cancer. “ We participated in the call from the BlueHealth Innovation Fund to expand our network. They put us in contact with UZA to do clinical research. “ Andrey Khmelevskiy CEO & founder Asylia Diagnostics 25

PROTEOFORMIX The ProteoFormiX team identifies innovative biomarkers to detect diseases that are difficult to diagnose more efficiently. These biomarkers can also be used in the development of new medicines. “ The stamp of approval we received from BlueHealth Innovation and imec is an important lever in attracting new collaborations. “ Prof. dr. Peter Verhaert founder ProteoFormiX 26

NEPHROFLOW SUCCESS STORY FIRST PORTFOLIO COMPANY FROM THE BLUEHEALTH INNOVATION FUND WAS ACQUIRED NephroFlow digitizes everything that has to do with kidney dialysis. In 2013, NephroFlow (then called Typework) participated in Health RampUp, after which they were selected for the BlueHealth Innovation Fund and imec.istart. At the end of 2019, NephroFlow was acquired by Nipro, one of the world’s largest suppliers of medical equipment to dialysis centres. NephroFlow’s office will remain in Bruges and the team will stay on board. From 2020 onwards, the three founders will fully focus on internationalisation. “ The acquisition is a good example of a structural cooperation between an established company and a young tech company. “ 27


PARTNERS “ NEW PARTNERSHIPS FOR BHIC IN 2019: ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS AND KLINA GENERAL HOSPITAL BECOME NEW STRUCTURAL PARTNERS OF BHIC ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS During The 5th Conference on Digital Health, Roche Diagnostics Belgium announced a partnership with both BlueHealth Innovation Center as well as imec.istart. AZ KLINA Stronger together for more entrepreneurship and innovation! “ 29

IN4CARE ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH BHIC AND IMEC.ISTART IN4CARE On January 22, 2020, the newyear’s event of In4Care took place in Aalst. During this event, In4Care announced a partnership with both BHIC and imec.istart. Besides this partnership, also BC10 BV, the daughter company of In4Care vzw, became a member of the BlueHealth Innovation Fund. Thanks to our partners: GOVERNMENT CARE AND ACADEMIC INSTITUTES INDUSTRY 30

BHIC Genk C-mine 12, 3600 Genk BHIC Antwerp Lange Gasthuisstraat 29 - 31, 2000 Antwerp +32 89 201 735 genk@bhic.care +32 475 26 37 83 antwerpen@bhic.care BHIC Ghent M. Makebaplein 1, 9000 Ghent +32 9 248 55 37 gent@bhic.care 2019 Graphic design: www.skape.be Photography and video’s: www.movito.be

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