AKU_WOOD Acoustic panels for slatwalls and slat ceilings


WE ARE PROUD Modern slatwalls and slat ceilings with our acoustic panels th are made of recycled plastic and wood from sustainable forestry. We enable our customers to create an amazing acoustic environment as well as adding a modern expression to the interior. It can be in private homes as well as an office, a conference room, a store, hotels or other big, public buildings. We have a premium product based on our passion for sustainable production and a great deal of expertise in wood. 3

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ACOUSTICS Are you having trouble hearing what your guests are saying? Problems with bad acoustics are a big problem but with the sound dampening Akupanels you can create an acoustic well-being for you, your family and your guests. There are two ways to mount the panels - either directly on the surface (sound absorbtion class D) or on a formwork (battens) with mineral wool behind. If you choose to mount the panels on a formwork and insert mineral wool behind, you will achieve sound absorbtion class A. 5

On the graph below you can see that the panel achieves an absorbtion coefficient at 1.0 at a frequency at 500 Hz. Loud speaking and “ordinary” noise in the home are at a frequency between 500 - 2,000Hz and as seen on the graph it is at this point the most effective.

It’s super easy to install the acoustic panels. Choose whether to mount the panels directly on the wall or on battens with mineral wool behind it. It depends on how much you are in need of a sound dampening material in the room. If you prefer to mount the acoustic panels directly on the wall, then you can just drive a screw directly through the felt and into the wall. When you mount the acoustic panels directly on the wall then you achieve sound absorption class D, which will significantly reduce the reverberation. Another option is to mount the acoustic panels on a 45 mm. formwork/ battens with mineral wool behind the panels. When you do so, the panels achieve sound absorption class A which is the best possible sound class available. You can easily cut the panels by using a wagtail (a normal saw), circular saw or a jigsaw. This also allows you to cut holes in the panel for electrical outlets and lighting in the slat ceiling. 7


WE CARE FOR THE PLANET. We are all responsible for our environment. That is why we made a choice to base our products on sustainable and recyclable materials. The beautiful acoustic felt is made from recycled plastic - primarily old plastic bottles. In other words we transform a waste product into something new, beautiful and useful so that it doesn’t end up in the seas. In addition to this we always make sure only to use wood that comes from sustainable forestry. This means that the forest is allowed to reproduce more trees than what is cut. Furthermore the whole process goes on with great respect and consideration for the nature. 9

WALLS A slat wall adds a modern expression to the room and reduces the reverberation significantly. 11

CEILINGS A slat ceiling adds a modern expression and reduces reverberation in the room drastically. 23

CONTACT AKU_WOOD Braat Visual Creations Kastanjelaan 400 5616 LZ Eindhoven +31 (0)40 240 55 00 info@braatvisualcreations.nl

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