Look book I Cosi 2020 COSI COLLECTION 2020 New season, new designs, new colours and new product types. Essential elements that combine to define novelties, innovations and product changes. Cutting edge design and the application of new techniques combine to create a brand-new fire and heat collection. All products have been manufactured to help you make the most of your cherished time outdoors. Cooler temperatures often mean that people can’t always sit outside whenever they feel like it. With Cosi you can now become less reliant on hot weather and extend the summer season with the warm and homely atmosphere, created by our products. Whatever your requirements, Cosi has a fire pit, stove or gas lantern to suit. When choosing your favourite Cosi item, function is just as important as style. For further technical information, specifications, including manuals, care and maintenance instructions please head to www.cosi-fires.com and follow us on Facebook and Instagram #cosi_fires. Cosi



NEW Cosivista 120 without backpanel VISTA - CUTTING EDGE DESIGN A surprising new addition to the Cosi collection is the Cosivista series. The Cosivista 120 is a unique freestanding see-through gas fireplace. See-through, because it is fitted with two large glass panels. Including back panel for wall-placing You can use this 120 cm wide fireplace to divide the space in your garden or under the canopy into separate areas. For example, put it between your lounge set and your outdoor kitchen, creating an attractive garden from all angles. Want to put the Cosivista in front of a wall? No problem: it comes with a convenient additional back panel. You can easily insert this black panel into the topside of the Cosivista. With one simple action, you can create a completely different look for this beautiful gas fireplace. A lovely fire pit table for a cosy evening with family and friends! Cosivista 120 - 5980270 Dimension: 120 x 45 x 90 cm 2 I Cosi

Fire pits I Cosi 2020 Cosibrixx 90 with square glass set M NEW BRIXX - STYLISH DESIGN AND MORE Are you a bon vivant who just loves to sit beside the fire and enjoy delicious snacks and drinks? Then go for the Cosibrixx 90, a fire pit table with plenty of room around the fire for a plethora of refreshments. The overall dimensions of the table surface are 90x90 cm. The Cosibrixx 90 is available in anthracite. The Cosibrixx 90 is made of aluminium, giving it a sleek appearance and making it virtually maintenance-free. Thanks to the design of the Cosibrixx 90 you will have plenty of legroom while enjoying the heat and the flickering flames. Cosibrixx 90 - 5980260 Dimension: 90 x 90 x 61 cm Including top plate to cover burner Cosi I 3

LOFT - WIDE CHOICE OF STYLE The Cosiloft 120 lounge table can easily be combined with a wide range of lounge sets. Cosiloft 120 lounge table 5958760 - white/teak Cosiloft 120 lounge table 5958750 - black/teak Cosiloft 120 lounge table 5958780 - white/grey Cosiloft 120 lounge table 5958770 - black/grey The table is combined with a straight burner that leaves enough space to invite all your friends and family over for a drink. The table is 80 cm wide and 120 cm long. This fire pit table has an industrial, aluminium, open frame, which can be combined with a choice of 3 table tops; teak, black or grey. For the frame you can choose either white for a modern look or black for an industrial style. Despite its low lounge height, there is still room to place a 5 kg gas tank in the Cosiloft compartment, which sits discreetly within the design of the table. Each Cosiloft fire pit also comes with a plate to cover the burner unit. Dimension: 120 x 80 x 50 cm Cosiloft 120 lounge table 5958800 - white/black Cosiloft 120 lounge table 5958790 - black/black Cosiloft 120 lounge table black / teak with straight glass set 6 I Cosi 4

Fire pits I Cosi 2020 LOFT - LOUNGE AND FIRE IN ONE The Cosiloft 100 lounge table can be customised to your personal style. This fire pit table has an industrial-style, open frame in aluminium, which can be combined with any choice of 3 table tops; grey, black and teak. For the frame we offer either white for a modern look or black for an industrial style. Despite its low lounge height, there is still room to place a 5kg gas tank in the Cosiloft compartment which is placed discreetly within the design of the table. Each Cosiloft fire pit comes with a cover plate for the burner unit. Therefore if you don’t use the burner, you can use the entire lounge table to place food and drinks. Enjoy spending time with your family and friends! Dimension: 100 x 100 x 50 cm Cosiloft 100 lounge table white / grey with square glass set L Cosiloft 100 lounge table teak White or black frame 5957890 / 5957860 Cosiloft 100 lounge table grey White or black frame 5957880 / 5957850 Cosiloft 100 lounge table black White or black frame 5958740 / 5958730 Cosi I 5

NEW LOFT - RELAX DINING New in the Loft family is the Cosiloft 120 relax dining. This new fire pit table allows you to enjoy a Cosiloft that perfectly fits your high dining lounge set. With a table height of 70 cm, your legs will fit easily while you enjoy the lovely flames and pleasant heat of the Cosiloft 120 relax dining. The Cosiloft 120 relax dining is a perfect combination of a lounge and dining table with a gas fire as its centrepiece. The Cosiloft 120 relax dining is available in two frame colours, white for a modern look and black for an industrial style. The frame can be combined with one of the two different table tops: teak and grey. There is room to place a 5kg gas tank in the Cosiloft 120 relax dining compartment. Each Cosiloft 120 relax dining also comes with a plate to cover the burner unit. Therefore if you don’t use the burner, you can use the entire lounge table to place food and drinks. A lovely fire pit table for a cosy evening with family and friends! Cosiloft 120 relax dining black / teak with straight glass set Dimension: 120 x 80 x 70 cm Finalize with glass set Cosiloft 120 relax dining teak White or black frame 5980190 / 5980160 Cosiloft 120 relax dining grey White or black frame 5980210 / 5980180 6 I Cosi

Fire pits I Cosi 2020 Cosiloft divider with straight glass set LOFT - DIFFERENT MATERIALS HARMONIOUSLY COMBINED The Cosiloft divider is part of the fantastic Cosiloft family. With this divider you can easily create a beautiful fence on your terrace. Due to its dimensions, the Cosiloft divider is also perfect to be placed at the end of the table. This sturdy Cosiloft divider is made of robust teak and an aluminium frame with a 5 kg gas cylinder which fits discreetly inside. The divider is available in a black frame with a black burner. Every Cosiloft divider is provided with a cover plate. Even when it’s not burning, it’s a beautiful accessory in the garden. Cosiloft divider - 5958700 Dimension: 88 x 45 x 86 cm Cosi I 7

NEW Thanks to the bar table’s high frame, the Cosiloft 100 bar table will fit a gas cylinder of up to 10 kg. So you can bask in the glow of the fire and take your time to appreciate a drink and a snack. Each Cosiloft 100 bar table also comes with a plate to cover the burner unit. Therefore if you don’t use the burner, you can use the entire lounge table to place food and drinks. Enjoy spending time with your family and friends! Cosiloft 100 bar table white / grey and square glass set L 8 I Cosi

Fire pits I Cosi 2020 Finalize with glass set LOFT - SIMPLE MODULAR BAR COLLECTION The Cosiloft 100 bar table is a brand-spanking new addition to the Cosiloft fire pit table collection. It is now possible to enjoy the warmth of the flames a little higher up. The dimensions of the bar table are perfect for those who prefer standing, or you can combine the table with bar stools and enjoy a nice warm glow on your upper body and face. As with the other fire pit tables from the Cosiloft collection there are several table top frame combinations available. The Cosiloft 100 bar table has two different table top options: natural teak and grey aluminium. Dimension: 100 x 100 x 105 cm Cosi I 9 Cosiloft 100 bar table white Grey top - 5980130 Teak top - 5980120 Cosiloft 100 bar table black Grey top - 5980100 Teak top - 5980110

Discover all accessories on page 17 CUBE - STAND OUT IN ANY OUTDOOR SPACE The robust Cosicube is made from Douglas Wood and has a stainless steel top plate, making it perfect for outdoor use. With the Cosicube in your garden you’ll never want to go back inside. Its invisible side-hatch allows for 5kg gas bottles to be placed inside with ease. This model is available in two different sizes, the Cosicube 70 and a slightly larger version, the Cosicube 95. The Cosicube 95 has more space on the table top, providing room for accessories. Combine with a square glass set for extra sophistication and safety. The black version looks perfect in a more modern garden or terrace. Cosicube 95 Dimension: Cosicube 70 Dimension: 95 x 95 x 58 cm Black - 5958910 Grey wash - 5900130 70 x 70 x 58 cm Black - 5958900 Grey wash - 5900120 10 I Cosi

Cosicube 70 grey wash with square glass set M Cosi I 11

DRUM - ADDING Cosidrum 56 black - 5900060 Dimension: 70 cm h: 56 cm CHARACTER TO ANY OUTDOOR SPACE Cosidrum 70 black - 5900020 Dimension: 58 cm h: 70 cm Cosidrum 56 grey - 5900050 Dimension: 70 cm h: 56 cm Cosidrum 70 grey - 5900010 Dimension: 58 cm h: 70 cm Find all the accessories on page 17 12 I Cosi Cosidrum 70 grey with round glass set

Fire pits I Cosi 2020 Cosiglobe white with side table Including top plate to cover burner GLOBE - BEAUTIFULLY ROUND BASES WITH FLAMES When styling interiors, we tend to combine various tables to create a rounded look. Why not do that outside too, using a fantastic gas fire as the centrepiece? The Cosiglobe is a large coffee table with an Cosiglobe - 5957590 Dimension: 75 cm h: 36 cm Cosiglobe side table - 5957600 Dimension: 50 cm h: 55 cm incorporated gas fire. The gas bottle can be placed inside the high side table and is completely out of sight. These tables will look great combined with your existing outdoor furniture. Cosi I 13

All built in models available in black and ss BURNERS - BE CREATIVE WITH A BUILT IN- OR BUILT UP BURNER Do you already have a nice dining or coffee table and do you want to incorporate a gas fire into it? That’s possible with one of our Cosiburners. The Cosiburner Collection features three different built-in burners in two colours, meaning you will always find a model to suit your table. All built-in burners are delivered with a cover plate allowing the table to still be used Cosiburner square Dimension: 40 x 40 x 16,5 cm Black - 5961100 SS - 5957550 Cosiburner straight Dimension: 60 x 22 x 16,5 cm Black - 5961120 SS - 5957480 normally when the burner is not in use. A glass set is separately available, which further enhances the luxurious appearance. If you don’t want to make a recess in your table, choose a Cosi built-up burner. This model can be placed on top of your outdoor table and a glass set is included. Cosiburner rectangular Dimension: 52 x 32 x 16,5 cm Black - 5961110 SS - 5957560 Available in: 14 I Cosi

Fire pits I Cosi 2020 Cosiburner build up Including glass Cosiburner build up - 5961000 Dimension: 70 x 20 x 27 cm Cosi I 15

CONCRETE - RAW BASICS Do you want a Cosi fire pit table but only have limited space to work with? Then the Cosiconcrete 60 is right up your alley. This square model is the most compact model fire pit table in our collection. The Cosiconcrete 60 is available in anthracite or a concrete look for a tough, industrial style. Cosiconcrete 60 anthracite - 5957510 Dimension: 60 x 60 x 63 cm Cosiconcrete 60 anthracite Cosiconcrete 60 concrete look - 5957520 Dimension: 60 x 60 x 63 cm Place a 5 kg gas tank inside the concrete 16 I Cosi

Fire pits and accessories I Cosi 2020 Cosi ceramic logs 3 pieces - 5957570 Cosiburners Cosi ceramic logs 4 pieces - 5900310 Fire pits Cosi table plate M - 5958950 Dimension: 45 x 45 x 1,5 cm Cosi square glass set L - 5900210 Dimension: 50 x 50 x 20 cm Cosi square glass set M - 5900270 Dimension: 45 x 45 x 20 cm Cosi table plate L - 5958920 Dimension: 50 x 50 x 1,5 cm Cosi rectangular glass set - 5900150 Dimension: 55 x 35 x 20 cm Cosi straight glass set - 5900160 Dimension: 65 x 33 x 17 cm Cosi round glass set - 5900200 Dimension: 47 cm h: 31 cm COSI ALL WEATHER COVER Cosivista 120 Cosibrixx 90 Cosiloft 100 bar table Cosiloft 120 lounge table Cosiloft 120 relax dining Cosiloft 100 lounge table Cosiloft divider 5980440 5980430 5980410 5958930 5980420 5957690 5958940 Cosicube 70 and 95 Cosidrum 56 and 70 Cosiglobe Cosiglobe sidetable Cosiconcrete 60 Cosi gastank 6 kg Cosi gastank 11 kg 5957700 - 5957710 5957730 - 5957740 5957770 5957780 5957670 5957750 5957760 Cosi I 17

PILLAR - APPLICATION OF NEW TECHNIQUES TO CREATE PIONEERING FIRE New in the Cosiscoop collection, the Cosiscoop Pillar. These fantastic pillar-shaped gas fires will steal the show in any garden and on any terrace or porch. The Pillar is available in two variations: stylish black and sturdy teak wood. Cosiscoop Pillars are stand-alone objects that will steal the show in any location. Contrary to other Cosiscoop models, these large lanterns run on a gas cylinder instead of a gas cartridge. This means that the Pillar lasts many times longer than the smaller Scoops. With a 5 kg gas cylinder this pillar-shaped Scoop will provide you with about 70 hours of atmospheric light. The magnificent Pillars take both Benegas and DIN gas cylinders. Including pebbles and piezo ignition Cosiscoop Pillar black - 5980320 Dimension: 35 cm h: 106 cm Cosiscoop Pillar teak - 5980340 Dimension: 35 cm h: 106 cm 18 I Cosi

Gas lanterns I Cosi 2020 NEW Cosiscoop Pillar black and teak Cosi I 19

20 I Cosi Cosiscoop Timber

Gas lanterns I Cosi 2020 HOW TO USE A COSI GAS LANTERN 1. Turn the black bottom ring and remove from the Scoop lantern. Then place the 190 grams gas cartridge upright in the bottom ring. 2. Turn the bottom ring, including the gas cartridge, in the Scoop lantern and screw the ring clockwise to the right. Make sure the gas lantern is placed upwards and stands on a stable, non-combustible surface. Ignite with a long lighter whilst keeping it against the burning pipe and turn the control knob to the left. The Scoop gas lantern will start to burn. 3. Switch off the Scoop gas lantern by turning the control knob completely to the right – this should extinguish the flame. Store in a well-ventilated place. Find the entire collection on the next pages Cosi I 21

Cosiscoop XL black Cosiscoop Timber NEW Cosiscoop Original SS PERFECT MOOD MAKERS TILL LATE AT NIGHT 22 I Cosi

Gas lanterns I Cosi 2020 ORIGINAL - FREEDOM TO MOVE The Cosiscoop Original gas lantern is fantastic for in the garden, on the road and on holidays too. Carry this multifunctional lantern anywhere you go - it’s the perfect mood maker and easy to use. The Scoop Original is available in four colours; ivory, black, olive and ss. The black version has a big brother – the Cosiscoop XL black. Both models work on a 190 grams gas cartridge. Simply twist the gas can under the lantern, turn on the control knob and light your Scoop with a long lighter. The Scoops all burn for around 6 hours. A new addition to the Cosiscoop Original series is the Cosiscoop Original SS. This unique version of the Cosiscoop Original is made of brushed stainless steel. Including carrying handle Cosiscoop Original black - 5801110 Dimension: 16 cm h: 30 cm Cosiscoop Original ivory - 5801100 Dimension: 16 cm h: 30 cm Cosiscoop Original SS - 5980360 Dimension: 16 cm h: 30 cm Cosiscoop Timber - 5801160 Dimension: 18 cm h: 30 cm Cosiscoop Original olive - 5801020 Dimension: 16 cm h: 30 cm Cosiscoop XL - 5801030 Dimension: 20 cm h: 30,5 cm Cosi I 23

Cosiscoop Ryder - 5801170 Dimension: 21 cm h: 44 cm Cosiscoop Dome - 5801070 Dimension: 18 x 18 x 45 cm Cosiscoop Cement - 5801080 Dimension: 20 cm h: 38 cm UNIQUE ATMOSPHERE ANYWHERE Cosi had a burning desire to make small gas table fire places. After a long search to develop the right technical system, the Cosiscoop Original emerged. We finally managed to make a beautiful flame, which burns on a small gas cartridge. This completely new invention is the latest technical development from Cosi. Once the technology was under control (all models are CE approved) Cosi tried out different materials and designs. The result is the complete collection of Cosiscoop gas lanterns. All you need is a long lighter, a 190-gram gas cartridge and a Scoop gas lantern. Cosiscoop Dome 24 I Cosi

Gas lanterns I Cosi 2020 DROP - IT LIKE IT’S HOT NEW New in the Scoop collection is the Cosiscoop Drop. Whether it is a dark winter/autumn or sultry summer evening: you’ll always find a moment to enjoy the wonderful light of this gas lantern. The round cutouts in the design distribute the light beautifully. Thanks to its slim handle, you can easily carry or place this lantern anywhere. The Cosiscoop Drop is available in two stylish colours: black and light grey. The Cosiscoop Drop is convenient and easy to use. Place a 190 grams gas cartridge in the bottom of the gas lantern, turn the knob to the left and light the Cosiscoop with a long lighter. On a gas cartridge, the Cosiscoop Drop burns up to 6 hours. Do you want to turn it off in the meantime? No problem, the control knob makes it easy to extinguish and the lantern can be simply ignited again the next time with a long lighter. All Scoop gas lanterns operate on a universal 190 grams gas cartridge. Note that you always choose a gas cartridge that is equipped with a gas stop valve. If the gas lantern loses contact with the cartridge, the gas stop valve automatically does its job. Cosiscoop Drop light grey - 5980300 Dimension: 20 cm h: 37 cm Cosiscoop Drop black - 5980290 Dimension: 20 cm h: 37 cm Cosiscoop Drop black Including carrying handle Cosi I 25

Available in 3 trendy colours Cosiscoop Basket white - 5801120 Dimension: 26 cm h: 31 cm Cosiscoop Basket olive - 5801140 Dimension: 26 cm h: 31 cm Cosiscoop Basket black - 5801130 Dimension: 26 cm h: 31 cm BASKET - LANTERN IN THE SPOTLIGHT The Scoop Basket is not an accessory but a statement. Striking because of its threaded steel coat, it’s a real eyecatcher on your outdoor table. The Cosiscoop Basket creats atmosphere, cosiness and romance. The Basket is available in black, olive and white. The steel frame has a diameter of 26 cm at the widest point. A unique piece for your outdoor table. Cosiscoop Basket white and black 26 I Cosi

Gas lanterns I Cosi 2020 BASKET HIGH - STAND ALONE The Basket high is a stunning stand alone object. While it looks a bit like the Basket, it is of a more premium standard and can be placed anywhere within your garden. The Basket has an open frame, while the Basket high features a glass panel. The Cosiscoop Basket high is available in black. Cosiscoop Basket high - 5801150 Dimension: 26 cm h: 76,5 cm A stunning stand alone object Cosiscoop Basket high Cosi I 27

NEW 28 I Cosi Cosipillow Knitted and solid 50x50

Heating cushions I Cosi 2020 COSIPILLOW - HEATING SCATTER CUSHIONS When temperatures are dropping, Cosipillows will make your evenings cosy and comfortable. Cosi’s heating scatter cushions are provided with an infrared heating element and they’re made of high quality Sunbrella fabric. Due to this material the scatter cushions are UV, colour and mold resistant which makes the Cosipillows suited for indoor as well as outdoor usage. Whether you’re inside or outside, you will enjoy the pleasant warmth created by the Cosipillows. The heating scatter cushion makes your spot on the couch or armchair delightfully comfortable. You’ll happily settle in with a tasty drink and a good book. All Cosipillows are eco-friendly, since the scatter cushions warm up your body directly without losing heat into the (outside) air. This saves warmth and energy, because the thermostat doesn’t have to be cranked up. Cosipillows feature three heat settings: low 38 °C, mid 45 °C and high 55 °C. Each setting can easily be selected using the heat button on the pillow. By pressing the button the infrared heating element is activated so you can enjoy your evening in the comfortable heat provided by the Cosipillows. Cosipillow Solid Cosipillow Knitted 50x50 - 5810030 40x60 - 5810020 50x50 - 5810010 40x60 - 5810000 Cosi I 29

Cosistove Major - 5957820 Dimension: 49 x 48 x 96 Cosistove Mid - 5957810 Dimension: 40 x 45 x 85 cm Cosistove Mini - 5957800 Dimension: 37 x 36 x 63 cm Cosistove Major COSISTOVE - IN- AND OUTDOOR USE A crackling wood fire on your patio – what could be cosier than that? Create a relaxed atmosphere in your garden with one of our stunning Cosistoves. The flames are produced by real wood, which creates a nostalgic and relaxed atmosphere. You can install a smoke duct, which carefully extracts the smoke. Cosi’s collection also features a ready-to-use package with a smoke duct connector. These complete packages are suitable for verandas with flat roofs. A package for sloping roofs is also available. Cosistoves are complete wood stoves that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and should ideally be placed under a canopy. The stoves are made from steel and after standing outside for a long time, could show minor signs of corrosion, which adds to the character of the stove. Cosistove Major equipped with an oven 30 I Cosi

Wood stoves I Cosi 2020 Cosi single walled 45° bend 5901280 Cosi single walled 90° bend 5901260 Cosi single walled pipe 50 cm 5901250 Cosi roofing kit set incl. double walled smoke duct flat roof 5957910 Cosi roofing kit set incl. double walled smoke duct pitched roof 5957920 Cosi single walled pipe 100 cm 5901240 Cosi rosette SS 5958220 Cosi clamping band 5958250 Cosi roof mounting bracket 5958230 Cosi storey support 5958200 Cosi fire stop spacer one piece 5958210 Cosi fire stop spacer two pieces 5958240 Cosi I 31

Strijkviertel 27 3454 PH De Meern The Netherlands Tel. +31 (0)30 662 95 00 info@cosi-fires.com www.cosi-fires.com EN - English editie

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