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POWER - PASSION - PARTNERSHIP Crane Overhaul As a marine and offshore cranes supplier, we want to provide our customers with optimal service for their marine and offshore cranes. In addition to small and medium repairs executed on-board and in our workshop, we also offer complete overhauls at our specially equipped workshop in the Netherlands. Often, the existing crane is indispensable, and the continuity of your workboat/vessel is crucial. We understand that. In most cases, we can offer you a replacement rental crane for the required overhaul period to guarantee your continuity. We have made it our business. See our separate brochure for rental options. Our definition of a complete overhaul is that the crane will be completely disassembled; all shaft bores will be machined back to the original tolerances and fitted with new bronze bushings and pins—no exceptions. Which components will be overhauled? • Slewing rings • Slewing gearboxes • Control valve blocks • Hydraulic cylinders • Hoisting winches • Hydraulic and electric rotators • Radio remote control systems • Hydraulic hose reel • Electrical safety systems Which components will be renewed? • Pins • Bushes • Hydraulic hoses • Sliding pads • Electric cable reel Benefits • Possibility to upgrade to actual standards • Possibility to add options • Reduction of downtime • New warranty period • Extended product lifetime • Customised colour

Years of rain, salt seawater and UVresult in spots of corrosion Our mission: “Your reliable partner for marine and offshore lifting appliances” For an overhaul, we remove the crane from the ship and transport it to our workshop. Once at the workshop, each component is thoroughly checked and repaired or replaced if necessary. The final step is a new coating. After assembly, the crane undergoes an in-house function test to ensure that it performs according to the Heila standard. If required, we can also carry out the overhaul of ATEX-cranes. Upon completion of the overhaul, you receive a technical measurement report. Extensive operation and exposure to elements like salt water, wind and UV leave their mark on the crane’s structure. Our cranes are structurally designed to last at least 15-20 years. Depending on the maintenance level one or two overhauls may be required throughout that life cycle. Heila is your one-stop-shop for after-sales support! For each customer and every vessel, safety, quality and attention to details are paramount when overhauling cranes. We pay extra attention to the quality of welds and coating and the finishing of hydraulic pipes and other visible parts. The type and colour of the coating are selected to match the vessel design.

POWER - PASSION - PARTNERSHIP Before the make-over Inspection of the crane Before starting the project, we do a thorough inspection of the crane and and discuss the possibilities with the customer. When the details are agreed and the plan is set, we transport the crane to our workshop. The measurement reports are submitted to the customer. If there are any new findings after dismantling the crane, we liaise with the customer to determine the plan of action. Boring, milling, sand blasting, fairing and painting with special paint Line boring Honing Painting Milling Turning Extension cilinders

1st boom 1st boom 2nd boom 2nd boom Crane column Crane column Painting Polished stainless steel hydraulic pipes

POWER - PASSION - PARTNERSHIP Assembled with care and precision Part by part, our engineers reassemble the crane with great care and precision.

Reborn and ready for duty The work is almost complete. Our service engineer performs the function tests. The crane is ready for transport. The last step is the installation and commissioning on board (HAT) …. job done! A complete overhaul project takes around 8–10 weeks. The result is a crane that is as good as new. How can we be of service? Please contact us at services@heila-nl.com or call us on +31 416 65 10 12.

Heila Cranes Nederland B.V. | Zijlweg 5 | 5145 NR Waalwijk The Netherlands Phone +31 (0) 416 65 10 12 | info@heila-nl.com | services@heila-nl.com www.heila.com

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