Leisure & Outdoor 16 auto open storm proof 6541.98 | Avenue Umbrella with 190T pongee nylon canopy, storm proof design, automatic telescopic opening, fi breglass frame and shaft, soft foam handle and velcro fastener. In a pouch. Meas. Ø 110 x 93 cm. 484 g. S9 - H4 - 4 - 200 x 150 mm water resistant 0855.90 | Reverse Umbrella Large, innovative reverse umbrella with double 190T pongee slings. Special material that accelerates drying. Can dry standing up. Closes automatically, opens manually. Ideal when getting in and out of the car. Metal frame with windproof system and ergonomically shaped handle with carrying strap. Meas. Ø 94 x 75.5 cm. 510 g. S9 - H4 - 4 - 200 x 120 mm

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