186 Bags & Travelling Full Colour bags Unlimited possibilities for a unique, eye-catching promotion! We deliver this shoulder bags exactly as you want it: in any desired colour, with a unique designed print or own design. Even sharp pictures or a combination of all of the above options are possible. Are you looking for just one specifi c colour; front in orange, sea green or violet? Or maybe a snake or cow-print? Every conceivable colour and every imaginable design is possible, even with your logo and company slogan. 2632.99 | FullColour Shopper Generous, black bag made from non-woven material (120 g/m²). Super lightweight and strong. With long handles. To be used as a shoulder bag or carrying bag. The front can be designed with a full colour print. Meas. 36 x 42 x 15 cm. 76 g. SU4 - H2 - 4 - 365 x 425 mm 2109.99 | Sublimation Shopper Practical, royal shopper with long handles. Made of non-woven material (120 g/m²). Very strong, ultra light and tightly woven. Can be printed with any full colour print. Meas. 36.5 x 38 cm. 38 g. SU4 - H2 - 4 - 380 x 400 mm

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