400 Branding techniques Printed business gifts, promotional gifts & giveaways immediately make your brand stand out. You want to make a perfect impression. That’s why we pay a great deal of attention to the print of your logo, company details, personalisation and unique full-colour design. Every type of material requires a diff erent printing technique: Pad printing Screen printing Laser engraving CO laser engraving ² Sublimation printing (FC) Sticker printing (FC) Explanation of the printing table Printing information is listed for each product in this catalogue. It can be the case that the displayed print on the product does not correspond with the listed printing code and price. The images are meant to show that there are more printing possibilities. Feel free to ask about them. The listed printing code is that of the most frequently used and recommended option. Below you’ll fi nd an example with an explanation of the structure: P3 - H2 - 4 - 30 x 20 mm 2602 | Clap Hands Show your support and make some noise. Meas. 19 x 8.5 x 1.8 cm. 22 g. P3 - H2 - 4 - 30 x 20 mm printing code number of colours handling code max. print area

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