90 Home & Living Diamant Sabatier: a sharp eye for top class Diamond Sabatier delivers top-class products and has been known as quality brand for almost 40 years. The knives have been the most widely used knives in the catering industry and education sectors for years. You can see the quality but you can feel it the more. Diamond Sabatier is very high quality standards and lifetime warranty on all material and manufacturing errors. Sabatier RIYOURI Series: Seamless Perfection in Technique and Design The Diamond Sabatier RIYOURI cooking knives have been designed with a touch of oriental cuisine. The beautiful quality knives from the RIYOURI series are made of high quality stainless steel and are characterized by robust adhesives with special anti-slip structure. The knives are therefore stuck in the hand and remain beautiful for a long time. The blades are very sharp and stainless. Heft and blade are welded to one piece and seamlessly seal each other, ensuring extra hygiene. 5715.44 | Diamant Sabatier Cutting Board Cutting board made of very strong bamboo. Finished and polished. Durable, ecologically responsible, hygienic (antibacterial) and easy to clean. With metal ring and leather suspension cord. Meas. 52.8 x 20.8 x 2 cm. Each piece in a box. 850 g. CL3 - H5 - 0 - 60 x 30 mm 7448.01 7275.01 6812.01 5423.01 8881.44 | Diamant Sabatier Riyouri knife block 6-piece knife block: Robust, natural oak block with large cook’s knife, santoku knife, tomato knife, bread knife and universal knife. The shape of the blades are engraved in the grip end of each knife. You never get the wrong knife. An addition for every kitchen. Meas. 20.5 x 16.5 x 36 cm. Each piece in a box. 2350 g. L4 - H7 - 0 - 50 x 15 mm LATEST PRICES ON REQUEST

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