2-3 1610-1611-1612 4-5 2301-2302-2303 6-7 3180 8 3175 9 3176 Kooduu Light Music Cooler Pokket 2 Mouse Ilo Cable 10-11 1544 12 1250 13 0115 14-15 1546 16 1602 17 1601 18-19 1599 20 2606 21 2603 22-23 2605 24 4830 25 2210 26-27 1543 28 2604 29 2592 30-31 4160 32-33 3600-3601 34-35 1517 36-37 4831 38-39 1620-1621 40-41 1077 42-43 1545 44-45 2698-27012700-2699-2697 46-47 BT6900-BT3900-BT9700 48 SHL4405WT/00SHL4405BK/00 49 DL8780/01-DL8740/01DL8760/01-DL8765/01 50-51 2159-2158-2157-2200 52-53 1547 54-55 2220-2221 Philips Everplay Philips Ultrlite Philips Health Music Pic Bluetooth Sunglasses FreshFiber 3D Printing Slim Powercard PowerBoard PowerNote Ring Selfie Button Macaron Charging Cable SoundBlock True Sound EarBuds Ergonomic Fit Earbuds Rotaty EarPhone Case PhoneClip Logo PhoneClip PhoneClipCard FitCard iCable Braided The Edge WristSpeaker FlexiGrip The Multi C Beeline Balight Bicycle Wheel Display LightShape Activity Tracker Premium Easy BBQ Nano Smart Wireless Thermometer Robot Cleaner E5 Alexa Speaker Zens Wireless Charging CON TENTS Please note that while great care has been taken to make this catalogue accurate and factually correct in terms of copy and imagery, we reserve the right to change the specifications and or content without prior notice. Our products are under constant development and sometimes details, specs and colours can change outside of our control. Many thanks to the companies whose corporate logo, colours and symbols have been reproduced in this catalogue.

LIGHT MUSIC COOLER 2 Warm, yellow coloured ambient LED light - Holds 1 wine bottle with ice (size M-L) Bluetooth speaker DIMENSIONS HEIGHT 350 MM - 500 MM - 650 MM LOGO ON THE BELT

PURE AMBIANCE What more could you wish for… a wireless speaker, synergy LED lamp and cooler all-in-one! With this gadget you can always create the right atmosphere. Play your music via Bluetooth with your smartphone, use the pure ambience lighting and keep your drinks cool. In your office, the kitchen or park... the possibilities are endless for this absolute eye-catcher. A desireable luxurious gift. 3 LED 35 cm 50 cm 65 cm 1610 The Kooduu small | 1611 The Kooduu medium | 1612 The Kooduu large

LED-LOGO 4 The Pokket just got wireless… LED 700 mAh Ultra slim wireless mouse with built-in rechargeable battery which can be charged while using the mouse. Illuminating LED logo branding and trim in similar colours makes it a unique promotional product. 2301 Pokket 2 Wireless Mouse Built-in rechargeable battery - Trim same colour as LED logo RF wireless mouse, Nano receiver - Transmission Distance: Up to 7 m DPI: 1200 DPI - Wireless Transmission Mode - Working Way: 2.4G DIMENSIONS 17 X 106 X 58 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 32 MM

LED-LOGO Soft touch and sophisticated version of the Pokket 2 Wireless Mouse. Easy to use, lightweight with rechargeable battery. 5 2302 Pokket 2 Wireless Mouse Deluxe Built-in rechargeable battery - RF wireless mouse, Nano receiver Transmission Distance: Up to 7 m - Wireless Transmission Mode Working Way: 2.4G - DPI: 1200 DPI DIMENSIONS 17 X 106 X 58 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 32 MM LED 700 mAh Wired with retractable cable. 2303 Pokket Mouse 2 LED logo - DPI: 1200 DPI - Plug & Play (Win/MAC) DIMENSIONS 17 X 106 X 58 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 32 MM

6 The octopus just got even better! 3180 ILo Cable LED The Ilo Cable multi-charging cable with USB-C, Micro-USB, and lightning adapters just had a makeover! Made from fashionable high gloss acrylic it now makes your logo shine with a built-in LED when charging. DIMENSIONS 112 X 31 X 8 MM LOGO AREA 25 X 28 MM


Elegant power solutions 3175 Slim PowerCard This ultra slim credit card sized powerbank with extendible USB port fits perfectly in your wallet or pocket. Fully charged, it can provide up to 1,5 hours of extra use of your phone. This sophisticated gadget has a large branding area and comes with a leather look travel pouch. 8 1300 mAh extendible USB port High quality brushed aluminum - USB to Micro USB cable DIMENSIONS 86 X 55 X 5 MM LOGO AREA1 44 X 76 MM LOGO AREA2 44 X 60 MM

Cutting edge super slim design 3176 PowerBoard Portable powerbank for smartphones and tablets (2.1A) with a patented built-in cable. This sleek powerbank provides express battery charging with overcharge protection. DIMENSIONS 150 X 66 X 10 MM LOGO AREA 60 X 120 MM 6000 mAh

Music and power when you need them… Two-coloured design wireless speaker and portable powerbank in one. The powerful battery included supports up to 17 hours of playtime or up to one time charge of your phone. Good branding and supplied with handy travel pouch. 10

11 3 WATT 2600 mAh 1544 PowerNote Powerbank capacity 2600 mAh shared with speaker Safety certificate UL listed - USB to Micro USB Cable DIMENSIONS 45 X 45 X 105 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 20 MM

Smile! 12 1250 Ring Selfie Button Easy to use Bluetooth remote control helps you take the perfect selfie. Just click and grab the limelight for your brand. Fun and handy. DIMENSIONS 120 X 69 X 13 MM LOGO AREA 35 X 20 MM

Stay tangle free! 0115 Macaron Charging Cable Handy gadget to help stay charged on the go and promote your brand. The cable recoils into the body to prevent tangled cables. You can also use the Macaron Charging Cable as a phone stand. Features micro, USB C, USB and lightning cables for all smart devices. The great branding area makes your logo stand out. 13 1 m DIMENSIONS 120 X 69 X 13 MM LOGO AREA Ø 45 MM

Powerful sound and looks 14

1546 SoundBlock This item will exceed your expectations with its impecible sound and 2 x 5 Watt speaker. It includes a built-in microphone for handsfree calls and supports up to 8 hours playtime. Your logo can be ingraved in the case, or be placed on the doming on the speaker itself. A desirable gift for your top clients! 15 2X5 WATT 2000 mAh 2 x 5 Watt speaker - Comes with belt - Handsfree calling DIMENSIONS 80 X 170 X 50 MM LOGO AREA 100 X 25 MM

1602 True Sound EarBuds 16 Make your brand a true trendsetter with these wireless ear buds with LED lighting and a powerful sound! With its Noise Cancelling Technology you will experience no disturbance at all. Branding on the buds themselves or the travel case which doubles as the charging station for the buds - ideal when you have multiple marketing messages to get over. LED Ergonomic Fit - Long Durable Power Portable charging box - Easy for travel Single or double use - Automatic pairing DIMENSIONS BOX 74 X 40 MM DIMENSIONS EARBUDS ± 25 X 15 X 25 MM LOGO AREA BOX 55 X 30 MM LOGO AREA EARBUDS Ø 15 MM

Suit your style HANDSFREE CALLING CLASSIC DESIGN ERGONOMIC FIT PROTECTS YOUR HEARING TWO DEVICES CONNECTED 17 1601 Ergonomic fit EarBuds MAGNETIC CLOSING Multi-point: Continuously two devices connected 3,5 hours playtime 150 hours standby time LOGO AREA 10 X 10 MM

Twist and Hear 1599 Rotaty EarPhone Case Stylish and luxurious earphone travel case to keep your wires tangle free and promote your brand. Simply rotate the case and the cables store away neatly. 18 Made of genuine leather - Unique rotational design - Easy to carry DIMENSIONS 60 X 56 X 25 MM

Simply attach the self-adhesive PhoneClip on your phone and you are ready to go. All you have to do is slide up the band to use its handsfree stand-function or get more grip while calling. The good branding area makes it a great gadget for exhibition giveaways, postal mailing or retail promotion. 20 2606 PhoneClip Logo Extra branding options: customisable shapes and forms in its own customisable colour code (cc). Soft TPU-material - Stand-function DIMENSIONS 88 X 24 X 4 MM LOGO AREA1 30 X 10 MM LOGO AREA2 Ø 25 MM

Get a grip and promote your logo! 21 2603 PhoneClip Soft TPU-material - Stand-function DIMENSIONS 88 X 24 X 4 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 10 MM

No need wallet anymore to bring your 22

2605 PhoneClipCard Soft TPU-material - Stand-function - Card holder DIMENSIONS 94 X 59 X 4 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 10 MM

The healthy way! 24 This super slim Bluetooth Activity Tracker connects easily to your smartphone. The easy to use APP provides a summary and achievement against your targets for daily activity including sleep, calories burned, distance travelled and steps. Light as a feather and with a great 4 colour print area, this new style tracker is more flexible than those worn on the wrist. Step up to a healthier lifestyle! 4830 FitCard Wearable invisibly Free APP measures daily activity - Bluetooth smart technology BLE 4.0 DIMENSIONS 86 X 54 X 4 MM LOGO AREA 81.8 X 49.8 MM App available from app store and play store

create your iCable. your own Style. your own Story. 25 2210 iCable Braided From hippie chique to ultra elegant to your own corporate identity… The new, extra long, iCable Braided offers endless opportunities to fully customise the braiding colours and patterns of the cable. A unique product everybody wants! Available with different types of plugs. Please call and put us to the test to make your brand stand out! 3-1 Cable with Micro USB, 8pin Lightning (MFI) and USB Type C connector included DIMENSIONS 1000 MM (CABLE LENGTH) LOGO AREA 10 X 4 MM 3in1

26 Sporty Bluetooth speaker with a dynamic design produces a powerful sound with extra bass. The soft and elastic silicon wrist strap is comfortable to wear when you are excercising. Good branding on the wrist strap.

27 Wearable tunes! 1543 The Edge WristSpeaker Soft elastic silicon wrist band Input power: 5V, 120 mAh, 3W DIMENSIONS 80 X 60 X 25 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 50 MM 3 WATT

2604 FlexiGrip Flexible do-it-yourself holder for smartphones. Ideal for use in the car, office or when travelling. Great central logo position. Bend it, shape it, hold it! 28 Indoor & Outdoor - Suitable for mobile phone size: 4”-6” DIMENSIONS 220 X 140 X 22 MM LOGO AREA 31 X 46 MM 1 gadget 1001 possibilities

Stay connected with USB type C The classy Multi C hub with 6 ports is indispensable for any business person. Great for transfer of data and power. Includes a laser and page up/ down pointer for use with presentations. Add a subtle engraving and you have a very elegant gadget. 29 Magnetic detachable hub with unlimited possibilities for the next generation 2592 The Multi C 1HDMI port, 3 TYPE C ports, 2 USB ports. HDMI 4K resolution. TI Chip PD(Power Direct) Output Interface: Type C*3 Type C *1 Input: 5V-20V Type C *1 Output: PD 5V/9V/12V/14.5V USB3.0*2: 5Gbps DIMENSIONS 164 X 33.5 X 15 MM LOGO AREA 33.5 X 88.5 MM

30 4160 Beeline Award winning cycling companion. Beeline is a smart compass aid for your bike, it simply gives the direction and distance to your destination or next waypoint. All you have to do is install the APP, attach the gadget to your bike, set your destination and off you go. A great way to showcase your logo on the road.

Your smart navigator 31 Water & Shock IP66 resistant - Works at night Works with iOS & Android - 30 hours battery life 5 Functions: Navigation, Speed, Clock, Battery & Compass DIMENSIONS 190 X 57 X 20 MM DISPLAY Ø 45 MM

Install and change image yourself via Bluetooth APP 32 - All weather conditions - Meets all quality and safety requirements YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO

Make your cycling beyond awesome This new bicycle wheel promo LED display takes your brand promotion to the next level. Simply change the message and image via the Balight APP to customise your spinning wheels. Designed for all weathers and complies to all quality and safety certifications, this promotional gadget surely is the best way to keep your logo on constant display. 33 LED 2600 mAh LED 3600 Balight Bicycle Wheel Display Elite Customisable themes via APP - Up to 10 hours runtime USB To Micro USB Cable - Lock & Alert function against theft IP65 water resistant and dust tight - Double-sided and 360° viewing angle with HD display - Installed on bicycle wheels larger than 26 inch DIMENSIONS 600 X 115 X 22 MM 2600 mAh 3601 Balight Bicycle Wheel Display Super Customisable themes via APP - Different speed but same performance - IP65 water resistant and dust tight - Up to 8 hours runtime - Installed on bicycle wheels larger than 24 inch DIMENSIONS 467 X 120 X 15 MM

Light up your logo 34

1517 LightShape Create ambience while promoting your company logo with the soft touch LightShape. All you have to do is tap the product for the LED-light to shine brightly. 35 A unique promotional item. Available in standard shapes and sizes. Ask for customisation possibilities. LED Tap and Go - LED Light DIMENSIONS STANDARD BOTTLE - 220 X Ø 7.7 MM STANDARD CAN - 140 X Ø 7.7 MM STANDARD BALL - 115 X Ø 7.7 MM LOGO AREA DEPENDS ON THE SHAPE

Bigger OLED self-reflective display with vertical readability and Heart Rate sensor heart beat clock 36 bluetooth 3D sensor Free i-gotU Life APP for iPhones from 4S(iOS 7+) and Android 4.3+ - Heart Rate monitor sensor DIMENSIONS 250 X 16.8 X 9.6 MM LOGO AREA 8.9 X 8.9 MM App available from app store and play store

The improved Personal Trainer 4831 Activity Tracker Premium Updated activity tracker with many features all designed to track your lifestyle. The device tracks your heart rate, calories, steps, sleep and even UV-rays. Connected to your smartphone it will keep you posted on incoming calls, WhatsApp, Tweets, social media and calendar activities via vibration and on-screen notifications. The double-sided wearable strap is available in different patterns. Subtle laser engraving of your logo makes for an ideal business gift. 37

From medium rare to well done How do you like your meat? This Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer makes grilling and smoking easier, more convenient, faster and a whole lot smarter. Simply plug the probe of the thermometer into the meat and choose the food type and how you want it cooked. Via the multi language APP on your phone you can see the real-time status of the meat up to 10 meters away. An alarm will go off when the food is ready. A 'Bon appetit' to your colleagues and customers. 38 1621 Easy BBQ Nano Smart Wireless Thermometer 1620 Easy BBQ Nano L Smart Wireless Thermometer The device works with a permanently free APP on your iPhone or Android phone DIMENSIONS 184 X 42 X 28 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 30 MM The device works with a permanently free APP on your iPhone or Android phone DIMENSIONS 798 X 42 X 28 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 30 MM


Easy screen cleaning 40 1077 Robot Cleaner

Funky robot gadget to clean your phone and tablet screen fast and easily through vibration. The microfibre cleaning pad with multicoloured LED lights never skips a spot and even removes dust and oil from your screen. 41 LED Multi-coloured LED lights when in use - Microfibre cleaning pad DIMENSIONS 49 X 49 X 15 MM LOGO AREA 33 X 33 MM

This wireless internet smart speaker is today's 'must-have' 42 gadget at the office or home. All you have to do is install the APP, give the speaker a verbal 'request' and original Amazon "Alexa" smart assistant software executes your command after searching the internet. Extremely handy when you want to play or pause music, hear the news or check the weather. Includes playtime up to 15 hours and has a great sound output. Your logo can be subtely engraved - what a Christmas gift! 2200 mAh Alexa! “What’s the weather?”

43 1545 E5 Alexa Speaker Wi-Fi/BT/AUX connection - Amazon Alexa Voice & Handsfree Calling Multi-room Music and L/R channel System via Wifi built-in Battery & Smart Charging Port - Bass & Treble adjustment knobs Won Red dot design award in 2017, iF design award in 2017 DIMENSIONS 265 X 41 X 144 MM LOGO ON BELT / DOMING ON SPEAKER

SMART. SIMPLE. FAST. ZENS WIRELESS CHARGING It does not only make Zens... it makes life easier... In recent years, wireless charging has become more commonly available in our daily lives. Already over 500 types of devices, including phones, are in the market which can be charged wirelessly. The principle to charge your smartphone or smartwatch wirelessly is the same: just put your phone on a charging pad or wireless charging sweet spot and it starts charging. Very convenient, no need to connect a cable first. With Qi wireless charging, power is transfered through electromagnetic induction fields. 44 2698 Zens USB Single Wireless Charger Round The ZENS Single Wireless Charger Round Black is a base model which features a timeless, modest design that seamlessly fits in with any decorating style. It’s extremely easy to use. 2701 The underlying inductive technology ensures foolproof charging every time the phone or other Qi enabled device is placed on the charger. The Zens Silicon Custom Shape Customised cover for the base Charger Round to make your logo stand out

LED-LOGO 2699 Zens Wireless Charger Stand Hold your mobile devices and charge it at the same time. A luxurious corporate gift to highlight your brand. 45 2697 Zens Wireless Charger Set The Zens charging pad charges all Qi connected devices 2700 The Zens Table A stylish Charging table accessory at your convenience wirelessly. By using the separate phone case you can now also charge your iPhone 6/7 with the charging pad. The phone case offers the ultimate protection for your phone and looks stylish and business-friendly. An indispensible 2-in-1 combination and good branding option for your corporate logo. Apple MFI approved

Music never stops Everplay keeps playing all the time without interruption thanks to the strong Bluetooth connection and intuitive charging options. Its custom fabric makes it beautiful as well as super durable. 46 10W USB cable doubles as a strap BT6900 10W, 10hr | Long Bluetooth range | Waterproof IPX7, dustproof | Quick charge option

4W BT3900 4W, 8hr | Long Bluetooth range Waterproof IPX7, dustproof 14W BT7900 14W, 10hr | Long Bluetooth range Waterproof IPX7, dustproof | Quick charge option HIGHLIGHTS Anti-clipping function Quick charging Digital Sound Processing High performance DuraFit fabric USB cable doubles as a strap 100-hr standby time (BT7900 only) Durable build – shockproof, dustproof and waterproof Battery indicator to easily view power level Intuitive charging Built-in microphone for handsfree phone calls Strong Bluetooth connection up to 30m or 100ft Auto-pairing

Philips makes your life easier Philips Ultrlite headphones Ultrlite Don't let the ultra compact and incredibly lightweight design fool you. Ultrlite are the on-ears of the Flite™ family and set the tone for perfectly fused style and sound. Designed for day-to-day use, these headphones boast a compact folding design to be worn directly on your ears and deliver a sublime listening experience. An easy to use remote control allows you to play/pause tracks and answer calls with a simple push of a button. SHL4405WT/00 SHL4405BK/00

Free Philips HealthSuite health APP to track your measurements over time DL8780/01 Philips Body Analysis Scale Connected weight tracking The Bluetooth connected body analysis scale provides accurate weight measurements and shows your body fat percentage and BMI. With 4 high-precision sensors. Up to 8 different users. DL8740/01 Philips Ear Thermometer Comfortable in-ear measurement in 2 seconds This ear thermometer allows you to quickly and accurately take readings and store them directly on your smart device. It gives results in Celcius and Fahrenheit. 49 DL8760/01 Philips Blood Pressure Monitor Connected blood pressure & heart rate tracking via upper arm With this rechargeable blood pressure monitor with a large backlit screen, you can easily measure your blood pressure and heart rate via your upper arm. It measures systolic and diastolic pressure and allows 2 different users. DL8765/01 Philips Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Connected blood pressure & heart rate tracking This Bluetooth connected wrist blood pressure monitor allows you to measure your blood pressure and heart rate. It is easyto-carry and has an easy-to-read display, is rechargeable by using a USB-cable and can be used by 2 different people.

MusicPic Speakers are available in all shapes and sizes and the days of boring-looking speakers are over. Some are even true eye-catchers, like the MusicPic; a frame with music in it! This bluetooth logo speaker is available as a picture frame with your logo, or as a full colour picture in the shape of your logo. And with the rechargeable 500 mAh battery you are ensured of hours of musical entertainment. 50 A6 A6 2159 Music Pic Sillicon 3 WATT 500 mAh 3 WATT 500 mAh 2158 Music Pic 4R PhotoFrame

A GREAT WAY OF ATTRACTING ATTENTION TO YOUR BRAND. 51 A4 custom 2157 Music Pic A4 3 WATT 500 mAh 3 WATT 2200 Music Pic custom shape FoamBoard 500 mAh

1547 Bluetooth Sunglasses

Why in a tech catalogue? Huh… Sunglasses? YES! These are Bluetooth sunglasses and the advantages are endless… The perfect 2-in-1 combination of bone conduction and Bluetooth technology, its fantastic stereo sound, IP 67 waterproof level, comfortable ergonomic design and double Noise-cancelling microphones for handsfree calling make these glasses and headphone in one an absolute must-have. 53 And by the way: great branding options! Bluetooth connection up to 10 m - Handsfree calling Bone conduction technology DIMENSIONS 146 X 146 X 49 MM LOGO AREA 52 X 9 MM

Customisable 3D art 54 Have it your way… New and unique FreshFiber 3D smart phone cases are especially designed to make your logo stand out. The 3D logo and customised designs literally jump off the back of your phone cover. Every cover can be personalised with an individual's name, corporate logo or other message.

3D printing 55 FreshFiber iPhone case - customised colour 2220 iPhone 6 case 2221 iPhone 7 case


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