Great bass, powerful sound and 4 colour process branding area. Brand your logo on the buds. Compact earbuds with brushed aluminium finish that allow for subtle 1281 PromoBuds Cable length 1,200 MM Comes with gift box and pouch DIMENSIONS 22 X 15 X 15 MM LOGO AREA Ø 15 MM engraving to keep your logo in constant view. 1283 In Ear Phones LOGO AS DOMING OR DIGITAL IMPRINT ON THE GIFT BOX LID Black pouch - Built-in mic - Cable length 1,200 MM DIMENSIONS 25 X 25 X 12 MM 3 High quality earbuds for all your devices with large 4 colour process branding area for a doming or imprint on the gift box lid or single colour to the buds. 1297 EarBuds Customisable in your own colour (cc) Cable length 1,200 MM DIMENSIONS 18 X 10 X 10 MM LOGO AREA 70 X 70 MM ON CASE & 6 X 6 MM ON BUDS CUSTOMISABLE IN YOUR OWN COLOUR (CC)

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