SHL3175WT/00 Philips BASS+ Over-Ear Headphones SHB3175WT/00 Philips BASS+ Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Built-in remote with mic - Foldable design - Passive noise isolation - Cable length 1.2 meter - 40 MM drivers - 8-23,500 Hz DIMENSIONS 190 X 180 X 50 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 30 MM SHL4405WT Philips Flite Ultrlite headphone with mic Incredibly light, unbelievably powerful. The strong and slim Philips Ultrlite headphone with its foldable design is made for travel. Built-in remote with mic cable length 1.2 meter 32 MM drivers - 9-23,000 Hz DIMENSIONS 170 X 140 X 30 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 30 MM 121 SHE4305BK Philips BASS+ In-Ear Earphones 12.2 MM driver - Inline mic and pick-up remote - Passive noise isolation - 9-23,000 Hz DIMENSIONS 80 X 28 X 30 MM SHB4305WT/00 Philips BASS+ In-Ear Wireless Earphones - Talk time 6 hours - Charging time 1.5 hours Philips BASS+ headphones series Surprisingly large sound for such a small size! The speaker drivers deliver powerful bass. The ergonomic fit lets you enjoy your music to the max. Philips BASS+ headphones bring out the lower tones in your music. Amazing bass in a foldable, noise isolating design. The on-ear model is extremely compact and lightweight, whilst the on-ear models offer the perfect balance between comfort and sound isolation. Or go all the way to enjoy your music to the max and choose the Philips BASS+ over-ear models. All three versions are available wired with inline mic and remote or wirelessly with built-in mic. PHILIPS

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