GUMBITE Droppi Laci INT868 SILICONE SCREEN CLEANER This screen cleaner is integrated with a flexible anti-dust cover and high quality microfiber for a spotless screen. Comes with lanyard DIMENSIONS 42 X 16.5 MM LOGO AREA 18 X 18 MM INT867 METAL CABLE ORGANISER The Laci cable organiser is designed to wrap and store any size cable to create a neat and tangle free workspace. DIMENSIONS 210 X 25 X 5 MM LOGO AREA 20 X 10 MM 127 Blocki INT866 MICROFIBER CLEANING PAD The soft EVA block with powerful microfiber is especially designed to clean the toughest corners of your tablet, phone or E-book screen. DIMENSIONS 50 X 36 X 19 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 25 MM FRONT & 25 X 12 MM TOP Pulli INT862 SILICONE SLEEVE Possibly the fastest cable untangler in the world! It neatly wraps cords into its elastic silicone sleeve and clips easily to your clothing or bag. Perfect to organise your earbuds and prevent them from twisting. DIMENSIONS 240 X 16 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 6 MM

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