Emergency Charger And Charging Cable In One Carrying this 3 in 1 logo keyring means you always have an emergency energy boost. The Hug is a smart gadget that illuminates your logo via LED, includes a charging cable and even includes a battery to give your client a power Hug! 3165 Xoopar Hug Booster 500 mAh - Micro-USB & Lightning cable 60 MM - LED logo DIMENSIONS 51 X 45 X 18 MM LOGO AREA 29 X 21.6 MM 20 Charge, Charge & Charge Your Batteries echargeable batteries fully charged vice and highlight your branding with 3190 Xoopar Kangaroo Battery charger 30 CM USB to Micro-USB cable With overcharge protection LED lighting DIMENSIONS 91 X 40 X 23 MM LOGO AREA 74 X 25 MM

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