Use The Power Of The Sun… This powerful solar charger with a top quality 10,000 mAh internal battery and large solar panel absorbs and saves solar energy, making it ideal for charging multiple phones and tablets. The high grade solar cells enable a quick recharge via solar energy or can be used via Micro-USB when the sun is not shining. 2190 Solar Charger Solar energy - 10,000 mAh - Up to 32 hours battery life - USB to Micro-USB cable 4 LED lights to indicate charging status - IPX4 waterproof, dustproof & shockproof DIMENSIONS 175 X 85 X 18 MM SOLAR PANEL 125 X 78 X 18 MM LOGO AREA 40 X 10 MM FRONT & BACK 80 X 30 MM 10,000 mAh The 10,000 mAh battery and 2 USB outputs make charging multiple devices effortless with this slim powerbank. 3173 Edge Powerbank 10,000 mAh USB to Micro-USB cable DIMENSIONS 145 X 75 X 13 MM LOGO AREA 107 X 51 MM ULTRA Power! 23 10.000 mAh

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