Always stay up to date and in control of the humidity and temperature in your surroundings with the Bluetooth AirComfort and its accompanying APP. Associate your brand with a healthy lifestyle. Monitor Your Climate 1286 AirComfort Bluetooth 4.0 - 550 mAh - APP compatible with iOS and Android - 10 meter range - 8,700 hours battery life - Temperature range: -25 °C to 45 °C - Data storage for 100 days DIMENSIONS 115 X 36 X 36 MM LOGO AREA 7 X 10 MM Stay Connected With USB TypeC The classy Multi C hub is indispensible for any business person. It includes 6 ports (HDMI, USB-C and USB) to transfer data and power, a magnetic detachable hub, laser pointer and page up/down PPT control. A subtle engraving adds even more clas s 2592 The Multi C 3 Type C ports - 2 USB ports - 1 HDMI port - HDMI 4K resolution DIMENSIONS 164 X 33.5 X 15 MM LOGO AREA 88.5 X 33.5 MM

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