Bend it, shape it, hold it Flexible do-it-y smartphones with gr Ideal to use in the car, at home, your office or when travelling. -it-y tphones with gr eal t 2604 FlexiGrip Suitable for smartphone size 4” - 6” DIMENSIONS 220 X 140 X 22 MM LOGO AREA 31 X 46 MM 54 Power for all passengers. Smart charging USB hub with 5 USB ports with powerful 10.8 A output to keep all your gadgets charged whilst driving. The extra long cable allows all passengers in the front and back of the car to quick charge their mobile device by clipping the backseat charger to one or multiple seats. 0913 Smart 5 CarCharger 5 USB ports - Cable length 1,500 MM - Output power 10.8A DIMENSIONS 85 X 25 X 18 MM LOGO AREA 35 X 10 MM WITH CLIP 5X CHARGING

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