2698 Zens USB Single Wireless Charger Round 2701 The Zens Silicon Custom Shape Customisable This Qi USB charger is the ultimate travel charger featuring Qi wireless charging technology. The underlying inductive technology ensures fool proof charging every time the phone or other Qi-enabled device is placed on the charger. Simply add the Zens Silicon Custom Shape and you have a perfect bespoke wireless charging accessory. LED indicator - USB cable DIMENSIONS Ø 62 X 11 MM LOGO AREA 30 X 4 MM 61 This fully bespoke silicone cover is made for the Zens USB Single Wireless Charger Round and is designed to make your logo stand out. It creates an instant bespoke look for your charger from as little as 100 pieces! DIMENSIONS Ø 65 X 12 MM LOGO AREA Ø 55 MM 2448 Zens Portable Power Pack The Zens Portable Power Pack is a unique Qi powerbank with 2A output for high efficiency charging. This item can be charged wirelessly with any Qi wireless charging hotspot, and can charge your devices using its USB port and a standard charging multi cable such as the Octopus (2076) or iLo Cable (3180). Multi battery capacity options: 3,000/5,200/7,800/10,400 mAh - 2 USB ports DIMENSIONS 135 X 40 X 17 MM

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