Alexa! A Explain me this smart speaker… These wireless smart speakers are today’s ‘must-have’ gadgets at the office or at home. Install the APP, give a verbal request and the smart assistant software executes your command after searching the internet. The latest version, the E2 Alexa Smart Speaker goes beyond your expectations. eatures a 10W driver for amazing sound, both Wifi & Bluetooth, enables Multi-Room music, allows for handsfree calling, has the Alexa Voice Service and is small and super port ompanion for your brand. alling, mall and super port o 69 2200 mAh 10 WATT 1556 E2 Alexa Speaker Bluetooth 4.2 - 2 x 5W speaker - 2,200 mAh - 10 meter range Up to 14 hours playtime, 5 hours in Wifi mode - USB to Micro-USB cable DIMENSIONS 157 X 123 X 46 MM LOGO AREA PADPRINT OR ENGRAVEMENT ON BACK 70 X 25 MM & DOMING ON SPEAKER 40 X 30 MM

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