HEART BEAT 4831 Activity Tracker Premium CLOCK BLUETOOTH 3D SENSOR Tracking your lifestyle does not get more thorough than this. This new and improved device with 3D sensor tracks your heart rate, calories, steps, sleep and UV rays. The bigger OLED self-reflective display with vertical readability visualises on-screen notifications of incoming calls, WhatsApp, social media or calendar activities better than ever. Subtle engraving of your logo on the soft feel doublesided wearable strap makes this item an ideal business gift. The Healthy Way! Bigger OLED self-reflective display with 90 vertical readability and Heart Rate sensor P2060 Fit Bracelet Smart TPU wristband wih OLED display that allows to monitor your activity and overall lifestyle by tracking your steps, speed, sleep, calories burned and missed calls. 4831 Activity Tracker Premium P2060 Fit Bracelet Bluetooth 4.0 - Free igotU Life APP for iPhones 4S (iOS 7+) and Android 4.3+ DIMENSIONS 250 X 16.8 X 9.6 MM LOGO AREA 8.9 X 8.9 MM Bluetooth 4.0 with 10 meter range Output 5V - Up to 160 hours battery life - IP76 water resistant Supports iOS and Android DIMENSIONS 210 X 20 X 10 MM LOGO AREA 10 X 15 MM TOP RIGHT & 10 X 5 MM TOP LEFT

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