5th European Nursing Congress Congress themes 1. Patient and public involvement The involvement of older people in nursing care, research and education. 2. Multimorbidity and frailty Multimorbidity is common in older people and has many implications for nursing. Frail people have characteristics like low physical activity, slowed performance, fatigue endurance or unintentional weight loss. 3. Quality of care and patient safety Patient safety is the cornerstone of high quality of care, and nurses are critical in the processes to prevent harm and adverse events. 4. Patient systems and informal care Patients cannot be cared for outside their context. Integrating and involving persons in the direct patient’s network is crucial to delivering tailored and effective care to patients, and therefore a major challenge for nurses. 5. Essentials or fundamentals of care Essentials or fundamentals of care focus at the basis upon which nursing care is delivered, and includes basic care like mobilization, washing and communication. 4 Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 4-7 October 2016

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