ScicSailing JOURNAL a ScicSailing holiday iS whatever you want it to be!

Fourni: just a dream island. Flexibility in the itineraries. A special menu: our chef will prepare it. We cover a huge sailing area. From North of Iassos and southwards to Kalkan and a number of Greek Islands. The incredible entrance of Kalymnos. Early and late season is the perfect time to visit Didim, Milete, Priene.

Just wake up in a bay and dive into the crystal clear water. Flexibility with tailored, personalised services. The fishmarket in Fethiye cannot be missed. Kaş: one of these pleasant surprises if you enter the port. The unspoilt Mediterranean Turkish coast offers authentic, untouched villages and hundreds of hidden bays.

Tone up with daily training with our expert. Time for new recipes from our guest chef! If you are traveling with the two of you, you will find it relaxing to do your own thing on the yacht but at the same time have a good time with your fellow passengers. Charter your own crewed yacht with friends and/or family. Needless to say we do our best to get the best mix for all individual guests.

Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots. For singles, couples and families with kids. Tlos is a remarkable ancient site, a treasure. It’s the hidden Mediterranean, away from the crowds. Time for the girls: chat chat chat and just have a lot of fun! Our list of special themed cruises: travel writing, painting, culinary, archaeology, wellness&weight loss, nudism, Greek islands, singles, hiking, sailing classes, cycling on the Greek islands, kids-free, Istanbul, golf, Bodrum Cup, digital detox, clubbing, kids-cruises, sounds of silence.

Ooooh perfect, the sails are hoisted. Grilled fish, so fresh. Wednesday market day. Never knew there was so much choice for a veggie. Perfect restaurant with a view on the harbour. A party of four and you save 396 Euro!* Celebration! For every 5, 10, 15 you sailed with us free meals&drinks on board.* *Ask for departure dates and terms and conditions.

This is the best barbecue spot ever. Best köfte in town: Bodrum Dayim Köfte. Happy kids on the yacht and you get 50% discount.* The ultimate luxury: your own yacht and save up to 2500 Euro!*

“The inland day-trip was a big highlight for me, but nothing beats returning to the pampered luxury of life on the yacht”. Thoban “We absolutely loved the sailing, the food, our fellow guests and the crew”. Mark “My holiday in one word: fantastic! Out of my comfortzone and surprisingly different from any other vacation”. Aafke “The first time on a real sailing vessel.The friendliness of the crew, wonderful catering and service and itinerary was unforgettable”. William More information and reservations: telephone +44(0)7583001766 e-mail: info@scicsailing.eu website: www.scicsailing.eu

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