Efficient, smooth running and compact design provide you with enhanced performance and highest productivity. Curve control Curve Control limits travel speed based on turning radius, reducing speed for a smooth, precise turning operation for the driver. Limit Driving Speed Designed for com The combination of 3 offers central pivot tur the speed the sp Designed for compact aisle width and turning radius 3-wheel design and rear wheel drive urning. r to work in very confined spaces. Travel Speed (MAX) Model 10BTR-9 13BTR-9 15BTR-9 Km / h 13 13 13 Gradeability (MAX) Model 10BTR-9 13BTR-9 15BTR-9 % 18 15 13 Anti roll back system, travel speed and gradeability Anti Roll-back system offers protection against the machine rolling back on a ramp in combination with exceptional ramp start capabilities. HYUNDAI FORKLIFT 05

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