> OUR PRODUC T S ACCOMMODATION We offer accommodation solutions ranging from conversions to complete new builds. With standard designs or customised solutions. Comfortable, safe and in compliance with current certifications. DREDGER Good equipment is essential for the smooth running of your projects. We are your trusted partner for the conversion and new construction of dredgers, dredging installations and dredging equipment. The combined expertise within the Holland Shipyards Group allows us to offer both design and production with proprietary concepts and proven solutions. SPECIALS Where standard products are not a solution, we offer customised solutions. Our expertise, experience and out-of-thebox thinking have led to many high-profile solutions. CARGO SHIPS With our roots in inland shipping, Holland Shipyards Group has decades of experience designing and building cargo ships for both inland and seagoing vessels. We continuously strive to improve our products by simplifying our ship designs, maximising payload and improving propulsion. 13 WWW.HOLLANDSHIPYARDSGROUP.COM

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