> OUR PRODUC T S HOLLAND ACCOMMODATION RENTALS Our accommodation rental fleet showcases years of experience in building accommodation solutions. Holland Accommodation Rentals offers a modular solution that minimises the interface with the vessel and, therefore, downtime by focusing on an integrated solution that operates independently of a ship’s system. All necessary systems and equipment are installed in the modules. Leave it to us to ensure that the accommodation is welcoming for your people while working offshore. FLEET Living up to what you say, our fleet demonstrates that we stand for this vision. With a versatile fleet of various work and cargo vessels, Holland Shipyards Group prides itself on incorporating our experience as an operator into our products. We firsthand experience the importance of good maintenance, dedicated personnel, and high-quality equipment. This experience finds its way to our engineers and is applied to new designs. 15 WWW.HOLLANDSHIPYARDSGROUP.COM

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