> OUR CLIENT BELIEF AND COMMITMENT He particularly praises Holland Shipyards Group’s commitment. ‘This idea only came to fruition because Holland Shipyards Group believed in it and wanted to invest time to accumulate knowledge. They accepted the challenge and worked closely with us to see how to make it happen.’ ‘Holland Shipyards Group has the drive to look further into the future to jointly look for a solution to make the industry more sustainable. They are not afraid to embark on an endeavour for which the outcome is yet unknown. They are innovative and open to new ideas.’ The fuel cells will be installed in the hold of the FPS Maas, with the hydrogen containers on top of that. ‘In doing so, we lose a bit of cargo hold on board. After all, we have limited control over the optimisation of the ship,’ De Jong adds. ‘Still, we opted for conversion to show the rest of the industry that even with an existing ship, you can choose sustainability.’ In the coming months, FPS Maas will commence operations and be deployed commercially. Future Proof Shipping has already commissioned the conversion of the second ship, FPS Waal, by HSG, a 135-metre inland container vessel. ‘That, too, is a common size. This demonstrates that zeroemission shipping is perfectly feasible for most of the fleet. We hope this will encourage them to do the same.’ After all, that is what Future Proof Shipping is all about; working together with Holland Shipyards Group to realise the beginning of a change. THE BEGINNING OF A CHANGE 19 WWW.HOLLANDSHIPYARDSGROUP.COM

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