T Interview with Johan Hania - Manager Riveer his summer, travellers on the ferry between Werkendam, Hardinxveld and Gorinchem will make that trip on a radically redesigned, all-electric vessel. Holland Shipyards Group is connecting the dots during construction, including innovative controls for the skipper. ‘It is typical of Holland Shipyards Group to look beyond the current market.’ In the magnificent stretch of water between Gorinchem and eight other nearby municipalities, ferry operator Riveer is of great importance, says manager Johan Hania. ‘We are the link between towns and villages. For tourists, we make it possible to visit a wide area. Commuters and schoolchildren can travel long distances with a safe crossing.’ ALWAYS SEEKING OUT MORE innovative ways That carries a great responsibility. Not only for the tourists and regular travellers for whom the ferries are essential, especially when the nearby Merwede Bridge will soon be renovated for years. The responsibility 22

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