> RECENT PRO JE C T S OUR RETURN TO THE SHORT-SEA MARKET It has been almost two decades since Holland Shipyards Group started building the first seagoing cargo vessels. A significant milestone in history, as it allowed us to take on larger projects, grow as an organisation and increase our expertise. Today, we are returning and setting a new standard for the short-sea market! In collaboration with Conoship, two very similar designs were made, one of 3.600 DWT, which is ideal for sea-river transport, thanks to its low air draft, and one of 3.800 DWT, which specializes more in project cargo. The tween deck makes it easy to expand the cargo capacity or split cargoes. The first five coasters of this future proof design all have dieselelectric propulsion—an excellent step towards greening the short sea market. The design considers a possible next step towards sustainability, allowing a switch to future fuels. Another beautiful, sustainable feature in the design is the use of a VentiFoil® system, where the ship uses wind energy. Two “wings” are positioned at the front of the vessel and provide additional propulsion power, resulting in an 8% - 12% energy reduction. We believe this new design of coasters sets a new standard in the short-sea market, and expect to deliver the first five coasters in mid-and late 2024. Meanwhile, we are further developing the design to make it available in other sizes to meet the market’s demand. 26

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