> RECENT PRO JE C T S A NEW LIFE FOR DRILLING RIGS In the shipyard in Vlissingen, a completely different perspective of sustainability is addressed: Life extension, conversion, and redeployment of existing assets. Over the past years, more than five existing drilling rigs have been converted for Dixstone: from decommissioning jack-up to gas compression and accommodation platforms. Currently, rig “Carrus” is being converted into a gas power distribution and production platform. This means the platform will be centrally positioned to supply power to several production platforms using gas from the field. HSG’s scope started with removing existing (drilling) equipment, the accommodation, and all other superfluous deck systems. Upon completion of removal works, extensive life extension works were undertaken, including corrosion protection of the hull and the legs. In parallel, future equipment foundations and access structures are being prefabricated inside the workshop. Some of these are installed onboard to receive Dixstonesupplied equipment such as electric transformers, power turbines, cranes, etc... After lifting the Dixstone equipment, all systems are duly connected, commissioned and tested. In Q3 2023, Carrus will be ready for another lifetime out at sea! 30

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