> SUS TAINABLE GOALS NO PEOPLE, GREEN SHIPS, NO SHIPYARD Our employees are our most valued asset, and we treat them as such! Looking at our employees, most stay with the company for the long run. We offer challenging positions with excellent remuneration. Ultimately, everything we do here is a team effort. We also believe that hard work should be rewarded proportionally, with proper financial compensation and educational and development opportunities. GREEN PRODUCTION In recent years, we have also focused on optimising and improving our production processes. Green ships must be built sustainably! This is reflected in our choice of materials and our indoor workshops, where we control air quality and emissions. Next year, our sustainable production capabilities will increase dramatically as we are set to install a large number of solar panels on our workshops to offset our annual energy consumption. ALL MODES OF TRANSPORT SHOULD BE GREEN To make communities green, all modes of transport must be sustainable. Our role is to build these green vessels. Like for the municipality of Amsterdam, where we have expanded our list of delivered ferries to seven hybrid and five fully electric ferries in the past years! Besides battery-powered ships, for ships with a small operational profile, hydrogen will become a central fuel source for Holland Shipyards Group in the near future! A HEAVY RESPONSIBILITY Part of our mission to reduce the impact of climate change is already covered in the points above. However, we also believe that going green is not an option or a fad that other trends will eventually replace. It is an urgent necessity if we want to leave a habitable planet to future generations. We are on the brink of irreversible changes in our ecosystem. Shipyards are in a particularly critical industry, as both shipping and heavy industry are the main polluters worldwide. Help us keep this green promise! 34

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