> WELC OME W hen we think about the future, we think about progress. Progress for us as an organisation, but also for the maritime industry in which we work. Colored green by the sustainability and innovations being implemented, where we make a difference for our planet. Holland Shipyards Group offers clients an increasing number of options for sustainability/innovation. Batterypowered ferries are now a regular feature, and hydrogen has also been added. Increasing automation onboard reduces unnecessary energy consumption, and even pragmatic tools, such as haptic feedback for skippers, can be included in the design. Besides consumption, staff demand is also at the centre of attention with adoption of the first autonomous control systems. In Sweden and France, we will deliver the first autonomous ferries, hoping to initiate the learning curve of autonomous ships. Last but not least, we have started to diversify from steel to other construction materials. Lightweight aluminium airframes that achieve significant consumption reductions, as well as small printed hulls made of recycled plastic, are going to broaden our offering in the future and give you as a client more opportunities for case-specific greening. All of these things inspire us for the future, which is rapidly approaching! Cor, Leendert and Marco Hoogendoorn 5 WWW.HOLLANDSHIPYARDSGROUP.COM

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