> MEET THE TEAM (M.Z.) ZAKARIA SLIMANI - FOREMAN I started working at Holland Shipyards Group 16 years ago. I started as a welder, metalworker, then became a pipe fitter and am now a foreman. I made these steps because I am eager to learn and like challenges. That did not go unnoticed at Holland Shipyards Group; there has been plenty of room for development from the start, and this is still the case. CLOSE COOPERATION I am proud of the delivery of the North Sea Canal project—a series of five electric ferries for GVB Amsterdam. I was involved in the construction of this series from start to finish. In doing so, you work closely with your colleagues and the client, and it is great to see something you built yourself being succesfully delivered. We worked hard with the team and created something beautiful, and I am proud of that! JOKE RAAIJMAKERS - QHSE MANAGER SANDER HEIJSTEK - CONSTRUCTION WORKER In my first week at work, I arrived at a beautiful new office and was given all the time and space I needed to explore my new workplace. I noticed a high degree of employee independence within the organisation, yet we ultimately all work together. UPWARD TREND I am proud of the upward trend in which we constantly develop on the QHSE front. The more critical part of me immediately thinks it can be done much faster, yet a change in culture takes time. It is a company with a broad scope of innovative projects, an evergrowing and learning company that I am proud to be part of. I initially joined as a vacation / weekend job. As of today, I have been working here full-time for about a year. What struck me about the organisation is that they don’t do everyday projects but many unique projects, like converting a ship to hydrogen. To be honest, I like everything we create! I also find that you can do your own thing in your position here; there is a lot of freedom. WITNESS THE END RESULT I am actually proud of all the projects we complete. It’s absolutely wonderful to see how an idea is conceived on paper and finally witness the end result sail away. WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? 9 WWW.HOLLANDSHIPYARDSGROUP.COM

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