SHAQ U.S. ARMY Artistry in timekeeping marked by excellence, poise and power. p24 Honoring the valor of an enduring national heritage. p58 NFL The athletic heart of American sports is poised to beat through Invicta time. p66 BRITTO Actively transforming the experience of time into a heigtened state of being. p138

A WORD FROM OUR CEO Welcome to the 3rd issue of SEC Magazine. With the additions of the Britto collection, the US Army collection, the NFL collection, and the DC Comics collection, we have created new collaborative avenues. Our collaborations have proven truly inspiring in the ongoing pursuit of superior innovation on both the design and technical fronts. Through the collaborations of recent years, the brand has enjoyed a significant reciprocity in spirit and ingenuity with collectors. Along with the ongoing evolution we enjoy with our collectors, because of heartfelt loyalty and/or allegiance with a given franchise or branch, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming in a range of new fans and enthusiasts. With an aim to enhance our retail presence and accessibility for customers, we’ve placed considerable focus on expanding our Invicta Stores locations. This also includes the start of opening stores specifically for women, Just for Her. We are thrilled to fully engage with and meet the needs of all our fans and customers. As ShopHQ reorganized, ensuring an exceptional experience for customers, we were also able to strengthen and reinvigorate our already long standing partnership. Given our heightened partnership with ShopHQ and our collaborations, this is certainly an exciting time for Invicta and its family of brands. Eyal Lalo CEO Invicta Watch Group

38. TAYLOR MADE Time is no longer a spectator sport but rather a sophisticated adventure.

ISSUE NR 3 BY INVICTA WATCH GROUP 08. 30. 44. 74. 86. 94. 98. 114. 130. EVOLUTION OF STYLE The next generation LA MAISON GLYCINE A cavern of tradition HEADQUARTERS Breaking new ground TECHNOCELL The art of innovation JUST FOR HER Style your smile FROM WRISTS TO WALLS Sized for new heights OCEAN VOYAGE An extended journey MI CASA ES SU CASA Home away from home TIME FOR JUSTICE Unite the league 24. 58. 66. 138.



EVOLUTION OF STYLE SUBAQUA NOMA VII THE SEVENTH COMING The next generation of epic timekeeping emerges; the Invicta Subaqua NOMA VII. Drawing inspiration from the legendary lore of the dragon as well as the Seven Seas, aspects of the mythical creature and the ancient magic of the numeric “7” are integrated throughout with innovative dimension. Guided by the power of a Swiss movement, this date and day chronograph features a meteorite dial reflective of the dragon’s origin. Offering a customized press-lever pusher system while the “7” poles that appear on the left side of the case thematically capture the deep-sea palaces of the seven oceans along with the “7” bezel riders reinforcing the model’s seventh generation status. Further enriching the aesthetic, a dragon scale pattern appears on the bezel, case back and bracelet. The crown protector covers the crossshaped crown and the combined dragon heads serve as the Invicta logo. Built from the most famed of forces, Invicta Watch has raised the stakes with the Subaqua NOMA VII. Bringing the power of the dragon and the ocean to your time, the myth has become an urban reality. SEC. 11 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


SEC. 13 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


SEC. 15 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

EVOLUTION OF STYLE VENOM VIPER TIME TO STRIKE A powerful progression, the Venom Viper strikes at the heart of Invicta time. Utilizing geometric forms to articulate the effortless complexity of this potent and revered creature, the contouring of sharp lines conveys the definition and distinction befitting a viper. Details in design and aesthetic, along with outstanding engineering and exceptional performance converge into a truly epic timepiece. A timepiece truly suitable for the most impressive and fearless of moments.

SEC. 17 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

EVOLUTION OF STYLE VENOM VIPER MODEL 32132 Invicta Reserve Venom Viper

SEC. 19 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 MODEL 32227 Invicta Reserve Venom Viper

EVOLUTION OF STYLE BOLT HERC AN EPIC LINEAGE Emboldened by years of engineering and technological mastery, Invicta set out to continue the glory of the Bolt Zeus. It is from this pivotal point that the Bolt Herc is now unveiled. Son of Zeus, divine hero, slayer of the Nemean Lion, god, and protector of humans, Hercules is often depicted with heavy chains as an emblem to his super-natural strength. Utilizing chains to maintain the signature tradition of the Bolt and signify Hercules, the model is a manifestation of ingenious composition. A casted case allows for the strong artistic detailing. The Herc chain features on the bezel and bracelet while a dimensional stamp patterned dial land a sculptural Nemean Lion on the case-back come together to impart a masterpiece of horological significance. Invicta has created a continuum so epic, the Bolt Herc is already urban legend.

SEC. 21 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

EVOLUTION OF STYLE BOLT HERC MODEL 30546 Invicta Reserve Bolt Herc

SEC. 23 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 MODEL 30543 Invicta Reserve Bolt Herc



INVICTA SHAQ COLLECTION GET READY FOR GREATNESS Marked by mastery and expertise, the Invicta and Shaquille O’Neal partnership is boldly taking center court. Imparting a formidable aesthetic, the Invicta Shaq collection embodies the attributes and energy of the world-renowned Shaquille O’Neal. Having selected key favorites, Shaq and Invicta have created a collection representative of Shaq’s horological vision and vibe. Reflective of the virtuosity for which Shaq is known both on and off the court, the timepieces are distinguished depictions at the height of design and performance. Each timepiece comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity verifying the model’s authenticity. The Invicta Shaq collection, artistry in timekeeping marked by excellence, poise, and power.

MODEL 33415 Invicta Shaq Herc SEC. 27 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


SEC. 29 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 MODEL 33413 Invicta Shaq Grand Octane


INVICTA GLYCINE LA MAISON GLYCINE From its founding by engineer Eugène Meylan in 1914, Glycine has continuously produced fine Swiss watches at its factory in Bienne, Switzerland. Now, more than a century since the first timepiece, Glycine is recognized as a true pioneer of the aviation and world timer watches. The company's strong foundation of excellence along with its emphasis on rugged and dependable timepieces, make Glycine a leader in Swiss watchmaking.

GLYCINE THE DEPTHS OF TRADITION THE DEPTHS OF TRADITION Located just below the main Glycine offices in the old town section of Biel, dwells The Cave or, La Cave Glycine. Open to the public by appointment, La Cave houses the history of the Glycine brand. The carefully curated space traces Glycine’s heritage, turning the legacy into a tangible reality for the visitor. From the start, the professional production in Biel/Bienne enabled Glycine to offer the finest miniature movements - clad in precious gold and platinum cases, often studded with diamonds - on the market. This kind of intricate Swiss craftsmanship gained popularity, quickly becoming a favorite among the British and American jet set.

SEC. 35 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

GLYCINE THE DEPTHS OF TRADITION When Glycine’s Swiss-made timepiece, the Airman, debuted in 1953, it made history for setting an entirely new industry standard. The model was the first of its kind as it split time- showing both local and world time at a glance. The piece literally changed the face of time for long-distance travelers and pilots. Never absent from the Glycine journey, the Airman remains a constant, evolving hero of the brand. Merging the standards of time gone by with today’s technologies, the Glycine watch articulates time with level of innovation for which the brand has become known. The company’s strong foundation, coupled with its emphasis on high quality dependable instruments, make Glycine an enduring name in Swiss watchmaking today. SEC. 37 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


INVICTA JASON TAYLOR AN EVOLUTION OF EXCELLENCE The precision of excellence continues its journey in the Jason Taylor for Invicta collection. Always in pursuit of the highest technical achievement and creative distinction, the Limited-Edition collective maintains its highly ranked status. Evolving under the guidance of Taylor’s meticulous standards, sophistication and remarkable performance remain the standard for every hour of the day.

SEC. 41 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 MODEL 32161 Invicta JT '99' Subaqua NOMA I

INVICTA KRAKEN DIVER A LEGEND EMERGES IN TIME FOR 2020 Capable of sinking ships and anchored in folklore, the legend of the elusive Kraken has been haunting the Scandinavian oceans for hundreds of years. Passed on for generations and once thought to be just legend, the mysterious Kraken is in fact real. Despite a size that reaches between 40 and 50 feet in length, the exact biology of the Kraken (Architeuthis) remains largely a mystery due to the elusive nature of the giant squid. It is here, in time for the 2020 holiday season, in a zone between myth and fact; between legend and nature that Invicta arrives, delivering a timepiece that epitomizes the Kraken while also saluting the navigators who courageously faced the ocean waters. With bold organic contours and an innovative bracelet, the Invicta Kraken imparts an energy conducive to heroic timekeeping. The high-seas aesthetic created by the two layers of wavy curved plates running through the dial and secured by dome-head screws, continues throughout each attribute of the model. A claw-like crown and pushers are embedded in the bubble case-body while the innovative bracelet is attached with fin-inspired lugs. Mirroring both a spinal structure as well as the fluidity of tentacles, the armor-like bracelet links have been engineered into a highgrade silicon core. The ingenuity of the bracelet construction allows for maximum flexibility and durability. Thoughtful and concise, the exceptional performance of the timepiece is reflected through the intricate details in design. The Invicta Kraken: the space where centuries of myth and fact converge and become a legend in time. Holiday dreams are waiting for the Kraken to come true.

SEC. 43 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA HEADQUARTERS CENTER OF INVICTA WATCHMAKING From our 1837 founding in Switzerland to thriving in Hollywood Florida in 2020, the Invicta home space has always been where our family of innovative minds gather to create. Because our offices are at the foundation of visionary work, the Invicta headquarters have always been at the center of the brand. SEC. 45 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA HEADQUARTERS Recently, Invicta opened the doors to a new state-of-the-art headquarters. Home to Invicta and its family of brands, the building’s cutting-edge design and carefully appointed interiors are an extension of the spirit central to the Invicta brand and culture. While the building is home to employee offices, it was specifically designed with the client in mind - making it an ideal space to welcome distributors around the clock, through all time zones. As the brand journeys forward both creatively and technically, the new headquarters will serve as the constant beacon at the core of Invicta’s world. SEC. 47 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


SEC. 49 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA HEADQUARTERS THE ONE Tucked away, in the depths of the Invicta headquarters, the One Room can be found. The timepieces showcased in this exclusive vault are the coveted “firsts” of their particular limited-edition series. Every watch from each series is numbered on the caseback. Representative of the brand’s ingenuity, these models are a testament to the accomplished diversity at the heart of Invicta. The space provides visitors the opportunity to revel in the collective of originals, and truly meet the ONE.

SEC. 51 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


MODEL 32415 Invicta Bolt Zeus Graffiti MODEL 32416 Invicta Bolt Zeus Graffiti

HYDROPLATING GRAFFITI ADDING DIMENSION TO THE ART OF TIME Inspired by the bold dimension and skill of Graffiti art, Invicta endeavored to innovate the culture of this art form for the modern timepiece. Hydroplating proved the ideal technology for this creative pursuit as the hydroplating process allows for the application of 2D graphics onto 3D items. SEC. 55 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

HYDROPLATING SCALES MODEL 29844 Invicta Pro Diver Hydroplating Comprised entirely of hydroplated timepieces, the Invicta Graffiti collection expands the culture of this artistic vision beyond the 2D perimeters of the dial, into the multi-faceted 3D realm of the whole. These watches are an emboldened showcase of artistic skill, culture, technology and craftsmanship. A new perspective in horology and art truly merges sensibilities for a timeless, thoroughly modern experience.

SEC. 57 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 MODEL 29845 Invicta Pro Diver Hydroplating

U.S. A


MODEL 31840 Invicta U.S. Army Pro Diver

INVICTA U.S. ARMY COLLECTION A HERITAGE OF SERVICE The embodiment of action without expectation or, “to be of service”, is one of the most noble and distinguished paths an individual can take. This admirable philosophy or way of life, resonates and inspires across all lands and walks of life. The call to protect freedom and democracy is one of the most powerful examples of service. Putting life on the line in the name of country and fellow citizens is the personification of selfless action and resides at the heart of the United States Army. Rooted in the very founding of America, the United States Army is the oldest, largest and most senior branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. What began as the pursuit of independence for 13 colonies, has grown exponentially, and now protects the freedom of 50 US states and 16 territories. Technically older than the US itself, the Army was initially established in 1775 as the, Continental Army. SEC. 61 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA U.S. ARMY COLLECTION A unifying force from the very beginning, the United States Army still stands proud as one of America’s most respected and honored branches of the American military complex. In addition to military pursuits, the Army is in direct service to humanitarian efforts during times of medical and natural disasters both at home and abroad. Hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, emergency medical as well as community care, service personnel arrive ready to support, rebuild and help heal with dedication and determination. A testament to courage in both war and peace, the Army is synonymous with true patriotism. The Invicta US Army collection honors the valor of this enduring national heritage. Forged at an optimum level of craftsmanship and design, each timepiece is designated with specifications and case backs linked to the origin of inspiration. The collection takes a time-honored military tradition into the field of civilian life. Whatever the setting or location, Army soldiers on the ground directly engage with and protect humankind. It is in this patriotic spirit of service and loyalty that Invicta proudly salutes the men and women of the United States Army.

SEC. 63 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 MODEL 31847 Invicta U.S. Army Bolt



SEC. 69 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 INVICTA NFL AN AMERICAN FORMATION An evolution from the British sports, rugby and soccer, American football’s roots reach back to the 1800’s and colleges of the American northeast. Due to the painted vertical yard lines, the game was often referred to as ‘gridiron’ football. With a high number of teammates, members and constantly changing rules, the ‘matches’ were largely marked by brutality, chaos and injuries that resulted in the name, ‘mob football’. A match between Princeton and Rutgers in 1869 is largely considered the first official American football game. Early standardization began with the 1873 founding of the Intercollegiate Football Association (IFA). Though it wasn’t until the 1880’s that through the efforts of Walter Camp the game was codified, becoming the more recognizable sport of today. A Yale undergraduate and med student, Camp established common rules with the IFA and developed the core of the game structure that included the ‘downs’ system. Camp went on to coach football for Yale as well as distinguish himself in the US military by developing a fitness regime for servicemen known as the ‘Daily Dozen’. In 1892, William "Pudge" Heffelfinger, was paid $500 to play for a non-collegiate club team in Pittsburgh and effectively paved the way to the initial founding of the league in 1920, onwards to today’s National Football League (NFL) and to the first Super Bowl in 1967. Now 32 teams strong, with its infectious energy and invigorated spirit, professional football, as well as college, has come to reflect the essence of a bold and bright nation.

INVICTA NFL CONGRATS TO THE KC CHIEFS From the initial league founding in 1920 to the first Super Bowl in 1967, American football has been captivating fans for decades. Taking inspiration from football’s spirited heritage, Invicta Watch has teamed with the National Football League to create the Invicta NFL Collection. The signature tradition of the Grand Pro Diver and Bolt Zeus merge with the legacy of the NFL team logos, creating an innovative take for today’s moment. Radiating excellence, all 32 league teams are represented and in formation for outstanding performance. The athletic heart of American sports is poised to beat through Invicta time.

SEC. 71 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 MODEL 30270 Invicta NFL Grand Pro Diver MODEL 30238 Invicta NFL Bolt Zeus

INVICTA TECHNOMARINE TECHNOMARINE TECHNOCELL Always innovating expectations in concepts of timing luxury, TechnoMarine sets a distinguished precedent all its own. Delivering a fresh take on the essence of classic sophistication, the TechnoCell collection draws inspiration from the mathematical properties found in the Voronoi Diagram.

SEC. 75 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

TECHNOMARINE TECHNOCELL BREAK THE PATTERN The new TechnoCell models incorporate these mathematical properties into the architecture of each timepiece. Specifically, the Voronoi Diagram refers to the partitioning of a plane based on points of distance into regions. These regions or ‘cells’, create a pattern which have been articulated throughout each model. The TechnoCell designs dynamically optimize space while conveying an effortless sophistication. A composition of fluid structure has arrived.

SEC. 77 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

SEC. 79 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

SEC. 81 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 LISBON THINK PINK THINK PINK LISBON The bohemian-chic city has rolled out the pink carpet, it’s definitely time for a stroll.

LISBON THINK PINK A PINK SPOTLIGHT Rua Nova do Carvalho, in the Lisbon neighborhood of Cais do Sodré has a past that would make the most worldly of travelers blush. The street was once dominated by drunken sailors, ladies of the night, gambling, criminals and dance clubs hovering on the seedy side of life. After decades of sordid rowdiness, in 2011 the city set out to revitalize the area, breathing fresh life into this lackluster locale. Painting Rua Nova do Carvalho a bright pink signaled the start of the neighborhood’s betterment initiative. The dynamic pink pavement now connects pedestrians to an array of bars, cafes, shops and terraces. Maintaining hints of its former edge, a selection of older clubs do remain among the newer businesses. And while the area overall now enjoys more of a ship-shape and shiny vibe, the street continues to enjoy a varied and vivacious nightlife. SEC. 83 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

LISBON PORTUGAL BRAND STORE TIME FOR PORTUGAL Invicta Retail Stores continue to connect with countries outside the United States. This past year Invicta opened a location in the Lisbon suburb of Alcochete, Portugal. Considered a true treasure, this charming town boasts what most consider the best views of the Tagus River. Picturesque and historic, Invicta has found a natural home among the enchantments that comprise Alcochete.

SEC. 85 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA JUST FOR HER IN THE MEAN TIME… In a showcase at the Clockmakers Museum in London, sits a pocketchronometer made by John Arnold for the Duke of Sussex. Modest and unassuming, it’s hard to believe that at one time, the watch had such an important job. Affectionately known by its maker's name “Arnold”, it was this chronometer that kept London running on time for nearly 90 years. As the marking of time took on greater importance with the emergence of the Industrial Age, the need for coordinated accuracy became necessary. Having established Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the Old Royal Observatory in London became the official source for that accuracy. Instead of watchmakers going to the observatory as they once did, in 1840, astronomer, John Henry Belville, was tasked with taking the accurate time to the watchmakers. Belville went on to create a formal business that charged a small fee for this timekeeping service. Even when time began to be distributed from Greenwich via electric signals in 1852, the service remained very much in demand. Upon Belville’s death a few years later, at the request of his subscribers, his wife Maria picked up Arnold and the time, taking to the London streets to offer the service for a further thirty-six years. But it was Belville’s daughter, Ruth, who is best known for the timekeeping service and is known in history as the “Greenwich Time Lady.” Even though the telegraph technology was firmly in place when Ruth took over in 1892, it was not as accurate as the eighteenth-century pocketchronograph.

SEC. 87 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 Every Monday Ruth would head to the Observatory and have a cup of tea with the porter while she waited for Arnold’s certificate of accuracy. She would spend the rest of the day traveling to clock shops, ship chartering businesses and private individuals throughout London, bringing her customers the correct time and they in turn would adjust clocks and watches accordingly. In an effort to discredit Ruth, the director of the Standard Time Company, Belville’s main competitor, gave a speech in which he implied that Ruth used her femininity to gain clients. His plan backfired as she found herself besieged by reporters in what we would today describe as ‘free advertising’ resulting in a major increase of sales. Never failing her customers, Ruth traveled the streets with Arnold for forty-eight years. And though she was in her 80’s, it wasn’t until the outbreak of World War II that she was forced into retirement retirement as it became nearly impossible to travel the streets safely. In 1940, an impressive 104-year family legacy came to a close. Prior to Ruth’s passing in 1943, she made provisions for Arnold. In gratitude for her tireless service, the Clockmakers Company provided Ruth with a pension. As a thank you, following her death (Arnold was on her bed-side table at the time of her passing), the trusty chronograph was donated to the Clockmakers Museum. So, the next time you’re in London, be sure to swing by and pay Arnold a deserved visit. ** A note on GMT: Though it has since been replaced by Coordinated Universal Time, GMT remains the legal time in Britain in winter and is used by the Royal Navy, BBC World Service and the Met Office. (Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the mean solar time or, the calculation of time based on the Sun’s position in the sky from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England.)


SEC. 89 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

MODEL 28947 Invicta Bolt Lady MODEL 28807 Invicta Angel

INVICTA JUST FOR HER THE ESSENCE OF FEMINITY According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the first wristwatch was designed in 1868 for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary. Originally designed as more of a statement piece for women, the watch was a symbol of fashion, wealth and status rather than a necessary accessory. It wasn’t until the battlegrounds of World War I that men replaced the traditional, masculine, pocket-watch in favor of the practicality and accessibility of the wristwatch. Horological and style history have shown that the women’s watches, while often intricately designed, have consistently been much smaller, imparting a fashionable delicacy. Now, as women’s lifestyles have evolved to encompass the world outside of the home, their needs and design aesthetics have come to reflect those shifts. SEC. 91 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


SEC. 93 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

SEC. 95 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 INVICTA WALL CLOCKS Take Invicta to the Wall. The Invicta wall clocks elevate time to an art form. Capturing the bold aesthetic and details found in the wrist timepiece, while functional, the clocks make for a true style statement in any room or office. Available in several options from Invicta’s core collections, these models take on a new life, creating an original facet in time.

SEC. 97 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 INVICTA OCEAN VOYAGE 2020 THE INVICTA OCEAN VOYAGE, 2020 The highly anticipated, 4th annual Invicta Ocean Voyage proved to be the best cruise yet. Setting sail on the new, state-of-the-art Carnival Sunrise, passengers were treated to a heightened experience that included more events, live broadcasts with ShopHQ, nicer amenities and extra time under a sea of stars.

INVICTA OCEAN VOYAGE 2020 FOUR FOR FOUR In February of 2020, the 4th Invicta Ocean Voyage set sail, this time delivering an immersive experience for all. To accommodate what most voyagers now view as their “watch family reunion”, for the first time, guests enjoyed a 4th night at sea allowing for an additional port of call. From the comfort of the beautifully articulated staterooms, each deck was comprised of fabulous bars, restaurants, theaters as well as all the outdoor and poolside activities imaginable. Offering a range of casual fare, the Sunrise also provided the opportunity to dial up the dress-code with several sophisticated dining options. Even with such a dynamic range of onboard activities, passengers also enjoyed two stops in the exquisite and sparkling Bahamas: Nassau and Princess Cays Private Island.

SEC. 99 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


SEC. 101 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 Decked Out and Ready for Shopping Action

INVICTA OCEAN VOYAGE 2020 LIVE FROM THE ATLANTIC With the extended travel time, a state-of-the-art new ship and an exceptional gathering of fans and collectors, Invicta and ShopHQ were able to deliver a truly exciting series of live shows. Broadcasting directly from the decks of the Carnival Sunrise, audiences were able to tune in for extended hours, exclusive offers and exciting launches all of which were enhanced by the experience of enthusiastic live audiences. Programming also included a talk-back with Invicta CEO, Eyal Lalo. Audience members were invited to participate in a ‘Q & A’. Throughout the Q & A, Eyal and ShopHQ hosts fielded questions from audience members. The interactive nature of the shows set a fresh precedent, resulting in energized broadcasts that truly reflected the core spirit of Invicta and Invicta collectors.

SEC. 103 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA OCEAN VOYAGE 2020 CALLING ALL COLLECTORS The Invicta collectors are an integral facet of the brand. Their discernment, loyalty and enthusiasm consistently inspire the forward momentum of the Invicta journey. As such, the Watch Collectors Expo event is a way to thank and applaud the collector. The Expo provides the space for the collector community to gather, display their collections and vie for one of the top three awarded Expo spots. SEC. 105 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA OCEAN VOYAGE 2020 YELLOW ADRENALINE The signature Yellow Adrenaline party tied four days of festivities and events together with a blow-out bash. The decks were rocked by an electric DJ who kept the tunes flowing, the dancefloor jumping and the party going well into the night. Fans were able to gather, dance and celebrate this fun-soaked journey at sea. The jumping party was the perfect ship to shore send-off for cruisers. The 2020 Invicta Ocean Voyage set a new precedent for a spectacular cruise experience and Yellow Adrenaline ensured passengers were sent home with a bright bang.

SEC. 107 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

Ever since its appearance from the pigments created in ancient Egypt, the color blue has been an eternal source of comfort, empowerment, trust and possibility for all of mankind. Inspired by this symbolic signal of freedom and possibility, representing both sea and sky, the Invicta Blue Label emerges. Utilizing ion plating, this uniformly diverse collection mingles technology with the timeless. Enduring like the color, ion plating imparts its own distinct aesthetic while offering up to eight times more durability than traditional methods. The Invicta Blue Label signifies the perfect moment to capture limitless potential.

INVICTA CARTAGENA HOLA CARTAGENA An easy flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Cartagena is an enchanted port city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Founded in 1533, the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and now home to several Invicta Retail Stores locations. Take your Invicta time and stroll through the cobbled streets of this walled section of town, discover the plazas, enjoy the charm of its many balconies, soak in the rich culture and stop by the store to say “hello.” SEC. 111 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA CARTAGENA SERREZUELA MALL, CARTAGENA Colombia’s busiest port is now home to a new Invicta Retail Stores location. Considered the gem of the northern coast, Cartagena is a thriving city where old-world charm intersects with the energy of the modern moment. Let your friends and family know, that Invicta has arrived, ready to time your city pace.

SEC. 113 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

SEC. 115 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA BOUTIQUE HOTEL CASA INVICTA Ideally situated near the cruise port of Old San Juan, the new boutique hotel, Casa Invicta, is the perfect blend of the area’s deep past and dynamic present.

INVICTA BOUTIQUE HOTEL MI CASA ES SU CASA Dating back to the sixteenth century, Old San Juan is the historic district of the islet of San Juan in Puerto Rico. The area is a National Historic Landmark District as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Characterized by its captivating architecture, vibrant colors, and numerous public plazas comprised of shops, cafes, and museums, Old San Juan is a top cruise destination and the most visited spot in Puerto Rico.

SEC. 119 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA BOUTIQUE HOTEL Central to Casa Invicta is the integration of Old San Juan heritage into the fabric and culture of the hotel. Having transformed an historic building, the space has been mindfully designed and decorated. Casa Invicta fully embraces and celebrates the historic landscape in which it resides, offering a welcoming and eclectic yet sophisticated atmosphere. Upon arrival, hotel guests and visitors will encounter the Invicta Experience Retail store. Beyond the retail space, the patrons will be greeted with the luxurious vibe of a small boutique hotel combined with an approachable warmth. Reflective of Old San Juan’s elegant past, the hotel’s design incorporates natural materials such as wood and stone with a sleek modern design aesthetic. Appointed with state-of-the-art technologies and amenities providing guests the ultimate experience in comfort and ease. Whether relaxing in one of twelve rooms, floating in the sparkling pool, enjoying a cocktail at the bar or getting some work done in the shared work space, Casa Invicta resonates with the modern moment in a way that communicates and heightens Puerto Rico’s rich past. SEC. 121 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020



INVICTA INVINCIBLE IN RETAIL A MAJOR MILESTONE An exciting momentum has been established by the Invicta Retail Stores. With stores opening in key international locations, it’s now even easier for fans and collectors to connect with and enjoy the remarkable experience that only comes with shopping in-store. Open in some of the most vibrant cities across the globe, shopping in a retail location offers the chance to discover first-hand and engage directly with the full range of the latest timepieces from Invicta. The in-store opportunity includes access to the Invicta line of sophisticated accessories and instruments, as well as products from the brand family; Technomarine, S. Coifman, and Glycine. Shopping the retail locations is truly a comprehensive and immersive experience. An experience that is wholly unique to the world of Invicta.

SEC. 125 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA SERVICE CENTER AT YOUR SERVICE Invicta’s state-of-the-art, US based service center, the Invicta International Watch Service Center, is equipped to satisfy all customer care needs. Structured to provide a seamless experience, all repair cases will be evaluated by certified technicians and master watchmakers. Quick turnaround service, access to live specialists, premium Swiss-spec watchmaker stations along with the highest quality repair tools available are all part of the center’s core protocol. Additionally, the customer service experience includes: crystal and band replacement, dial repair, cleaning and overhaul movement replacement, stem and crown repair, water pressure testing and gasket replacement, battery replacement as well as exterior detailing, polishing and engraving are also part of the facility’s service options. With a comprehensive, expert environment, superior service ensures that Invicta time is in very good hands.

SEC. 127 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020



INVICTA DC COMICS COLLECTION UNITE THE LEAGUE Launched into the stratosphere in 1934, the universe of DC Comics has taken fans into the realms of limitless adventure for more than 80 years. What was largely a culture depicting detective crime narratives, DC utterly transformed the art into a comic universe of Super Heroes and Super Villains. With the debut of Superman in 1938, an archetype was born ushering in what fans and historians refer to as the “Golden Age of Comics.” Honoring the vivid heritage and current trajectory of such an illustrious cast of characters, the DC Comics limited-edition collection delivers a stellar range of exciting timepieces. Having spearheaded and revolutionized what has now become a cultural phenomenon encompassing books, film and television, the characters of DC Comics render time into an ultimate state of adventure.

SEC. 131 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA DC COMICS COLLECTION LONG LIVE THE BAT Detective Comics. May 1939. Issue #27 - is the first time America met Batman: One of the most famous characters of all time. Though Superman is considered the most popular of the DC Comic characters, it is Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, Batman, that enjoys the most book appearances, outperforming Superman by roughly 1,500. Celebrating 80 years of icon status, Batman remains at the top of his game and at the height of popularity. True Super-Hero status can only be achieved through a relatively equally matched and complex Super-Villain. Batman and the Joker have been facing off since Bruce Wayne leapt from the pages of the Detective Comics and into the pages of his own book as Batman in the spring of 1940. Their epic struggle throughout the decades remains one of the most compelling and enduring hero/villain duos in popular culture. Opposite in both character and appearance and archenemies from the start, the Joker is the ideal nemesis to Batman. Disfigured in a chemical accident and despite the fact that he possesses no technical superpower, his twisted sense of humor, diabolical personality, visually thrilling appearance and scientific genius, makes the charismatically fearless Joker one of the most powerful antiheroes in the Universe. SEC. 133 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020

INVICTA DC COMICS COLLECTION With the creation of the elegant businessman Bruce Wayne and his secret identity, Gotham City along with the world of comics has never been the same. The oath he took for vengeance following the brutal death of his parents as a child, is tempered by a clear sense of honor and ethical justice. Batman’s moral compass woven through his own internal darkness is an identifiably thrilling combination for fans. And, unlike most superheroes, Batman does not possess any superpowers. This Dark Knight instead relies on his intellect, ingenuity, physical skill, science and technology along with his formidable will. Cheers to 80 years Batman! Long may the Bat Signal be sent up as the distinguished Caped Crusader’s presence is required.

SEC. 135 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


SEC. 139 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020 INVICTA BRITTO WHEN TWO ICONS INTERSECT World renowned Brazilian artist, sculptor, painter and serigrapher, Romero Britto has been sweeping through the art world with his energy, bold skill and vivid aesthetic. Combining facets of pop art and graffiti with the geometric aspects of Cubism, his creations enliven any surface, material, object or space he works with. Britto is now focusing his unique eye and directing his dazzling perspective on the Invicta timepiece for the Invicta - Britto series. The new, limited-edition series offers a truly dynamic take on imparting the time. Utilizing the dials of Invicta classics as inspiration and canvas, Britto is actively transforming the experience of time into a heightened state of being. The legendary status of Invicta and the electrifying art form of Britto come together for the ultimate iconic collective.

MODEL 32398 Invicta Britto Bolt

SEC. 143 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017 MODEL 32402 Invicta Britto Pro Diver MODEL 32409 Invicta Britto Lupah

INVICTA BRITTO CANVASING TIME From the launch of the Artist Series collection, Invicta’s ongoing relationship with visual artists has become an integral part the brand’s culture. Initially featuring the work of artists, Nick Gentry and Erni Vales, the collection became an immediate favorite among consumers and collectors alike. Today, this artistic facet of Invicta now includes a collaboration with world renowned painter and artist, Romero Britto. To celebrate the partnership, aboard the 4th annual, Invicta Ocean Voyage, Britto unveiled a new work he created specifically for Invicta. Adding to this memorable moment, he and CEO, Eyal Lalo, put the finishing touches on the piece together. Entitled, For the Love of Lupah!, the painting will hang at the brand's headquarters in South Florida. The piece and generous offering by the artist are a testament to the depth of support and appreciation Invicta proudly shares with the artistic community.

SEC. 143 ISSUE NR 3 YEAR 2020


INVICTA WATCH GROUP 1 Invicta Way (3069 Taft St) Hollywood Florida 33021 USA

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