started off very well, but in the end it did not exactly gain a foothold. It also happened the other way around, with surprising results. Sometimes the technical solution was visible, but too expensive for practical use. In any case, in those three and a half years we have taken major steps in eight areas. We did that not only by bringing parties together, but also through successful events and webinars. Interreg: the declarations, the progress report, the events throughout the process and much more. Two indispensable links in the chain of success of this project". DESIGN Within the Smart Tooling project, the asset owners offered the 20 PPLs the concrete questions and a test environment. BEMAS supported with a method to bring the necessary knowledge and skills around the new tools into words. This opened up the possibility of creating training programmes and qualifications. Last but not least, there was close cooperation with project partners University of Twente, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Sirris and Ghent University. ECOSYSTEM Jan Mol: "In addition to the practical development results, Smart Tooling has created a new cross-border ecosystem of motivated people who are open to innovation. A group that is characterized by a direct, practical, no nonsense approach. Report writers did not fit in - we really wanted to form a 'make it happen team'. The emphasis was on results. "I think that as a project team we could keep the motivation and drive in it by coming up with clearly defined agreements. It is important to be clear about expectations and to remove barriers in good time. By keeping in close contact with the implementing project participants, we can look back on a successful cooperation and results". "In the meantime, our two project assistants Debby and Veronique were keeping a close eye on everything" emphasises Jan. "They were like a spider in the web between all the partners and SECURE RESULTS "Interreg offered us the necessary support in setting up and implementing Smart Tooling. Our project advisor Jorre van Damme in particular gave us excellent advice on submitting the project application. We also worked together with the Interreg organisation and had a pleasant working relationship. "All in all, I found it one of the most enjoyable projects in my career. I am happy with the results and it is good to see that the parties involved continue to make use of the new contacts. Now it is important to secure the results for the future. As KicMPi, we will continue with OP Zuid Smart Maintenance Labs, Interreg Circular Maintenance and Interreg Practical Lab Corrosion under Insulation. The resulting cross-border Smart Tooling network will certainly be further exploited", concludes Jan Mol. 9

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